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Mark P
What better way to follow up a turkey dinner than with some baseball questions?

"Maybe pecan pie, or cranberries, or...."

No!  Baseball questions!  Let's open up the chat.
Braves fan
Thoughts on bellinger to play left field and platoon dh with ozuna?
Mark P
Bellinger would probably want more of a clearer everyday job, not a platoon role.  He also might want to boost his stock by playing center field on a regular basis, though obviously he'd also be an excellent LF glove.
What are the odds the WhiteSox acquire C Sean Murphy.
Mark P
I'd tend to think other teams would be favored, if it turns into a pure bidding war of young talent/prospect depth.  Chicago isn't super-deep on those fronts.
Is it possible that the Mets sign degrom , Senga, chafin and trade for devers
Mark P
The first three seem quite possible.  Trading for Devers....probably not, since Boston plans to contend next year.  Even if Devers isn't in the long-term plans for the Red Sox, they could hang onto him and either explore deals at the deadline, or just let him walk (as they might do with Bogaerts)
Carlos Correa 2 part question: if we see him go to the twins, how many years and what number do you predict? If not the twins, what teams are realistic options (not including Yankees or Dodgers)
Mark P
Reportedly the Twins have floated a number of offers at Correa, ranging from 6-10 years.  It's probably safe to assume some interesting clauses (opt-outs, incentives, options, etc.) are baked in, but it would admittedly be fun to see Correa actually stay in Minnesota.  I'm always a fan of creative contracts.
I Might Be Mark P
The Orioles need some starters. What about taking a shot at deGrom and Manaea?
Mark P
Manaea seems the likelier of the two, since he'd be a lot less expensive.  It would be a pretty bold move from deGrom (who is eager to win) to join a team just coming out of a major rebuild, but it wouldn't be the first time such a team has announced its return to contention with a splashy signing
Does Cody Bellinger get a one year prove it deal or will some team have faith he can rebound on a multi year deal?
Mark P
Scott Boras has already said it's likely Bellinger will take a one-year contract.  Boras/Bellinger aren't seeing such deals as "prove-it" situations, but rather pillow contracts for Bellinger to rebound in 2023
Settle a debate, who’s the best mascot in baseball?
Mark P
Phillie Phanatic, easy
Jo adell
Does adell get traded now that hunter is in the mix? Admit it you love adell trade questions?
Mark P
The Adell Signal was definitely visible from stately Polishuk Manor this week.  Renfroe/Trout/Ward looks like the everyday outfield in Anaheim, with Moniak and maybe Rengifo in limited quantities as the backup outfielders.  

In theory, Adell might not have much room to find playing time, especially with Ohtani taking up the DH spot.  But, it isn't exactly an inspiring bench situation, plus the Angels might want more OF depth given Trout's injury history in the last few years
In short, I'd say there's an elevated chance of an Adell trade, yet it doesn't seem like a sure thing just yet
Lucky Phils
Is Bryce Harper done as an outfielder?  Time for 1B/DH?  Or does he work his way back.
Mark P
Probably not, since other outfielders who have had TJ surgery have been able to resume throwing without much incident
That is to say, he's "probably not" done as an outfielder.  I realized I worded that awkwardly.
Drought over
When do the buffaloes need to decide on whether to post Yoshida? And who would you have as the front runners to land him?
Mark P
I think Seiya Suzuki was officially posted around this time last year, but it might differ on a team-by-team basis
Will Mozeliak and the Cardinals upgrade at more than catcher this offseason? Any chance of a frontline starting pitcher or shortstop? Or do you think the Cardinals have upgrades in the minor ready to contribute (Gordan Graceffo or Tink Hence at SP or Masyn Winn at SS)?
Mark P
Going by STL's history, they're going to give those younger kids a shot.....unless two or three of them are packaged in a trade for an established star.

The Cards tend to go the trade route more than the big-ticket free agent route, so that would be my pick if they did a blockbuster move.  While their OF does seem to have a lot of candidates, I do wonder if they could package a couple of the outfielders for one surefire player
How long is Toronto's competitive window before guys like Guerrero, Bichette and others walk? Should Toronto go all in this year, knowing it's going to be hard to keep the core when they become free agents?
Mark P
The "window" lasts through 2025, if you're defining it to the years when Vlad/Bichette/Romano are under team control.  But, Berrios/Gausman/Springer are also signed beyond 2025, and guys like Kirk and Moreno (if they're still Jays) well beyond that
Chaim bloom
my guy devers refuses to sign a team friendly contract.       One team that o find interesting to trading with would be the New York Mets.      If the deal included baty, Allan, parada  and two more top 20 in their system.   Do you think I’d be doing well in that deal.
Mark P
The Red Sox would certainly make that trade, but the Mets just as surely aren't moving such a big chunk of their farm system for one year of Devers
Masataka Yoshida is a left handed hitting corner OF.  Has Astros shown any interest? Would Yoshida even consider Houston?
Mark P
Yoshida hasn't been publicly connected to the Astros yet, but he'd make a lot of sense for them
Marky Mark
Do you feel anyone gives Verlander 3 years? Whoever does will likely get him.
Mark P
Yeah, I think someone will take the three-year plunge to sign JV
Angels Fan
Angels have already broke a franchise record in payroll with holes to fill even with arte exploring a sale. is it safe to believe that perry has full control or that a buyer is the one calling the shots.
Mark P
Urshela and Renfroe are only signed through 2023, and Anderson (while on a three-year deal) came at a pretty reasonable price.  So it's not like the Angels are taking any particularly huge swings here, and this might be their strategy for the rest of the winter --- acquire players on shorter-term deals to make a run in 2023.  Then, let the next owner (or the next front office) worry beyond that
what would it take for Jose Abreu to end up with Cleveland?
Mark P
We had Abreu projected for two years and $40MM.  Going to another AL Central team might be an x-factor....Abreu might stay away out of some loyalty to the White Sox, or maybe on some level he'd like to directly show them up for letting him walk.
The Guardians have enough payroll room (compared to what they usually spend) that they can afford such a signing, though having Abreu and Naylor locks down the 1B/DH spots.  Cleveland might prefer more flexibility.
Marlin Man
What are chances the Fish sign Bellinger or Abreu?
Mark P
Not a surefire contender, which could be an obstacle for Abreu.  Bellinger might ideally like playing in a more hitter-friendly ballpark, but if his top concern is just playing time, he'd be a really interesting fit for Miami's CF needs
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