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Mark P
The weekend chat is back!  Multiple scheduling problems (and just a lot of news) have delayed the chat several times since the start of the season, but the hope is that things will be relatively normal from here on out.  You'll never again have to go more than 7-8 days between Jo Adell trade ideas.  

Onto the questions....
Do you see the Cubs selling off like they did last deadline
Mark P
Not quite to the same scorched-earth extent, but they could be busy sellers.  Suzuki was the only real long-term commitment the Cubs made last winter, so any of Contreras, Stroman, Miley, possibly Hendricks could all be shipped out
Mustache man
Nestor for cy young?
Mark P
He's been pretty great so far, but in a pitching-dominant season, several hurlers might have great Cy cases before the year is out.
Max Meyer
It’s my time?  Will I be called up this week?  Am I a future ace?
Mark P
With Luzardo out, I think Meyer isn't long for the minor leagues.  Wouldn't at all shock me if the Marlins call him up this week
Guards Up
Is Shane Bieber a trade candidate this summer?
Mark P
Extremely doubtful.  The AL Central figures to be a tight race to the end, so the Guardians won't be sellers
Jays fan
When will the Jays turn this slump around?
Mark P
They've had an extraordinarily tough schedule thus far, and there are too many good hitters on the roster for everyone to stay cold.

There is one issue, however. Aaron Judge had a quote the other day about how the 2021 Yankees were easy to gameplan against, since they were basically all right-handed hitters who all had the same approach at the plate.  Looking at the very right-handed Blue Jays, and I wonder if Toronto hasn't fallen into this same trap.
Chances of Grienke getting traded at the deadline? If so, where to given his preference for specific locals?
Mark P
Like I said earlier, I expect the Central to be pretty close, so the Royals might not end up being sellers.  As poorly as they've played to date, they're still only 6.5 games out of first place.

In the event of a Greinke deal, however, I suspect the front office will work with Greinke to find an acceptable landing spot, as a veteran courtesy
Do you see any scenario where a mediocre Braves team (if anemic offense and so-so starters continue) see themselves as sellers  by the All Star Break or, as defending champions, are they compelled to go for it again?
Mark P
If the Braves didn't sell last year when they were under .500 and Acuna was lost for the season, I highly doubt they'd sell this year by the All-Star break unless things went catastrophically wrong
Daniel J Svehla
What if Portland would have drafted Jordan instead of Sam Bowie?
Mark P
It might create a universe where "Portlandia" is never created, and I don't want any part of that reality
GM Mike Elias
When do I promote Rutschman?
Mark P
Before the end of May
Will I be traded this summer?
Mark P
Probably not, since he's still controlled through 2023 and the Sox will be aiming to win again by then.  Also, obligatory "it's still early" message, since Boston still has plenty of time to turn things around
O's fan
We aren't the worst team!!
Mark P
Progress is made!
al avila enjoyer
will tork turn it around
captain america
what is the deal with the mariners flailing outfield prospects (kelenic, trammel)?
Mark P
Obligatory "these guys have spent barely any time in the majors, relax" message.

Trammell is a bit more of a cause for concern, since I always consider it a bit more a red flag when a guy is traded multiple times.
Concerned White Sox Fan
What exactly is plaguing the White Sox, a team that was supposedly a World Series contender?
White Sox
What’s up with the Sox? Eventually the injury excuse will run dry. First place Twins have plenty of injuries themselves too.
Mark P
Only three games separating the Twins and ChiSox, so it's not some insurmountable gap.  But Chicago's issue is not just the injuries, but the fact that guys like Abreu, Pollock, Grandal are all off to brutal starts
Whereas the Twins have a lot fewer holes in their lineup.  It's the old case of a higher talent floor beating arguably a higher talent ceiling.
Guldens Mustard
With Snell coming back, will Gore be returned to the minors, even tho?
Mark P
The Padres are planning to keep Gore in the bullpen for a week or so, but still keep all their starters on hand for the next few weeks.  The club has a busy stretch of schedule coming up, so they want all hands on deck to cover innings and keep everyone rested
DL Hall or G-Rod
Who’s first and what is 2022 usage?
Mark P
Good question on who is first to be called up.  Probably Rodriguez, if the O's want to give Hall some more time to just pitch in a lower-pressure minor league environment, and build his arm strength after missing so much of last season.
Will the Astros have a 10 game lead by the end over rest of division  by the end of may. Verlander comback player of the year Dusty manager of the year and Astros winning it all?
Mark P
Don't count out the Angels, they've been neck and neck with Houston thus far.  If you're one of the other three teams in the AL West, the clock is already ticking on making a run, despite it being mid-May.
Oli Marmol
When do you think the Cardinals will promote Nolan Gorman?
Mark P
The Cards waited a while before demoting DeJong, and I feel they'll give Sosa/Donovan a legit shot before calling Gorman up.  Depending on how Sosa and Donovan do, it could be another month?  But that seems a bit long, given how Gorman is crushing Triple-A pitching and doesn't have much less to prove
Greg Sestero
Oh hi Mark. Which relievers could the angels acquire in the coming months? Could Bednar be a realistic target?
Mark P
The Pirates will want a lot for Bednar, but they'll be open for business.  If I'm the Angels, I'm focusing more on middle infield or the rotation than I am on the bullpen, since the current relievers have been good.  Maybe a lower-level relief arm for more depth rather than a big strike for a Bednar
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