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Jeffrey Todd
I'll wait for the room to fill up a bit and we'll get rolling. Go ahead and hit me with some questions!
Will the Braves keep Swanson playing, or send him down due to his poor start?
Jeffrey Todd
If this were his first time up, might not have as much leash. But unless they feel he's in need of some kind of developmental work, he's up for good.
Matt E
Any thoughts on the craziness between the Red Sox and Orioles? Looking a lot like the Reds and Pirates a couple years ago.
Jeffrey Todd
Anyone who has observed young males somewhat unintentionally one-up each other into fistfights is probably not all that surprised.
But it's silly and uncalled for and I dont feel a need to blame one side or another. That's for hot takers. League has already tried to intervene and now needs to levy big suspensions for whoever does something actually dangerous next.
Do you think the Schwarbers lead off experiment has failed and needs to be abandoned?
Jeffrey Todd
I'm not sure a slow start really says much about where he should hit in the lineup.
In this case, he's there b/c of the OBP, which ought to rebound as he does. If they think the bat isn't coming around, then he should be moved down just b/c you want to max out the number of times your best hitters hit.
what is Brad Hand's market/trade value going to be come July if he keeps pitching like he has been?
Jeffrey Todd
He is establishing himself as a top lefty reliever. Not likely that he'll fetch anything like Miller/Chapman, but could be highly sought after for sure.
The two years of control - cheap, too (he's only earning one mil and change) - will matter quite a bit also.
If the Jays decide to sell, do you try to trade Josh Donaldson now, or is it easier to move a player like that in the offseason? (Or, I suppose, should they not deal a player of that calibre at all!)
Jeffrey Todd
You'd have to set your price and see if anyone meets it. No reason to rush into a deal, even if they are buried and selling everything that's not bolted down.
They won't rush. The team has turned it on in the past and they'll want to give this group (and the fans) every last chance to succeed. But I'd expect some late July dealing.
Didn't publish the question there ....
Ned Yost
Hi Jeff! When can I expect to start losing my regulars to the market and how many will go? What's kind of impact will that have on our week minor league system?
Jeffrey Todd
2:11 answer to 2:11 question
More interesting part is the second question. I do think that at least 2 or 3 of the likely sale pieces will have pretty strong value, but it's not at all clear that the Royals are going to be controlling the market or anything.
Karl Welzein
Alex Bregman - OPS is well under 700 - time to get concerned yet?
Jeffrey Todd
Hurts to see the lack of power, but the approach is sound and there's obviously plenty of reason to think the pop will return. I'm not worried at all.
Is Doig Fister going to sign with anyone?
Jeffrey Todd
I'm sure he could have landed a minors deal with plenty of organizations. Will he decide to do that mid-season? I don't know. I mean, it's not like some team is going to just sign him onto the active roster at this point.
Certainly, he could see a better or worse opportunity -- maybe someone will more or less promise him a shot at the majors. But if he hasn't signed yet, it's hard to see how things will improve so much that he's going to get a much more appealing offer.
What is the chance cubs go after Chris archer ?
Jeffrey Todd
It's anyone's guess how they'll look to shore up the rotation, but the "meh" starting work was clearly the biggest concern entering the year. I do think they'll end up having to add.
But let's all bear in mind: way too soon to make clean connections between teams and players.
In this case, wouldnt the Cubs be a prime possible pursuer of a guy like Darvish if he's available? Will the Rays even make Archer available if they are in the hunt? Etc.
This is why teams generally wait until mid-July to start making deals.
Story sitting again for the second day, any worries he could be sent down or benched?
Jeffrey Todd
I don't see how they could reasonably do that. I mean, is it really reasonable to assess Alexi Amarista as the better offensive threat right now? Unless this stretches longer or really grows in magnitude, they should and will stick with Story.
Will I be buyer AND Seller in July?
Jeffrey Todd
Not sure exactly when this concept/phrase entered the lexicon, but ... no, not really. I mean, not in any sense that leaves the term "buyer" having any real meaning. The Braves will not be in a position to add to their roster in order to make the postseason this year. If there's a really appealing, controllable young asset they have a chance to acquire who is also being pursued by contenders, that could theoretically happen, but it ain't gonna be for the value that player would provide in the 2nd half of this season.
Wallace and Gromit
Who gets sent down first? Christian Arroyo or Cody Bellinger.
Jeffrey Todd
Arroyo doesn't seem to be at risk of going down. Bellinger obviously could, though I'm leaning towards thinking they'll keep him up for now.
Mr. Todd, what do you see happening with the Rockies when Dahl gets back? They are going to have to choose 4 of the 6 of Dahl, Parra, Cargo, Blackmon, Desmond, and Reynolds to play OF and 1B. Seems way too crowded
Jeffrey Todd
Dahl isn't really moving right now, unfortunately. And these situations tend to resolve themselves, mostly. Like, Reynolds is likely to step back somewhat. Someone could end up getting hurt. Etc.
Hey Jeff. Will Cleveland make a change in their rotation, if Bauer continues to struggle? Since he's out of options, would they move him to the bullpen to straighten him out (and call up Clevinger from AAA) or trade him?
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