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Jeffrey Todd
The luxury tax is not an issue for most teams that end up really looking to offload bad contracts. So that may be part of it. But it's a good point. We do see some deals of that sort from time to time -- eg the Jays/Bucs trade last summer -- but isn't all that common. It's more often we see teams holding onto some money to   put a player on closer footing to his on-field value.
Okay, couple more and I'm gonna have to end it.
Why hasn't the market picked up yet this year? It's July and trade chatter seems to pretty low key.
Jeffrey Todd
It has been quiet. I do think that's b/c  so many AL teams are still hovering around .500. Hard to commit early either way, and that also makes it harder for the clear buyers/sellers to transact since there's less clarity on demand and such.
Of all the potential trade options for the White Sox, who do you see most likely being dealt...Abreu? Quintana? Melky? Robertson? Frazier?
Jeffrey Todd
In reverse order of how you have them listed.
Do you think the Angels will be buyers or sellers? And if there sellers, whose most likely to get moved?
Jeffrey Todd
Mostly expect them to hold tight, maybe make a few adjustments to the roster. I would be surprised  if they went big in either direction.
(As things stand)
Jeffrey Todd
The Rockies were bold in the offseason by signing Desmond, what are the chances they are equally as bold trading for help this month? Someone like Quintana or Archer possibly?
Jeffrey Todd
Bold in an ill-advised manner, unfortunately (IMO). I'd have recommended they focus on getting a controllable starter over the winter, and still think that's the best thing to go after now.
BTW, since you mention him ... I have a hard time seeing the Rays moving Archer this summer.
Okay ya'll, I'm going to end it here.
Time for me to go write some things for the site!
Thanks as always ... hopefully we'll have some more action to discuss when we chat again next Thursday. Have a good week!