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Mark P
We had a bonus chat on Thanksgiving, but if you were sleeping off the turkey and missed out, don't worry....the regular Weekend Chat is still here for a few additional questions.
What would it take to get Jesse Winker?
Mark P
Probably not that much, since there seems to be some behind-the-scenes discord between Winker and the M's....the team was shopping him as far back as last year's deadline.
Does the Mike Clevinger signing even help the White Sox?? Average last year and doesn’t help the culture.
Mark P
As essentially a fifth starter, there's a lot of upside in signing Clevinger.  The White Sox saw first-hand what Clevinger would do back during his prime years in Cleveland.
Will the winter meetings see the signings heat up?
Mark P
My hunch is that we'll see at least one notable signing (notable = MLBTR's top 50) prior to the start of the Winter Meetings, a week from today.
And hey, technically, I'm already right --- Clevinger was 49th on our list!
Can the Yankees trade Torres,plus to Brewers for Wooduff
Mark P
It will have to be a whole lot of "plus."  The Brewers would rightly ask for a ton in any Woodruff deal.
can you see conforto as a fit to play LF in Atlanta?
Mark P
It makes some sense, since Alex Anthopoulos has struck gold with one-year deals in the past.  

With Ozuna, Rosario, and Hilliard all in the mix, however, one might imagine the Braves would ideally want to unload someone.  Not that Ozuna or even Rosario are easy to move.
Saw an article on Rangers hypotheticals…trading Adolis Garcia for Pablo Lopez.  If they were able to do that.  They then likely need all 3 OF spots as Tavares hasn’t really progressed yet.  Who would be likely OF targets?
Mark P
Probably pretty much anyone, given how aggressive the Rangers were with FAs last year.  Even Judge wouldn't be entirely out of the question for them, if unlikely.

In this scenario, I could see Texas landing two reliable everyday outfielders --- essentially a replacement for Garcia, and then the other outfielder they were likely always planning to get this winter anyway
RegSzn Dodgers
Thoughts on dodgers realistically going for both Dansby and Nimmo rather than one of Judge, Turner, Correa?
Mark P
6:56's Juan Toribio wrote about this topic the other day, opining that the Dodgers aren't going to sign any of the "big four" shortstops.  The likeliest option might be that Lux takes over at shortstop, or the Dodgers make a trade.
As for Nimmo, he'd make sense in LA, but he makes sense on a lot of teams.
The reason SF didn't move Rodon at the deadline is because they had a handshake extension  agreement with him for 23-27?
Mark P
Ha, if that was the case, you'd think the extension would've been announced by now.  And, "handshake agreement on an extension" is so not Scott Boras' style.
Baseball Historean
If a player like Bryan Reynolds was back in the 1940’s, would he be the best player? The game has gotten so much stronger since then to make me think he’d be very good.
Mark P
I'd imagine pretty much any modern player would look incredible if time-traveled back to the 1940's.  Of course, it'd be awkward for Reynolds to arrive ready to play ball, and then get immediately drafted into WW2
Is Quantrill criminally underrated? He has a 3.11 ERA in 350+ IP in Cleveland. Feel like he’d be a great fit on a legit contender.
Mark P
The Guardians were a win away from the ALCS, and they're not a "legit contender"?  Does not compute.

But, to your larger point, Quantrill is a good pitcher.  Not 3.11 ERA good since the advanced metrics don't love his work, and probably playing in front of that Cleveland defense has helped Quantrill a lot
Jay's all the way someday
What is the likely hood of the Jay's moving Bo this off-season
Mark P
It'd be pretty surprising.  The Hernandez deal is a sign that the Jays were open to changing their core to some extent, but there's a big difference between moving a player a year away from free agency, and moving someone like Bichette
Ian Happ- traded this offseason; traded at deadline; extended; or does he play out this year and yield a pick?
Mark P
My suspicion is that the Cubs make some significant moves this winter, so a trade (either now or at the deadline) doesn't seem too likely.  If the team really is willing to start spending and contending again, an extension might be more feasible.
What type of return do you think the Marlins can get for Trevor Rogers?
Mark P
A pretty good haul, given that he has four years of control remaining.  As per the advanced metrics, Rogers wasn't as bad his bottom-line numbers indicated, and there's always the chance of a "change of scenery" improvement.
Mr. Bigtime
if the Astros don’t re-sign Kyle Tucker this offseason, will it become too late?
Mark P
Tucker is under team control through 2025, so "too late" only applies if the Astros aren't willing to pay him above a certain amount.  Between Altuve, Alvarez, Bregman, and McCullers, ownership has been willing to extend key players to keep them around, so one would imagine they'd want to lock up Tucker as well
Is Mike Soroka ever going to return to anything approaching the level he showed prior to the injuries?
Mark P
Hard to say.  He basically hasn't pitched in three years, and it's not like Soroka had an overly long track record.  Just getting back onto the field counts as a win for Soroka at this point.
The Royals would need breaks to get the playoffs over the course of the next few years.  Would it be wise to shop Brady Singer now coming off this good year?
Mark P
I vote no.  KC is badly in need of their young pitchers to step up, so they're not going to turn around and trade the one pitcher who actually looks to have taken that step.
Does AA move Acuna packaged with Ozuna like Kimbrel/BJ Upton or is Acuna’s contract too good? Moving both drops $35M from payroll
Mark P
Ozuna's contract isn't so much of a burden that the Braves should entertain trading Acuna, of all people
Tiger Faithful
Could you see any way the Tigers would sign Josh Bell??
Mark P
It's not an ideal fit because Torkelson is there at first base.  In general, teams prefer not to lock up the 1B/DH spots with two players, and signing Bell to a multi-year deal covers the two positions in Detroit for quite a while.  Conceivably, Torkelson could play the occasional game at 3B and Bell an occasional game in the outfield, but there's a reason these guys are both primary first basemen
Cleveland trade Arias, Angel Martinez and Valera for Murphy.
Then trade Espino, Williams and  Noel for Burnes.
All doable and, legit WS contenders for the next 2 years, no?!
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