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Jeffrey Todd
Hey everyone! Drop some questions and I'll do my best to answer 'em.
William Baker
What could the royals get back for Whit Merrifield?
Jeffrey Todd
It's hard to give a real answer here, of course, but I'd expect he'd draw significant interest from a variety of clubs. Versatile player with all-around ability and a great contract situation.
(By "real answer," I just mean I can't give exact names or something.)
Thing is, of course, the market at second is loaded with options ...
Robbie Baseball
I'm fearing that 2 or 3 of my 11 year-old daughter's four favorite Blue Jays (Tulo, Pillar, Travis, and Solarte) might be playing elsewhere in 2019. Do you anticipate me having to break this news to her or will the Jays (for some reason) actually keep all these guys?
Jeffrey Todd
Certainly possible to imagine them all being on the roster, but I'd wager at least one will be on the move.
Hard to know, still, just how the Jays will tackle the offseason.
Dan Showalter
who wants buck and my job in Baltimore?
Jeffrey Todd
There are loads of front office folks who would be glad to roll the dice on the changing ownership dynamic and iffy personnel situation. There are only 30 openings for running a baseball ops dept.
Rake Lamb
worst trade in recent memory?
Kris Bryant
If that $200m+ extension rejection is true, did I make a big mistake?
Jeffrey Todd
Not at all clear that it is true. But even if so, what are we measuring against to assess whether declining would be a mistake?
Bryant is rich as hell regardless and is exceedingly likely to earn hundreds of millions more. Even if his luck turns and he doesn't beat what might have been, that might be worth the risk -- even if not from a financial perspective, then from a personal one. Perhaps he'd rather keep his options open.
I'm assuming the deal is incentive laden, but what are the Cardinals hoping to get out of Wainwright?
Jeffrey Todd
Dont know details, but they are obviously interested in his continued presence and think he could still give some useful innings. Doesn't seem crazy to me, so long as they feel they have the requisite 40-man space to work with.
If Bryant doesn't want to sign an extension I'm trading him and go after Manny.
Jeffrey Todd
This would be an odd way of thinking through things.
Still have Bryant at below-market rates for 3 years. No particular reason they have to extend him.
Blah Ze
What would it take for Baltimore to trade Cobb to Cincinnati? Could the Reds make the offer better and include Bailey plus half his contract and buyout? Bailey will only start and there are very few places needing innings during rebuild.
Jeffrey Todd
I'm not sure exactly what you're proposing here. But I will use this as an opportunity to say that there's a load of interesting possible bad contract swap scenarios this winter. Cobb is a possibility for one, I suppose, though there's a lot left on that deal and the O's may prefer to see if he can build back some value. Bailey ... he'd be on a minors deal if a free agent, so that's pure dead money.
Is Josh Donald really going to get over 100 million in FA? Injury history, creeping into his mid 30’s..
Jeffrey Todd
I don't think so, no.
Teal Marlin
How awesome would Hanley back to the Marlins be?
Jeffrey Todd
Actually this would be really awesome. They have an opening, it'd be a great marketing situation, and might give them a trade chip. Plus some real potential for craziness. Let's get it done, Jeets.
Andrew Miller
What kind of contract do i get? 3yr 30 mil?
Jeffrey Todd
Sounds steep at his age and after this season.
He might be best served taking a solid one-year salary. Many clubs will probably be willing to stake some dough on that  but won't love the idea of a significant multi-year commitment.
Os Fan
Do we sign the Mesa brothers or even Gastón at this point?
Jeffrey Todd
Seems reasonable to think they and the Marlins will split that trio in some manner.
Beyond that, shrug. Marlins do have the built-in advantage of playing in Miami.
(May hold additional appeal to live in that community and the marketing opportunities would be much better.)
Phillies Phan
I think Phillies will put Hoskins back at 1B but does it really make sense to shift Santana over to 3B? I feel like they should be looking to trade Santana or have him as an expensive bench piece to play occasionally at 1B or 3b
Jeffrey Todd
Yeah I'm really not sure how this'll play out, but Santana as an everyday-ish guy at third feels hard to justify. That was tried, what, 4 years ago by the Indians? Obviously did not last. Improving the OF defense at the expense of the IF glovework wouldn't really be worthwhile.
At the same time, what do they do after a so-so year from Santana? In a market with other, more interesting trade targets? Who knows, maybe they'd even trade Hoskins.
Mazara to the Braves!  Seriously.  Is a  package of Touki + Fried + Jefrey Ramos too much for Mazara?  Withe Markakis's $ the Braves could go all in on Machado.
Jeffrey Todd
Mazara is a tough guy to figure. Came in the league young but just hasn't broken out ... sitting right at league avg with the bat. Still, doubt the Rangers will just give up on him. But if the Braves like him, they'd surely have just the kinds of pieces (young, upper level SPs, and lots of them) that'd hold appeal to TEX.
I do think the Braves will be exploring how they can cash in some of their pitching to plug another area, preferably by adding a quality young player. Still don't really see them as the likeliest place for Manny to land, though the fit is there and they could then use other pieces (along with some of those arms) to chase better starters/relievers.
Calling it now, Walker Buehler is a future Cy Young winner.
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