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Mark P
It's the last chat of October!  I'm dressed up as a baseball player for Halloween, though it's admittedly very hard to type while wearing a glove.  Onto the questions...
Trader Jerry Dipoto said in a local interview that Mariners fans should be ready for trades to come quickly after the WS ends. What holes do you think he fills first and who with?
Mark P
Knowing Dipoto's usual trade habits, expect some players to arrive from the Rays and Padres!

I'd guess maybe lower-level acquisitions like relief pitchers, moreso than any really major everyday players.  That said, some teams may be motivated to move some notable arbitration-eligible players to save a few bucks, and to get an early jump on clearing roster spots.
With Bob Melvin leaving town it further signals that the A’s will be doing business this off-season. Their farm isn’t in great shape - who do you move first and for what key pieces of the future?
Mark P
It wouldn't be out of the question to see at least three of Bassitt, Manaea, Chapman, Olson, and Montas all moved this winter, if the A's are really preparing for a big reset.  Bassitt and Manaea are controlled only through 2022, and the other three through 2023 --- it's hard to imagine the A's signing any to extensions, so it's onto the trade market.
In terms of what Oakland could get in return, the sky's the limit.  All five are premium trade chips, especially the players with more than one year of control.  The A's could garner a big haul of young prospects and MLB-ready younger players in a real hurry, if they wished
Ke'Bryan Hayes for Alex Kirilloff  - - - who says no?
Mark P
I don't think either the Twins or the Pirates makes that deal
Hello there
So so so so so… tucker Barnhart looks good in pinstripes next season?
Mark P
If the Reds decline their option, Barnhart will get attention from a lot of teams, and the Yankees should be near the top of that list.
Jon Becker
Give me a shot in the dark, Mark: who's managing the A's and Mets come Opening Day?
Mark P
Mark Kotsay for the A's
Jerry Seinfeld for the Mets
Rays 2022
Did the rays make a mistake with Nick Anderson by not doing tj this spring?
Mark P
Looking back at the reports from March, "surgery was not recommended" for Anderson's partial tear. Players aren't going to undergo a major surgery unless they absolutely have to, and while I don't know the exact nature of Anderson's injury, it doesn't seem like it directly fit the criteria for Tommy John surgery
As a Cardinals fan, I don't believe the team has as much money (or will spend as much money) as others think they will. What are the chances they role with Sosa at SS & trade DeJong for pen/bench help, then spend any cash on a starter? BTW, I'm bullish on Sosa due to glove, speed, & surprise bat.
Mark P
Sosa did a lot of good things last season, but to some extent he came out of nowhere, considering his minor league numbers.  I'd be hesitant about giving him a starting job outright next season, especially for a Cards team that has hopes of winning
It's easy to see Tampa trying to save some dough by moving Kiermaier. But how many other regular/semi-regulars could be moved?
Mark P
Apart from Wander, Baz, McClanahan, and probably Arozarena, I honestly wouldn't be surprised at any trade the Rays make.  Even moving Brandon Lowe or Meadows wouldn't be a shock, given how the team usually operates
Dave Dombrowski (Phillies POBO)
Will ownership give me the green light to sign another top tier free agent?
Mark P
Probably, since you don't hire Dave Dombrowski and then restrain from making big moves.  Given Atlanta's playoff success, you have to wonder if the Phillies are really kicking themselves, since the NL East was right there for the taking for much of the season
Hi Mark.  SIGNING BONUS -- If a team re-signs its own free agent, and gives him a signing bonus, payable before Dec. 1st, does that Bonus count toward this years
Mark P
Not 100 percent sure on this answer, but I believe the bonus counts (for luxury tax purposes) towards the future life of the contract.  Otherwise, teams could try to get sneaky.
How much of a rebound do you see for Luzardo in Miami? He was nails in his last start and gets the offseason to tweak and refine.
Mark P
The Marlins know a thing or two about developing pitcher, so I have high hopes that Luzardo has success ahead of him in the big leagues
Was the Bob Melvin move more about financials or wanting to go in a different direction? A lot of fans were pretty shocked.
Mark P
I'm interested to know the story of how that hiring came together, and who reached out to who.  The fact that the A's let Melvin go without getting any compensation back is telling.....there's a chance it could've just been out of professional respect for a guy who's been such a good manager for them, or it could be just an ownership edict to clear Melvin's salary.
Pumpsie Green
You mentioned in your Yankees writeup that the Seager bros could be an option. Have they marketed themselves as a package deal, and where else would they be a fit?
Mark P
That was just a hypothetical on my part, since I don't know if the Seagers even want to be teammates.  Corey and Kyle are each represented by different agencies, and they're at very different points in their careers, so a package deal would be pretty difficult to arrange
Sid sandwich
Giants resign Kris Bryant?
Mark P
I tend to think no, as Farhan Zaidi reportedly sounded a little non-committal about the idea in his post-season talks with media.
They'll monitor Bryant, I'm sure, but I'd suspect Bryant ends up elsewhere
When do you interview for the Mets PBO position?
Mark P
As soon as I can add "completed the October 30th chat" to my resume.  I'm sure Steve Cohen will love my idea of hiring Seinfeld as the manager.
4th wheel
Braves: of the 4 deadline acquired OFs, who is still with the team next yr?
Mark P
I'd guess Duvall and Rosario.  Assuming the NL has the designated hitter, that gives Atlanta some extra hitting depth and allows for Pache and Waters to play
Billy Joe
Tigers will sign Justin Verlander to a 2 year 23 million dollar deal...
Mark P
I think Verlander will get two years, and a reunion in Detroit isn't out of the question.  But if he does sign a two-year deal, it'll be for a lot more than $23MM
Ross Atkins
Does Randal Grichuk for Jake Odorizzi make sense?
Mark P
Don't think it makes sense for the Astros.  Brantley and Tucker have the corners covered, and the McCormick/Meyers CF combo adds some very strong defense (and they hit well, too)
Steve cohen
Think the Mets acquire Chapman from the As or resign Báez or both?
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