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Mark P
Welcome to the weekend chat!  Let's see what the question queue has to offer....
Al avila
Can I get Sonny Gray without giving up Joey Wentz?
Mark P
If Wentz is the headliner of a trade package that the Reds would accept, the Tigers should probably swing that deal.  Wentz has potential but is maybe a bit of an unknown quantity in the aftermath of TJ surgery
Though, to be fair, the Tigers might also not want to sell low on a player who might bounce back strongly now that he's healthier
Do you think there is a particular type of position player that the loss of spring training would matter more for?
Mark P
A player learning a new position, or perhaps a young catcher getting used to working with big leaguers and how to call a game.

In general, pretty much any younger player getting their first looks against MLB-level competition.  Even in the lower-intensity realm of Spring Training, those reps are important for minor leaguers
Which Randy Arozarena will show up this season - the force from the 2020 playoffs or the merely solid performer of 2021? Or something in-between?
Mark P
I'd say Arozarena was a good step beyond just "solid" last year.  Obviously he's not going to replicate his crazy power run from the 2020 postseason over a full regular season, but if Arozarena "only" duplicates his 2021 numbers, the Rays will be more than happy with that
Is Suzuki destined to be a Red Sox?
Mark P
The latest reports indicated that the Giants or Mariners might be favored, or that Suzuki might prefer teams who are either West Coast-based, or at least have their spring camps in Arizona.  But, it's still pretty early for getting any concrete hints about Suzuki's preferences
Luis Campusano is going to be a beast and shouldn't be used as a package to get rid of Hosmer, right?
Mark P
If the Padres feel getting Hosmer off the books (and getting his league-average bat out of the lineup) is worth giving up a talented young player, I think they might pull the trigger on such a move.  Keep in mind, the Padres have Nola, Caratini, and they might hope they can salvage something from Jorge Alfaro.
What person has been the most neglected - yet very worthy - of enshrinement in the HOF?
Mark P
It never made sense to me that Lou Whitaker vanished from the ballot as quickly as he did.  In my view Whitaker is a relatively easy call as a HOFer
Yankee fan
Is DJL the only safe bet on Yankees infield. Everyone else could be traded?
Mark P
I don't see the Yankees moving Gleyber now that they've finally relented to moving him to second base.  But otherwise, it wouldn't shock me to see Urshela or Voit dealt, though Urshela is a pretty valuable guy to have around as multi-positional depth.
Baseball guy
Are the Yankees starting to regret the Gerrit Cole signing ?
Mark P
Gerrit Cole is the least of the Yankees' problems, so I doubt it
Cliff Lee
What are the Phillies going to do with holes at 3B, SS, LF, RF and relief? How can they keep up with NYM and ATL without exceeding the cap and trading the few decent prospects in the system?
Mark P
The easy answer is to just bite the bullet and pay the luxury tax, especially since the tax threshold might be going up anyway in the next CBA, and the current penalties for a first-time taxpayer are pretty minimal.
In theory, Bohm can get better in his third year, so that help the 3B position.  But you're correct, the Phillies have a lot of weak points on the roster, and they'll have to either start spending more or make some very creative trades to address these needs
I kept reading how Scott Boras is playing a behind the scenes impact on negotiations. His agents are union reps. Should that be allowed? Seems like it’s MLB verse Scott Boras and Boras wanting the league his way.
Mark P
Boras and other agents are all basically on the same page in wanting more money for their clients, so it's only natural that Boras and company would have some unofficial input on the negotiations.
Sonny Gray to the Blue Jays for Lourdes Gurriel who says no
Mark P
Probably Toronto.
Jo Adell
Why do you think the Jo Adell for player x trade proposals have become almost a joke at this point?  Do you think people actually realize he made huge strides last year and appears to be a valuable asset for the Angels moving forward?
Mark P
I think there's just a natural inclination to believe that the Angels should be trying to win immediately, so as to not waste these prime years from Trout and Ohtani.  To that end, dealing a top prospect to acquire immediate help makes some sense.  Adell not excelling in his first taste of the majors also makes him more expendable in the eyes of some.

So I get the idea behind all the Adell trade proposals.  But, I also don't think the Angels swing such a deal unless it's for a total blockbuster move, not something like "Adell for my favorite team's fourth starter."
Are you a Mario Kart fan?
Mark P
I haven't played a MarioKart game in years, but the old SNES and N64 versions are two of the best games of all time
Sox Farm Hand
Do you see the White Sox starting the season with internal options at RF and 2B? Adolfo is out of options, and he is well thought of by the organisation.
Mark P
Right field yes, since the White Sox have Adolfo and other options (Vaughn, Engel, Sheets) on the big league roster.  But they're so thin at second base that I can't realistically see them counting on Leury Garcia as an everyday candidate
Why do people keep wanting me traded?   He is truly undervalued by the Toronto fan base.
Mark P
It's kind of a case of odd man out in a crowded outfield of right-handed hitters.  Springer obviously isn't being dealt, Grichuk has little to no trade value, and the Jays probably feel Teoscar is more valuable overall than Gurriel since Hernandez has been a more consistent hitter.

Gurriel's team-friendly contract makes him a good trade asset.
Pirate Parrot
What are the players offering to help small market teams be more competitive with large market teams? It seems everything they propose - cutting revenue sharing, raising the luxury tax bar, cutting the number of years to free agency from 6 to 5 - will only make the situation worse.
Mark P
I think one of the players' general beefs is that small-market teams are using their market sizes as an excuse for not spending, or pocketing revenue-sharing funds.  Being competitive actually isn't the issue for a lot of these teams.....the Rays, A's, Guardians have been regular contenders for years despite limited payrolls.
Nick Krall
I know we are cutting payroll but could I get Kyle Schwarber to give me a hometown discount? I think he would tear it up at GABP!!!!
Mark P
Schwarber would indeed be a nice fit in Cincy as a Castellanos replacement, though I doubt he'd be willing to accept less when he has a shot at a major long-term contract
Theo Epstein
Mark, thanks for the chat! Lots of people now saying that I was lucky to win in Boston and Chicago - two orgs that allowed me to tank and then spend lots of money. They point to my terrible track record of free agent signings and bad trades, for ex. What say you Mark?
Mark P
No executive is perfect, and obviously Epstein made some bad deals along the way.  But come on, when you win three rings, it isn't just "lucky."

Also, the Red Sox didn't tank under Epstein, they were well-positioned to contend and win when he first took the job
Cubs were mentioned in rumors for Suzuki. I know neither are likely due to the number teams that are in play, but what is more likely Suzuki or Correra to the Cubs?
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