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Jeffrey Todd
Let us discuss the final week of summer trade season!
I'll allow another minute or two for the room to fill up, but start leaving some questions.
Do you think the M's will be in on any pitchers that cleared waivers?
Jeffrey Todd
Could imagine Gio making sense, yeah.
At some point, though, they are not going to be able to justify continued expenditure. Tough road to the playoffs. Bad luck in a year in which they have had quite a lot of good fortune to have the record they do.
Where is Matt Harvey going
Jeffrey Todd
I guess the Mariners are as good a guess as any. It is really tough to tell this time of year. Doubt in this case, though, that he was claimed by a non-contender or by a contender that only intends to block a deal. Though, we don't yet know if the Reds will just let him go on a claim.
Seems logical to think they would, but they might also just want to pay for the innings the rest of the way.
Cubs looking in rear view mirror?
Jeffrey Todd
Cards are already in the blind spot. Better start looking in the side view mirror.
Where does mccutcheon go?
Jeffrey Todd
I like the fit in Colorado, but of course the Rox also could have grabbed Daniel Murphy  or Matt Adams and moved Desmond into a corner OF/1B sort of a timeshare. Instead, they have 4 left-handed-hitting outfielders and Desmond at first base, for some reason.
Could still see a fit in Philly if they like him - pretty similar overall player to Jones, who they pursued. Though I'd have thought they'd put in a claim if so.
Matthew S
On a complete guess I want to think the Indians claimed Hamilton to try to replace Martin
Jeffrey Todd
Would make sense, yes. Hamilton would hold appeal to other teams at this time of year, too. Nice piece down the stretch and in the postseason. I expect he stays in Cincinnati.
Do the Royals move any more pieces? Who could be dealt?
Jeffrey Todd
Maybe Duda. Just not much on the roster that makes sense for an August trade.
if the Cubs didn't claim Harvey, that pretty much leaves the Brewers as the most obvious claimer, no? doubt he'd make it to the AL, or clear altogether
Jeffrey Todd
Well, I wouldn't assume that either of those teams actually wants him. They might have, don't get me wrong. But he's not exactly the kind of pitcher that you'd think just  has to be claimed by anyone that wants a starter. Comes down to scouting.
Why not trade Harper to the Dodgers?
Jeffrey Todd
There's no indication LAD offered much of anything, if anything at all. Nats obviously would've liked to save the money, but it's understandable that it might not be worth it when you value what they can still do here. Employ Harper down the stretch (still some possibility of sneaking in; fan attraction);  give him a qualifying offer at the end (draft compensation); at least a slightly better chance of re-signing him, if that's something they really want to pursue.
Do you think the braves will pick up anybody by August31
Jeffrey Todd
I want to say they are done, esp since they took on the O'Day money in the Gausman deal, but if they are still in the driver's seat with a couple days left, then maybe a splurge on an extra reliever would still be possible.
Why hasn't anyone shown interest in Starlin Castro? He's quietly having a solid season
Jeffrey Todd
Simple supply and demand. There are just not many teams that need a 2B and we've seen the ones that have had such a need look elsewhere. Still have Forsythe, Iglesias, Galvis, etc out there as well.
Nats salty
Is there any reason the gNats would not allow the Braves to acquire Reynolds except in spite?  Now they get nothing for him
Jeffrey Todd
Well, he isn't earning much, and they'd have to pay someone else at least the league minimum anyway, so finances aren't much of a factor. And yeah, they probably don't want to help the Braves, who probably weren't willing to give much/anything up in return.
With only 2 Yrs left with Trout under contract does a major FA push come this offseason? Dallas Kuechel seems like perfect fit.
Jeffrey Todd
Hard to say. Is Keuchel really enough? They will have other needs to address, certainly -- basically the entire infield other than Andrelton + Cozart. There's some money to work with, and now some newfound farm talent, so there are options. It is so disappointing that so many pitching injuries cropped up (again). But ... hard to see how they don't try to reload and make another go of it.
Will the Twins compete next year?
Jeffrey Todd
Hard to say for sure. Will depend upon how they decide to attack the offseason. Obviously they saw an opportunity last winter. Now, they'll have even more needs and less certainty with some of their presumed core guys, though a few others have been good.
What's really interesting about the question, though, is the fact that the AL Central could draw investment from a team looking to unseat the Indians. I mean, CLE will be an overwhelming favorite regardless, but it has to be tantalizing to see just one king to push down the hill. The White Sox especially could put some cash on the market.
Motor City Man
Any possibility to rid ourselves of the Cabrera contract?
Jeffrey Todd
If he turns in a 150 wRC+ next year, maybe some of it.
What are the odds of Oakland landing Pollock this offseason? We need some consistency in CF and have no money on the books.
Jeffrey Todd
Seems like a plausible thought. The A's are going to want to capitalize on this momentum -- however the season turns out -- given their stadium push and the promises they've made to fans.
The Rays are another team with a blank payroll that could be surprisingly interesting in FA.
What does Snitker have to do to get an extension?
Jeffrey Todd
I assume he has done it.
Are my questions not good enough i dont understand why this doesnt seem to work for me
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