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Jeffrey Todd
I'm fresh back from a west coast family trip, which is why I missed last week's chat. (Sorry for the lack of notice.)
But I'm here now and ready to discuss the baseball. I'll allow 3-4 mins for the room to fill up and we'll get after it!
What does it take for the Yankees to beat the Indians in the ALDS?
Jeffrey Todd
Hey, it's baseball, it can just happen. But I think all the superpen chatter is a bit overblown. Not to deny the potential impact. But they are going to need something from the starters. And cant rely on DRob (or others) for 3 innings with any frequency.
Patty O'Furniture
Alex Gordon for Matt Kemp.  Who says no?
Jeffrey Todd
Just a weird scenario, I guess. Without looking closely at the $, I think that'd be the Braves taking on salary. Not really sure either team would love it, since Gordon is such a figure in KC and they wouldn't save all that much.
Matt E
Who's your MVPs?
Jeffrey Todd
I've got 'Tuve and Rendon.
But there are other acceptable answers, clearly.
IF the Diamondbacks investigation proves they cheated, what's a sufficient punishment?
Jeffrey Todd
Heavy disclaimer: at this point, there's a picture of a dude with what looks to my old school eyes like one of those late-80s futuristic digital watches.
If -- unbelievably huge IF -- we can assume the DBacks are found to have actually cheated during a WC game ... there's no way you can unwind the results of that game. No way anything would be wrapped up in time. So you'd have to give a pretty massive punishment, I think, esp after the Red Sox thing came before. Like, losing multiple top draft picks for multiple years?
Just in the interest of full disclosure, I still am not sure what an apple watch really even is.
Ross Atkins says he wants an impact arm and impact bat this offseason. Am i going to be disappointed by his definition of impact?
Jeffrey Todd
Well ... quite possibly, yeah. I'm not sure if they will go near this year's payroll figure. If they do, though, there's really some room to add. Jays have some monster arb numbers but would have space. Of greater importance, they have little on the books post-2018.
But if you're a Jays fan, do you really want them to drop 100 mil+ for Darvish, say? Or JD Martinez? Tough call. Those are impact players, but huge risks.
And I'm not at all sure this front office really wants to build the roster that way.
What odds do you give the Cardinals in a potential Stanton sweepstakes?  Seems like they have the prospects and ability to spend.
Jeffrey Todd
Cards should have plenty to get him. It will come down to who is willing to give the most and take on the most money -- not really a situation where there are teams that don't have the right pieces to make it work.
The $$$ is a different matter. Having a player like that on your payroll sets a big floor well into the future. Cards don't have any terrible-looking long-term commitments, but still -- this isn't a huge market.
Beyond that, I do like the idea of a team like the Cards sending young MLB-level talent to make the deal. Cards have the right kinds of pieces to make that work, as do a few other teams perhaps.
Let's all remember, though, that at this point the market seems largely undeveloped and we still don't know how incoming ownership will view it.
Do you think the Yankees would entertain trading Betances in the off season or would that be selling low? Enjoy the games.
Jeffrey Todd
I am sure that would be considered, but I don't think they would have much reason to go looking for a deal involving him. Yanks are well situated to pay him his $5MM (or whatever it turns out to be) and hope he turns back into a monster.
Joe Kerr
I was surprised to hear the Rangers released Prince Fielder giving up the insurance money for a roster spot, what are your thoughts on that?
Jeffrey Todd
They negotiated a settlement. Probably lost a little bit of money (basically gave the ins co an interest-free loan) but freed the roster spot.
Thoughts on Lester being the #2 and Arrieta being #4 in the NLDS?
Jeffrey Todd
It's just a reflection of the injury to Arrieta. I don't see anything to read into.
Bob in Boulder
What do the Rockies do with the pen. Holland, Neshek and McGee contracts all up.
Jeffrey Todd
Well, they are going to have to get some more arms in there. Should have some $ to spend with the CarGo money coming off the books. Maybe Holland's good year will help with recruiting some guys to Colorado? Dunno.
There may be some depth to work with in terms of moving some of the young starters to the pen, but of course then you're just creating some need in the rotation. They are going to have to go onto the market in some way to find a few arms -- plenty available, though as ever there will likely still be a premium to convince them to pitch at Coors.
We have talked for years about flipping bats for arms, but it hasn't really proven to be something the team has done in any concerted manner. (For whatever reason.) With some young talent coming on position player side, they look mostly set except behind the dish. So focus is on arms, no surprise.
Andrew B.
What is the most likely scenario to happen with the Reds SS situation? Filled internally by moving Suarez or Peraza or addressed through a trade/FA signing?
Jeffrey Todd
I guess I am expecting an internal shuffle. But maybe they'll end up taking advantage of weak demand by adding a player (or bringing back Cozart).
It's just so hard to think about the Reds doing things that move toward contention with the pitching uncertainty. As I wrote in the "Three Needs" post on Cinci, their staff has been unimaginably bad. And while they could add a bit on the open market, there's not much of an argument for going wild on established starters.
With that backdrop, how do you push hard when it comes to veteran infielders? Not sure you can. But if there's value to be found, go for it. Will be some possibilities, including a guy who once looked quite a bit like Cozart (JJ Hardy) as a player.
What kind of contract do you think Tyler Chatwood gets this offseason?
Jeffrey Todd
1/6? 2/10?
Not many starters succeed with his walk rate, but the grounders will hold appeal.
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