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Mark P
The postseason races are heating up, so there's plenty to discuss in this weekend's chat.  Question time...
Red Sox
How do I tell people Casas isn’t a bust yet?
Mark P
40 career plate appearances?
James Click
Am I bringing back Dusty Baker next year?
Mark P
The other interesting wrinkle is whether or not that will be Click's call, given his own lack of contractual security
That said, I do suspect both Click and Baker will be getting new contracts.  There's really no reason for the Astros to not want either back, based on the team's success.  It is odd, however, that Baker didn't get more than a one-year deal last fall, or that Click wasn't extended last winter
Who would you predict  currently  to be the red Sox short stop nxt season?  I've read they want to get more athletic. No offense  to Xander there either.
Mark P
Trevor Story
Judge gets to or passes 61 this week?
Mark P
He might get there as early as Tuesday, by this rate.  It would be shocking if Judge didn't pass 61 given how close he already is
Uncle steve
Pick 2/3 most likely to be a Met next year: diaz, nimmo, degrom.
Mark P
First of all, there is a decent chance all three are re-signed.  But in terms of "most likely," I lean towards deGrom and Nimmo since they're the more difficult positions to fill.  As great as Diaz has been, replacing a closer (even a star closer) isn't as difficult as replacing an ace starter or an everyday center fielder
Pick one
if you’re the GM in LA, would you re-sign Trea or sign deGrom?
Mark P
Re-sign Turner.  I'd rather have him as a cornerstone for most of the next decade than spend another big chunk of money on deGrom, who is great but also older and with a more notable injury history
This does run counter to my just-stated note on position scarcity, as the Dodgers could get another shortstop (even a star) to replace Turner this winter.
Dbacks fan
Who could’ve traded for Merrill Kelly back at the deadline?
Mark P
There wasn't really much buzz about Kelly, probably because the D'Backs weren't seriously fielding offers.  Kelly did just sign an extension before the season, so he's a player Arizona viewed as a building block
Is judge mvp
Is Aaron judge mvp
Mark P
Who gets your vote for AL MVP?

Aaron Judge (66.8% | 510 votes)
Shohei Ohtani (33.2% | 254 votes)

Total Votes: 764
You Found Nimmo
Brandon Nimmo, what’s his most likely landing destination this off-season
Mark P
As noted, CF isn't a deep position, and while Nimmo isn't necessarily a Gold Glover, even passable defense up the middle is more than fine when paired with above-average offense.

This means plenty of teams will/should have interest in Nimmo this winter.  On paper, the Astros, Cardinals, Giants, Mariners, Red Sox, White Sox, Marlins, and of course the Mets all are varying degrees of possible fits.
David Price
Do I get enshrined one day?
Mark P
Price has had an outstanding career but I wouldn't personally give him a HOF vote.  Doubtful that he ever gets in, not that there's any shame in "only" being a borderline HOF candidate
Biggest surprise team and player?
Mark P
Even if they fall short of the postseason, the Orioles are still definitely the big positive surprise of 2022.  As far as a more negative surprise, it's probably Boston regressing into what looks like a last-place finish
Rusty Shackleford
Why won’t the Rockies rebuild?
Mark P
The Rockies seem to perpetually think they're only one player or a few breaks away from contending. On the one hand, it's somewhat admirable that they won't write off a 3-4 year stretch of seasons and rebuild.....but on the other, it's not like the last 3-4 seasons of weirdly directionless baseball have been any less satisfying for Rox fans than they would've been if the team was openly tanking
Dayton Moore
Why is the Royals keep putting Bubic and Lynch out there and only get 4 innings out of them. Plus would Nimmo look good at corner outfielder in KC????
Mark P
Growing pains are inevitable with any young pitcher, and since neither Bubic or Lynch have shown much consistency yet, the Royals aren't going to leave them hanging out there to eat innings if they're getting rocked.

Nimmo would be a good fit in KC but I don't think the Royals will be able to meet his asking price
Do you think that the Braves can be successful long tern without locking up core pitchers? Or do you feel they will just keep rolling out pitchers like Strider or other minors stars until they lose them to free agency? They seem hesitant to commit long term or big money to pitchers. This seems like they put a lot of extra pressure on scouting and developing pitchers long term when other teams seem to just sign players to fill their rotations.
Mark P
I'd be surprised if Atlanta wasn't already planning (or hasn't already had) some talks with Fried's camp about an extension.  But it seems like a strategic move to lock up the everyday players and be a bit more wait-and-see with the pitchers, perhaps due to the vagaries of pitching injuries and performance.

Plus, with a lot of money now committed to other extensions, the Braves might want to reap the benefits of having low-cost controllable pitchers.  Fried is controlled through 2024, even with a rising arbitration salary.  Wright isn't arb-eligible until 2024, and Strider not until 2025
Angels fan
Will a new owner be able to fix the team and convince othani to stay. Maybe sign judge
Mark P
I doubt a new ownership group will be in place and have a sale finalized before the offseason is over, so a Judge-esque big splash isn't coming this winter.
Danny M
Any chance the Orioles kick the tires on Verlander?  Short deal, loads of payroll space now, huge splash?
Mark P
It's a fun idea, but I suspect Verlander would want to sign for a team that is a more clear-cut contender in 2023.  Not that the Orioles won't be such a team, but Verlander might not want to join the buzzsaw of competition that is the AL East
Jays fan
Does one of guriel or hernandez move? Springer will probably end up in right in near future. A left handed center fielder might be enticing
Mark P
The Jays face some interesting decisions this winter, since on paper, their everyday lineup is pretty set.....yet it also lacks balance, and the lineup has been strangely prone to team-wide slumps (maybe in part because almost everyone is right-handed).
Moving one of Hernandez or Gurriel (maybe for pitching?) and then acquiring a left-handed OF would address this situation.  Hernandez and Gurriel are both free agents after 2023, and it isn't likely that the Jays extend both.  Which one they choose to keep is an interesting decision, assuming they keep either.
Is Baldelli on the hot seat this off-season or do the injuries give him a pass?
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