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Mark P
Sorry folks, some technical difficulties in getting the chat running, but all seems good now!  Let's take some questions....
Solid hiring by the Mets today but more importantly how do you see the Mets finishing the offseason? Still need SP, a few RPs and maybe a at
Mark P
Pitching seems like a must, whether that comes via free agency or maybe trade, if any of McNeil/Smith/Davis are dealt for arms.  Or, given that ownership has no problem spending, the Mets could just keep everyone and address their needs mostly/solely through free agents
Will Katel Marte get traded?  Heard the Marlins were interested
Mark P
I think there's a chance Arizona moves him.  Though the D'Backs are planning to be competitive next year, this is the same team that also tried to thread that needle by staying competitive while dealing Goldschmidt, Greinke, and other notables just a couple of years ago.
It'll take a lot for the Marlins or any team to tempt the D'Backs, but Miami does have lots of good young pitching on offer
Matt Trejo
Any chance the Padres go after Schwarber
Mark P
There's certainly a chance, he'd be a good fit for the LF vacancy and the National League will likely have the DH spot to work with
Whtat do you think of expanded playoffs?
Mark P
I would prefer that the 162-game regular season isn't minimized even further by making the postseason into a total free-for-all.  But, it seems like the next CBA will have expansion of some kind, so I'd prefer it just goes to 12 teams (six each league)
Mackenzie Gore
Will I regain my top prospect pedigree?  Become an “Ace” for the Padres?
Mark P
There's no question Gore's stock has dropped over the last 12 months, but there is also a long list of great pitchers who overcame mechanical issues early (or even deep) into their careers.  I'm not closing the book yet on a pitcher who isn't even 23 years old yet
Dayton Moore
What relievers will I be looking at to bring in or is the better chance that we just put the likes of Kowar/Heasley to the BP to supplement the back half?
Mark P
(Moore = Royals PBO)

I doubt KC will be targeting any big names, but certainly some veteran relievers that could be had for relatively low prices.
Giants fan
Who do you think the Giants will try and sign once this lockout is over. We need a right-handed hitting outfielder plus another starting pitcher.
Mark P
Seiya Suzuki is reportedly a Giants target, and I'd expect them to look into pretty much every notable hitter available (if they haven't already)
Keep in mind, that even if the Giants are wary about paying $100MM+ deals, there's still plenty of talent that could be had for less than nine figures
Ross Atkins
If i was in on Corey Seager, does it stand to reason i'm in on Carlos Correa?
Mark P
(Atkins = Jays GM)

Seager is a more ideal fit for Toronto's needs since he is a left-handed bat, but obviously Correa would also look really good in the Jays lineup.  Correa has seemed more set on remaining at shortstop, however, which could be an issue given Bo Bichette's presence.
Its me
any idea who Buck nabs for coaches?
Mark P
There has already been a lot of speculation about Brian Butterfield joining Showalter in NY, so that's one potential name
Any chance on the players proposal of 2 divisions per league actually happening?
Mark P
I guess never say never since we're this early in the CBA process, and the geography does lend itself neatly to a two-division format since each league has seven teams in the East time zone and eight teams in the Central/West zone
Angry Dan Duquette
Now that Showalter is hired again, when will I be getting a job? Also, do you see the Orioles changing their mind and making a big move to get the Orioles fans excited again?
Mark P
I don't see the O's making any kind of a big move until next winter at the absolute earliest.  They're at least going to see what they have in Adley's rookie year before they think about pointing the arrow out of Rebuild City.
As for Duquette getting another job, the front office trend is to hire a younger executive (and, apparently, someone who worked for the Rays).  It only takes one team to pivot towards a more experienced exec, but I lean against Duquette finding another job running a baseball ops department.
Red Sox Fan
Eovaldi is in the last year of his contract. What would you give him for an extension? Or is he trade bait mid-season?
Mark P
If the Sox are hesitant about extending Bogaerts or Devers, surely those concerns also extend towards a player with Eovaldi's injury history.  Trading him doesn't seem likely since the Red Sox are certainly planning on a) being in a pennant race and b) needing Eovaldi to help the rotation.
So if Eovaldi has another solid year, the Sox might let him walk and chalk up the Eovaldi signing as a wholesale success, rather than ink another extension and add more risk to his mid-30's years.
Pumpsie Green
How surprised were you with all the Rangers moves, and when will they win more than 90 games again?
Mark P
A little surprised, just by the sheer boldness of the moves.  I figured the Rangers might make a number of moves in a more gradual fashion, not immediately drop a ton of money on Seager and Semien (and Gray, not to be forgotten).
They're not yet a 90-win team by any stretch, however, and probably not even a .500 team given that lackluster rotation.  But plenty more moves still seem likely to come
CBA Question
What are the some of the "non-core" economic issues that are currently being discussed?
Mark P
There are a million things covered in any CBA, so it's at least a good sign that the owners and players are getting some of the smaller stuff out of the way before tackling into the really contentious issues.
Cards fan
Cards looking for a left handed bat? They have any interest in Joc Pederson or Kyle Schwarber?
Mark P
Either would fit, especially on a team that will have a DH available.  The Cards probably won't want to detract from any playing time from their current outfield trio since they were all so good last year, but there's nothing wrong with having a LH hitter
Curly W
What does Todd Helton have to do to get in the Hall.  He hit better away from Coors than many of the guys touted for the Hall like Bobby Gritch and Scott Rolen.
Mark P
Helton, Grich, and Rolen are all HOFers in my book.  In theory, Larry Walker's election will help Helton, since it breaks the ice on the "Coors inflates everyone's numbers" theory
Mile Hi
Seems like discussions of the Rockies front office/ownership invariably start by calling out their incompetence but then wrap up by praising them for refusing to tank. Which is it - should we look down on Rockies decision making or wish that more teams followed their approach?
Mark P
The Rockies are an unusual case, since while their refusal to tank is admirable in a vacuum, it also isn't like they're making any huge pushes to build their roster.  Not to mention weird decisions like not giving Gray a QO, and the behind-the-scenes turmoil that seemed to alienate guys like Arenado and Story.
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