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Mark P
It's a morning edition of the weekend chat, or a very early-morning edition if you're on the west coast.  But, I guess it's also an afternoon edition if you're in Europe, or a very late night edition if you're in Tokyo.  

Anyway, onto the questions!
Who wins the AL East?
Mark P
It's wild that this is even a valid question, given how the Yankees were crushing everyone just a couple of months ago.  I still think they'll pull it out, but it wouldn't be shocking at all at this point to see the Rays get the big comeback
Marlins have surplus good pitching,what hitters do they get next MLB season?
Mark P
There are plenty of places Miami can improve, and going into 2023, I would guess that Jazz, Soler, Avisail, and Stallings are the only players who seem like locks for regular jobs.  Guys like Wendle, Rojas, and Berti will be in the mix to remain on the roster, of course, but perhaps not necessarily as absolute everyday guys.
That leaves any of third base, shortstop, center fielder, and at least one of the 1B/DH spots open as areas of upgrade (depending on what the Marlins feel about Diaz and Cooper)
With the amount of money coming off the books for the Red Sox this off-season. Can you see them making any substantial trades/ signings?
Mark P
Probably, since it doesn't seem like there's much appetite for a true step-back or rebuild season, however you want to term it.  Story notwithstanding, it doesn't seem like Bloom's front office is heavily pursuing expensive free agents, and even Story might've been added just because he was available at the right price due to the lockout weirdness of last offseason
Zach Plesac on the roster next season, or disposed of?
Mark P
Plesac is under arbitration control through 2025, and it isn't like the Guardians to move on a young, controllable asset so quickly.  It's possible there might be some behind-the-scenes frustration with Plesac, but if this is the case and the team is ready to move on, they'll certainly try to maximize the return
For instance, a lot of teams would have interest in a trade package of Plesac and one or two of the many infield prospects in Cleveland's system. Such a trade package could net the Guardians a quality player or two in return that can help the MLB roster in 2023
Steve s
How is playoff seeding determined if Mets and braves are tied for first place at season end?
Mark P
Head-to-head record.  The Mets have a 9-7 edge against the Braves, so there will be some added drama to their final series of the year
I am George Kirby
Is Kirby the best Rookie pitcher this year ?
Mark P
Strider is the best in my view.  Pitchers like Detmers and Joe Ryan also deserve mention.
Paul DeJong
Where am I playing next year and how does St. Louis replace me?
Mark P
I could see DeJong possibly landing with one of the teams that loses a free agent shortstop.  Not that DeJong would play every day, but he'd be in the mix in a platoon role or something.  Very likely some kind of "bad contract swap" could be in play, with the Cards taking on a salary comparable to the $11MM still owed to DeJong
That guy
I don’t want to be Debbie dower but this Os team a fluke or is this legit, heading into next year and years to come?
Mark P
I'm a lot closer to thinking the O's are legit heading into 2023.  They've already made such big strides, and their depth chart will only get deeper once these other top prospects start hitting the majors.
based on pending sale. Are angels not going to do anything big in offseason? Even though that could mean not trying to show Ohtani they are trying to win and means he will walk after 2023?
Mark P
It does make for a possible limbo situation for the team, depending on how far the sale proceeds.  Given the billions of dollars involved and all of the procedures involved in selling a Major League team, a sale won't be completed until well into 2023.  Maybe Arte Moreno will look to make some moves in order to go out with a blaze of glory?
Kolten Wong
Do the Brewers pick up his $10m option next year? If not, how about Wong back to STL with Edman at SS full time?
Mark P
It's been an odd year for Wong, who is having one of the best hitting seasons of his career, though advanced metrics indicate he's been fortunate to deliver that production.  And, his excellent defense has dropped off considerably.

Very possible that his calf injury has played a role in the defensive issues.  But, since Wong is a glove-first player, the Brewers will likely be quite wary about paying that much for a player whose defense could be in decline.  I lean towards that option being declined.
A return to St. Louis probably isn't in the (no pun intended) cards for Wong, since the Cards are already pretty deep with infield options
Will I manage the Yankees next season?
Do I get a new contract?
Mark P
Unless the Yankees actually do have some epic collapse and don't win the division, I think both are safe.  I even think both are safe if NYY wins the division but are early outs in the playoffs.
As much as Bronx fans are frustrated by the lack of championships, ownership seems satisfied with the work of both men, and Boone just signed a three-year deal last fall.
A lot of Giants fans are starting to feel frustration with the lack of moves from the front office. Zaidi's roster churn has not looked so magical this year, and many are wondering if the team will continue to function like a small market (e.g. A's) team rather than a large market powerhouse. The farm system took an unmistakable step back this year. What do you see as next season's direction - will the team finally spend big in the offseason, or are fans in for another year of middling?
Mark P
SF's payroll is just shy of $174MM, so it's not like the team isn't spending, but obviously some of that money wasn't well allocated.  

With a lot of cash coming off the books over the winter, there's certainly room and opportunity for the Giants to make a major acquisition.  It's certainly easier to have a platoon-heavy approach when you have two or three lineup cornerstones you can build everything else around.
Philly KC Oak
How soon will it be that I can add LV to my name?
Mark P
As of latest word, the A's were making slow but steady progress towards a new ballpark in Oakland.  A move isn't a sure thing yet.
Where does Rob Thomson finish in the NL Manager of the Year voting?
Mark P
My guess is second behind Showalter
Steve Balboni's Sandwhich
There's an abundance of OF/DH depth in the Cardinals' organization. Is it conceivable that Dylan Carlson is moved for pitching in the offseason?
Mark P
Unlikely, short of a real blockbuster deal.
Tiger Fan
Give me some hope for next year... what can we possibly do to fix our infield? Everyone has struggled, and really only Baez and Tork are long term solutions…
Mark P
A lot depends on the next GM, and whether or not they have the green light to push to contend in 2023, or perhaps use 2023 as a reload year before aiming at 2024.  

But, a new GM without ties to either player could find it easier to just part ways with Candelario and Schoop, and either bring in veteran replacements or give in-house guys like Kreider a look.
Big Al
Why have the Dodgers not made Trea Turner an offer to keep him? Why bid against other teams? Do they just not want him? They have no one in the system who is close to him. Are the owners being cheap?
Mark P
"Cheap" is just about the last descriptor one could make about the Dodgers.  They've shown an ability to retain the free agents they want to retain, even if those players do test the market first (i.e. Kershaw, Jansen, Justin Turner).
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