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Mark P
Welcome to the weekend chat!  It may not be quite as big a deal as yesterday's chat with Chipper Jones, but keep in mind that between Chipper and I, we've combined for 468 big league homers.  Not too shabby!
Pat H
Nelson Cruz a hall of famer?
Mark P
The PED suspension will hurt his case, and between that and any lingering anti-DH sentiment from some voters, I don't think Cruz is voted in
Hahn n Co
White Sox need lefty bats.  Who will they target?
Mark P
Schwarber immediately jumps to mind, but he may be too expensive.  The real unanswered question is how much more the White Sox are willing to spend, given that they've already surpassed their franchise payroll highs.  Now, a $142MM payroll for a team in Chicago is already low for a "record high," so there's no reason on paper why more couldn't be spent for another big bat
Ketel marte
seems so natural that he goes to the Guardians to play second base in a haul that includes both freeman and several others
Mark P
Marte would make a ton of sense for the Guardians, and they do have the minor league depth (beyond just the middle infield types) to get Arizona's attention in a trade.  However, the issue is that in dealing Marte, the D'Backs would essentially be committing to a bigger reset than they might be willing to make at this point
Padres fans’ focus has been on trading Hosmer (and rightly so due to his 10-and-5 rights) but who might be some takers for a Wil Myers trade?
Mark P
Myers is theoretically easier to move since he's only under contract for 2022, and owed "only" $21MM.  He might be a more feasible player to be moved along with a prospect, since Myers' deal is relatively small enough that the Padres wouldn't necessarily have to attach a major minor league name.  

For instance, moving Hosmer might require attaching Campusano or Hassell.  But for Myers, the Padres might only have to give up a prospect in their 10-15 range, if SD also eats some of that $21MM
Mike S
Cards add a bat or let the young guys compete?
Fill out the bullpen and call it an offseason?
Mark P
I think they definitely need some left-handed hitting help.  Getting by on okay hitting and great defense has worked thus far, but if that hitting production is bumped up to "good," the Cardinals can be dangerous
Josh Harrison to the Dodgers to strengthen the bench ?
Mark P
Makes a lot of sense.  Harrison would still get quite a bit of playing time given how LA is able to juggle its lineup around, plus more at-bats will be available if the NL gets the designated hitter
Your Name
Arizona should see if Cleveland will switch divisions with them as part of the trade
Mark P
Let's see, take on the Dodgers/Giants/Padres next year, or continue in the AL Central?  I suspectttttt the Guardians will stay put
Dejong to the Astros for Cristian Javier. Fair?
Mark P
That's interesting, but it seems like Houston is leaning towards giving Jeremy Pena a shot at the everyday job.  I also suspect that the Astros might want to retain all their pitching depth in the event of more injuries (like last year)
Why not?
Jays trade all of their prospects for superstars who are signed for the next 2-4 years. Try to win a World Series or two and in the meantime rebuild the system. Maybe keep Moreno though..
Mark P
Because if you don't win a title in that four-year window, you're basically back to square one with a barren farm system.

Shapiro and Atkins have stressed many times over that the ideal is to be a consistent winner, with the Blue Jays both contending and producing good young talent every year to reinforce the roster.
Sad dbacks fan
If you were GM what would you do with dbacks franchise? Build or demolish?
Mark P
They're in a tough spot, but with some hope for optimism since they have some good young players on the cusp of the big leagues.  Whether the current roster is good enough to be carried by the incoming youngsters, however, is very much a question.

If I'm the D'Backs, I might do a one-year rebuild and reload for 2023
What would Arizona want back from the Jays for Marte?
Mark P
At least two of the Jays top five prospects.  Moreno is presumably untouchable, but the D'Backs could justifiably ask for any of Orelvis, Groshans, Lopez, Hoglund, etc.
Or Nate Pearson, if the goal is for someone more immediately MLB-ready
Would someone explain to me how I can afford to resign/extend both Xander and Devers ($30mil per year each) and still have money left over for a deep and talented team?
Mark P
The Red Sox always have plenty of money.  But I doubt both Bogaerts and Devers (one maybe, but not both) will still be with this team over the long term
Hey Mark thanks for the chat!  How about a kimbrel for Cano as a deal starter?
Mark P
Not sure if that works as a 1-for-1, but maybe with some other pieces attached (on both sides) to balance out salaries and address needs? Maybe
Matt B
Sorry, didn't finish typing*.  My question is how aligned do you think ownership is during the lockout?  Aren't there so many competing needs/wants amongst the franchises?
Mark P
I think it's a relatively united front.  Obviously there are some competing interests involved, and I'm sure some big-market teams might even be on the players' side when it comes to asking why smaller-market teams aren't spending their revenue-sharing money.  

But in the big picture, the last CBA was tilted enough in the owners' favor that I'm sure there isn't much appetite on their side to make major changes
Big, big picture question; with streaming becoming more and more popular and networks losing viewers they can hold on and point to for advertisers - have we seen the last big TV contract for MLB? Will the future be a pay for streaming big games and post season?
Mark P
Baseball offers so many hours of content and advertising opportunities that I can't believe broadcasters aren't still willing to pay big bucks
Think the Giants are willing to come on top of the bidding war for Castellanos regardless of their implied reluctance to spend on big ticket free agents?
Mark P
It's possible Castellanos might lower his asking price as well, in the aftermath of the lockout and the signing frenzy that will take place.
And really, every team would "prefer" not to sign guys to nine-figure contracts.  But the Giants would surely take that plunge given their resources and if it was for a player they really like
Did Mets “get one over” on the Yankees with the Chavez move as has been played up?
Mark P
Not really.  The timing is unusual, but the Mets offered Chavez a promotion as the lead hitting coach, and it's generally considered bad form for teams to deny their employees a chance at interview for a higher-tier job
Greg Sestero
What would it take for the angels to get Walls? How much more would it take if Glasnow was included?
Mark P
Both would be interesting gets for the Angels, though they aren't teeming with the kind of prospect depth or big-league ready talents that the Rays usually target
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