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Jeffrey Todd
Bring me all your best Brad Hand puns.
Actually let's not do that. We always look forward at MLBTR. Market is off to a really interesting start. Hit me with some questions and we'll get move in a minute or two!
Van Slyke
First Pirates is ___________?
Jeffrey Todd
To be dealt? Mercer is maybe the only one that you'd be really surprised if he stayed. May or may no be a super active summer for them. Cervelli injury is a bummer ... really clouds his outlook behind the plate. And he'd have been elevated in value with Ramos hurt.
Austin Hedges
Am I done in SD?
Jeffrey Todd
I haven't read anything from Preller on this (if he's addressed it at all) but I wouldn't expect that at all. Looks like a nice pairing, if they keep Mejia behind the dish. Of course, they already have Myers in the corner OF so ... who knows, man. The Hosmer signing just gets stranger and stranger in retrospect.
Tribe fan
Did we overpay for Hand?
Jeffrey Todd
That Hand extension was a stroke of genius for the Pads. Really enhanced his value. And he is quite valuable. Cimber is a really useful piece, too, for a club that needs to get quality players who earn little to enable the retention of yet better players, etc.
I don't think it's an overpay, but it is a surprising value swap in some ways. Don't often see the one major prospect piece go for two MLB assets. Some shades of the Samardzija/Hammel deal that brought Russell to the Cubs.
What is left for Cashman?
Jeffrey Todd
Nothing, all the players are gone!
In seriousness, missing Machado doesn't hurt just in that the whole approach there was from a value perspective. If they could get him for X, it was worth it. If not, oh well. It wasn't like the only way to address that need.
Let's not forget that there's still another interesting third base possibility lurking around the corner when Josh Donaldson gets back from the DL. May happen in August but the Yanks and some other teams are surely at least keeping that in mind.
And of course NYY can now turn its attention to figuring out a way to get a really good starter for a palatable price. Is it really enough to get one of the best rental starters given what's available this year? I'm not convinced ... I think they will push hard for a bigger arm.
Molina bros BBQ
Wondering what you think the chances are of Shane Greene being moved either before or after non waiver trade deadline. Thanks!
Jeffrey Todd
More or less the same as those of several other good relievers pitching on poor ballclubs. Kela, Barraclough, Nate Jones are among the others.
These dudes are probably being shopped for somewhat inflated asks right now, in hopes that a team will jump.
What relievers do you see the Dodgers going hard after? And what prospects will it cost them?
Jeffrey Todd
If I knew what outwardly boring relievers and seemingly failed utility players the Dodgers were planning on turning into superstars next, I wouldn't be chatting with you right now!
What could the cards get back if the were to deal Carpenter? Not gonna happen just curious
Jeffrey Todd
I'm not really going to answer this for the same reason you didn't really ask it, if you get what I'm trying to say. The trade market is not just a matter of adding up $/WAR calculations. It is tied to scouting views, supply/demand factors, ownership-level strategic preferences, etc.
So ... I can't really even try to guess at the return here if the premise is that the Cards are tepid. That means they'd need to be presented with a really big offer, right?
Ethan Cushman
Percent chance Degrom will be traded?
Jeffrey Todd
I think I expect him to be moved more than most anyone else. He's throwing better than anyone and there are just two years of control left. Def don't think they have to do it, but it's a heck of an opportunity to do so with nothing approaching a high-end rental arm available.
So ... I might be at like 33%. Feel like the way he's treated elsewhere folks want to put really long odds. I think they're better.
Al Avila
How likely is it that I can trade Liriano, Martin, Iglesias, & Fiers for a decent return?
Jeffrey Todd
Martin was probably the best chance at getting something kinda interesting, b/c he was playing really well, would fit in lots of places, and isn't expensive. But he's hurt.
The others could all have interest, and maybe the Tigers will just offer to pay down their salaries, but none are going to be the first option for a contender.
Andujar Frazier Sheffield for either Degrom or Syndergaard whoever they covet more. Who says no
Jeffrey Todd
Who says no?

Yanks (49.3% | 733 votes)
Mets (50.7% | 753 votes)

Total Votes: 1,486
Is Nolan Arenado the next rumor mill fixture?
Jeffrey Todd
If they had fallen way back, that might have happened. But the Rockies are right in it. Not happening now and I have a hard time seeing it in the winter.
Do you think the prospects the Orioles got in the Machado trade were worth giving up Machado for?
Jeffrey Todd
It was worth giving up 2+ months of Machado for the best they could get in return, because this is an utterly lost season. They simply had to put him on the auction block.
Replying to @ByJamesWagner
Also, for those sending me trade proposals: Sorry, but I'm not a GM.
Luckily for you, I am willing to play GM, at least to some extent, ha.
Are O's pitchers Gausman and Bundy on the trade block?
Jeffrey Todd
So compare this situation to Machado. They can sit back and see if any teams really start coming hard for those guys. If not, no worries. But they should be open to considering it.
Maria Butina
A Brad Hand is worth two Matt Bush's
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