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Mark P
The weekend chat is here!  Let's tackle some questions....
Guards 4 Life
Potential relief pitchers the guardians could pursue at the deadline? Bednar a possibility with all of the loaded prospect capital we have?
Mark P
A Bednar trade can't be ruled out, but since he's controlled through 2026, the Pirates would have a huge asking price.  If the Guardians were actually going to surrender serious prospect capital in a trade, it probably wouldn't be for a relief pitcher
Chances the Orioles move to Tennessee? Id be devastated
Mark P
It seems unlikely.  MLB is likelier to expand to a site like Nashville, and thus net a big expansion fee from a new ownership group.  Plus, the league likely doesn't want to leave the Baltimore market, or Camden Yards.
Appa Yip Yip
What do you think Ross Stripling's free agency is going to look like? Does he sign as a starter, or is his ability to go back and forth effectively more valuable?
Mark P
He'll surely market himself as a starter and be signed as such, since having a solid starting pitcher is so valuable.  Being able to fall back on relief work is something Stripling would do in the event that a regular rotation gig doesn't work out.
Who will manage Angels in 2023? Is Perry Minasian’s job in jeopardy?
Mark P
I would guess Minasian isn't in trouble after less than two years on the job.  Nevin will get the rest of this season as an audition, and could be a contender to remain as manager if the Halos can turn things around.
I’m digging Burger but where does he play when Eloy and Anderson get back?
Mark P
Still plenty of DH at-bats, and he can spell Moncada at third base.  With the Sox in bad need of offense, they'll definitely find a way to keep Burger's hot bat in the lineup
Jake Wells
Do the Cubs move Ian Happ
Mark P
Happ is controlled through 2023, so he might not be seen as a long-term asset.  (There hasn't been any talk about an extension between the two sides.)  If the Cubs got a great offer for him this summer, I'd imagine they'd at least consider a trade, or else they might wait until the winter to have a larger market of suitors
Kevin H
Will the Giants pursue a catcher (contreras?) at the trade deadline
Mark P
With Bart struggling so much, a catcher add certainly seems to be on the Giants' radar, particularly just a rental option like Contreras.  Not that the Giants have given up on Bart, but Contreras can help win in 2022.
Who is going to be Phillies manager next season
Mark P
At this rate they'll be tearing down the Rocky statue and replacing it with a Rob Thomson statue, so he's got to be the favorite for now
Whitesox Fan
TLR how hot is the seat? In your opinion?
Mark P
It's a tough situation to predict due to the personal friendship between Jerry Reinsdorf and La Russa.  It was an unusual move in the first place just to hire TLR, so pure wins-and-losses may not be Reinsdorf's chief concern.
Can you make sense of them sending Adell down? Lagares and wade in right field makes no sense because neither can hit and neither are playing great defense. I know lagares has a gold glove but he hasn’t looked great out there this year
Mark P
Ward is supposed to be back in a couple of days.  Now, why the Angels didn't wait until Ward was actually back to send Adell down is a good question, since they could've used his bat in the outfield.
In general, the Angels want Adell to play every day, not have him in the majors only appearing in half the games if LAA has everyone healthy
Oli Marmol pulled Harrison Bader from the game for not hustling, will he have the guts to pull Pujos or Molina as they seem to be a bit nonchalant running to first at times.
Mark P
There's a difference between "nonchalant" and "these two old guys are just slow" :)
Pirates Jack Suwinski leading NL rookies in home runs - - -  is he the current favorite for National League Rookie of the year?
Mark P
Gore is probably the NL ROY leader at the moment
Are the Braves this good as this 11 game winning streak, or this is just a product of the quality of their recent oponents?
Mark P
The wins still count, right?  Beating up on struggling teams and taking full advantage of a softer part of the schedule is what good teams do to bank victories
I remember that the Angels and Pujols agreed on a 10 million dollar “personal services” type of contract to begin when he retired, presumably after his 10-year contract had expired…. With the contract having expired at the end of last season and him resigning with the Cardinals, is that $10 million going to go into effect when he retires or did it just go away? It might be a bit awkward to go back to work for the Angels.
Mark P
Can he take over as manager?
This is a criticism of owners not of you, but imagine writing a sentence about a pro sports owner that includes "wins-and-losses may not be *insert owners name* chief concern"
Mark P
Fair point, but Reinsdorf might also reasonably argue that he wants to give La Russa more time.  The Sox haven't totally fallen apart, they've had to weather a bunch of injuries, and there's an expanded playoff field.
Jed Hoyer
Extend or trade Contreras? What type of return would I be looking at? What type of extension would I be looking at?
Mark P
I find it really hard to believe that Contreras would be extended at this point, and he looks far more likely as a trade candidate.
In line with the Orioles question - odds on Rays remaining in Tampa Bay past 2027?
Mark P
I would guess the Rays will move.  Doesn't seem like they're anywhere significantly closer to a new ballpark in the Tampa/St. Pete area, and the "two-city" plan with Montreal already hinted at ownership's desire to find a new landing spot
Nowhere to Hyde
Can the Orioles get a haul for Pedro Lopez and Mancini package? Middle order bat and lockdown closer
Mark P
It wouldn't be a haul, since Mancini is a free agent this winter and Lopez's track record doesn't come close to his 2022 success.  The O's would get a good return back for either, but hardly a real blockbuster prospect package.
What do you think are the chances     SFGiants make a splash in the off-season and land local boy Judge?
Mark P
The Giants have been wary about giving out very long-term contracts, which could be an issue given Judge's age and the fact that he'll be commanding eight or nine years.  However, it could be that Judge is seen as the special kind of player for whom an exception could be made, on the Giants' end.
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