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Mark P
It's time for the weekend chat!  Let's see what questions are percolating....
Sox Fan
Who do you think the Sox will get for 2B and RF? Do you think they will being back Tepera?
Mark P
Tepera would certainly be a good fit, though the ChiSox have already made a notable bullpen signing in Graveman, and there's also the Kimbrel trade situation hanging over the roster.  If Kimbrel is dealt (maybe for a 2B or RF), I can see the Sox perhaps trying to line up a reunion with Tepera, but he'll be attracting attention from a lot of teams.
The post-lockout signing frenzy could benefit the Sox in this case, actually.  It's possible Tepera's market could be squeezed to the point where he'd take a slight discount to stay in a familiar situation, and just get a jump on his preparations for the season
2B is anyone's guess, though I tend to lean towards a lower-tier option than something like a Ketel Marte trade.  Right field might also just be in-house options
DH, right?
Are NL teams still not acting as if Universal DH is a certainty? Or feigning that belief at least. Did this contributed to Kyle Schwarber and others not coming to terms before the lockout?
Mark P
Keep in mind that the universal DH "seemed" pretty likely to be implemented for 2021 but it didn't happen, so I don't blame teams for being cautious until everything is official
why are the talks around Kwang-Hyun Kim so quiet even before the lockout? he has been solid for the cards I would think he would garner more attention.
Mark P
Kim's secondary numbers aren't great, and he doesn't have big strikeout totals.  He's had good on-field results thus far in MLB, but I can understand why teams might be wary about how he'd fare away from the Cardinals' great defense
The Rock
Who is in the mix for Kenley Janson?
Mark P
IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO.......wait, force of habit.

There hasn't been much buzz at all about Jansen, so it's hard to work out his market.
I'd guess a return to the Dodgers is possible, and there's certainly no shortage of teams that could use bullpen help, though Jansen as a clear-cut closer might not be the most viable way to use him
BrewCrew Fan
With Hader becoming very expensive, is it finally time to trade and aquire good assets, and what is a return looking like for him?
Mark P
For two seasons of arguably the best reliever in baseball, I can understand the Brewers asking for something better than the Madrigal/Heuer package the Cubs got for Kimbrel.
Dusty Click
What would the Astros signing of Bryant look like in terms of the lineup? CF is the only logical fit right now. Can he play there everyday or would it be more likely they look to trade Brantley?
Mark P
I think you're kind of answering your own question in noting that Bryant isn't a great fit on the Astros.
Fort Ligonier
I really look forward to the MLBTR chats … lotta fun, really great.
Mark P
Ah geez, now I'm facing extra pressure to actually do a good job.

I mean, thanks!
Montreal / Tampa
Would any type of timeshare ever be OKed for the Rays (or any other team)? How much was the Canada thing, especially during COVID, at play here?
Mark P
I speculated about this the other day, it could be that MLB might've been more open to the sister-city plan if the two cites involved hadn't been so far apart (and in two different countries).

But just on paper, the whole idea seemed pretty questionable, even prior to the pandemic
Chris Young
Does IKF get traded to make room for Josh Jung and what is his haul?
Mark P
IKF has enough value that I can see Texas hanging onto him, since he's a very useful utiltyman to have on hand in the event that Jung struggles.  Just my speculation, but I can see the Rangers move a guy like Nick Solak before they'd move IKF
Phillies Phan
Why is everyone so down on Bohm. Sure he had the sophmore slump, but didnt Austin Riley have the same kind of second year?
Mark P
Riley was pretty underwhelming in each of his first two MLB seasons, which led to roughly a million "Braves should trade Riley for more immediate help!" proposals in these chats.  Atlanta didn't give up on him early, and I doubt the Phils will do the same with Bohm, since the Phillies are just dying for some lower-cost young help
your best guess: how many playoff teams will there be this October? And will players get to free agency sooner?
Mark P
My guess is 12 teams in the 2022 playoffs.  But, I don't think the owners will budge on less service time to qualify for free agency
Shouldn't the Jays wait to sign Bichette and Vlad long-term, given the incentive it removes to perform for the next few years if they get paid up front?
Mark P
I'm not sure incentive is really a concern here.  Keep in mind, we're talking about two sons of well-established MLB players, who already grew up with financial security.
The North
I see Nate Pearson as an Andrew Miller type. 2 dominant innings every other day out of pen. Why aren’t there more relievers set up for this type of role? Especially with new 3 batter minimum rule.
Mark P
Every team would love to have an Andrew Miller type, but with Pearson, obviously the Jays want to see what they have with him as a starter before deciding on any possible bullpen future
Best mascot in baseball?
Mark P
Gotta be the Phanatic
Oddball Hazen Move
Make any sense for the DBacks to go grab Jansen and Greinke on 1-3 year deal worth less than $15m a year? The bullpen is notoriously bad, but greinkes help with eating some innings and teaching the solid (if unspectacular) SP prospects likely to taste MLB in 2022 has to have some merit right? Maybe Greinke could help Madbum too
Mark P
It would be pretty funny to see the D'Backs again sign Greinke all these years later.  These wouldn't necessarily be win-now moves, either.......Greinke on a one-year deal seems quite realistic, and Jansen might end up with a Melancon-esque deal depending on how the relief market shakes out.

Maybe this is akin to the Nationals' moves last year.  The D'Backs land some veterans on short-term contracts, and if things don't work out contention-wise, Arizona just moves them all at the deadline
What are the odds spring training is delayed and do you think any major FA will have to miss all of it or even sign early into the actual season?
Mark P
It's gotten to the point where Spring Training might just about HAVE to be delayed, barring a shocking amount of CBA progress in literally the next week or so.

It remains to be seen how it'll all shake out for major free agents, since the guys at the top of the list should still be fine.  But there might be some surprising second-tier names that are still available come Opening Day, if they balk at taking lowball offers
Why don’t more rebuilding teams sign players to bloated one year deals and then flip them at deadline?  Someone like Kenley will be in huge demand at the TD.
Mark P
The player has some say in this too, remember.  Most every ballplayer prefers stability and routine, and they might not relish the idea of knowing for a fact they'll be dealt somewhere at the deadline (possibly to a team or situation they don't want to be in)
Do I have a no trade clause? I know I have an opt out after this year.
Mark P
The deal has a full no-trade clause that went into effect prior to last season
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