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Jeffrey Todd
Not sure I totally agree with that. Their catching situation is pretty questionable, first base has nothing, they desperately need a useful right-handed hitting outfielder, their rotation could certainly stand to add at least one more dependable arm, and then there's the pen.
They are going to struggle as usual to attract guys at reasonable salaries. It isn't a coincidence they gave two two-year deals to old relievers last year. They pursued those guys b/c they were glad to get the extra year and weren't as intimidated at pitching in Coors b/c they don't have a lot of years left.
I think they need to spread their cash a bit and get rid of Carlos Gonzalez to facilitate. Maybe get a couple relievers back in trades rather than overpaying too much in free agency.
Tribe Mania
If you're the Indians, are you approaching Lindor with a 8-10 year contract in the $100M range?
Jeffrey Todd
He's a hard guy to value in an extension b/c the glove is so important, and won't pay that well in arbitration (though he does have a fair number of homers, which do). Andrelton Simmons is a pretty good comp -- 7/$57MM. I'd certainly expect Lindor to do better, but I kinda doubt CLE would go that high. I do think now is a good time to take a shot at a deal.
Gary H. Pornswinslow
I really can't imagine the Cubs wanting to replace Dexter Fowler with Jason Heyward and Albert Almora. Does that seem like their preferred path for the future?
Jeffrey Todd
Not sure, but they recognize the effects of aging, and the importance of flexibility and depth, as well as any team. And you can't spend everywhere. They already gave Heyward huge money and have no choice but to hope he returns to form. If not, at least he's a viable CF pairing with Almora. Glovework will be especially important with defensively questionable alternatives likely to play a key role in corners (Schwarber, Soler, Zobrist).
There are a lot of ways they could go, but I'm not sure I see them beating the market for Fowler or another CF. Remember, he only returned the last time b/c of the special circumstances in his market.
(I really like Dex, FWIW, and think other teams will recognize him this year.)
Could the White Sox go after Josh Reddick, and shift Melky to DH next year using a platton of Reddick in LF Melky @ DH against RHP, and Davidson @ DH and Melky in LF against LHP?
Jeffrey Todd
I like the idea of shifting Melky to DH, but kinda feel they'd be better off getting a CF. Of course, their entire offseason is basically impossible to predict. CWS path could have huge repercussions on the rest of the market.
What would it cost in terms of prospects for the Red Sox to acquire J.D.Martinez?
Jeffrey Todd
I'm not going to give a specific prediction here, mostly b/c the biggest question will be how much of a bidding war the Tigers could drum up if they market him.
But look at it this way: all the teams saying "holy crap Encarnacion can mash, but he's getting old and I really don't want to commit 4 or even 5 years" will salivate over JDM.
One year commitment, just turned 29, and has been doing it steadily for last 3 years. He's a great asset.
Plus easy QO candidate after the season.
Hi Jeff, Just wanted to get your opinion on the wed chat guy who said if the Sox traded for Trout they would have to give up Betts, Benintendi, Moncada, Kopech and a few more high end prospects. Personally, I think he is on some good drugs. What is ur opinion plz?
Jeffrey Todd
What would it take to get you to part with a player who may be the greatest of all time? Trout is good enough, at an extremely young age, that you can imagine him reaching and even surpassing guys like Mantle and Mays. It darn well better take an overwhelming -- seriously overwhelming -- package to give up a player like that.
Should orioles be trading good young players (Schoop, Gausman) for prospects cause the farm system is awful
Jeffrey Todd
Not the O's approach at all. They will trade away the last year of control over a guy, sure, but they're not going to punt a season -- esp after giving big money to Chris Davis last year.
Bill Lyons
What does it mean when a player has his back pocket inside out? Honestly, it looks like toilet paper hanging down, but there must be some symbolism there!!
Jeffrey Todd
Deeply obscure symbol for "I just pulled my batting glove and/or sunflower seeds out of my butt pocket"
Would you believe if you woke up tomorrow and saw the headline read "Trout Traded"?
Jeffrey Todd
I'd say it would surprise me more than anything imaginable, but I did watch last night's debate, so ...
What is Adam Lind's value this off-season after the numbers he put up this year?
Vogt belIiever
What happens to Brandon Moss this offseason? Nontender?
Jeffrey Todd
See both of these guys' presence, along with Pedro Alvarez, Kendrys Morales, Trumbo, Holliday, Beltran, even Billy Butler, and others makes for quite an interesting situation.
There are so many slugger-ish guys out there. I don't know that I see them all getting really nice deals. Some teams are just going to sit back and wait for the ones who shake out, and hope for a bargain.
(Moss is a FA; don't think he'll get a qualifying offer.)
What do the Indians do at 1B/DH next season? Santana's option gets picked up. Then what? DH Michael B. more so he doesn't hurt his shoulder?
Jeffrey Todd
If Napoli can't be had for a reasonable price -- which I think is up in the air (but he's another guy in that group) -- then they can pick from among that set of dudes. Either target a certain player who they think will be the best fit at a decent value, or be one of the teams that waits for it all to shake out. Then, yeah, probably plan on that player playing in the field a bit -- preferably in the corner OF -- to ease up on Brantley.
Could probably argue for Beltran there, if he'd go to CLE. Holliday could be interesting, depending upon what he' s looking to do and whether he'd be interested in Cleveland -- which is kinda within range of his central US roots.
IF TWINS could trade MAUER what would they get in return?
Jeffrey Todd
Man. What did James Loney get in free agency from the Rays again? 3/21? Add a bit for inflation and name value, give a little boost b/c he's a bit better hitter in his current form, and they could save about that in salary.
Zero power from a pure 1B/DH. Just some real limits to his usefulness at this point. Which sucks to have to say, but is true.
Giants throw 5/75 at Chapman and Jensen and 4/60 at Melancon as soon as the season is over. Any of them take it?
Jeffrey Todd
Aroldis and Kenley laugh and move on. Melancon takes his offer, also chuckling.
None of those numbers are wildly out of line. But that seems a bit light for the first two. (Certainly, not enough to get them to give up a chance for the market to start bidding.) And I really don't see Melancon getting that much -- due to his age -- unless things get legitimately crazy.
Nate Silver
What do you see the Astros doing this offseason?