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Jeffrey Todd
Hi all. Thanks for joining. Go ahead and leave some questions and we'll get it going here shortly.
Should I answer questions about Bryce and Manny?

Um yeah they are kinda important (27.9% | 526 votes)
Nah dude nothing new to talk about (72.1% | 1,359 votes)

Total Votes: 1,885
Mostly agree with the "nahs" on this one. Nothing has changed!
Sleepy Bear
Chances Brewers are Kuechel?
Jeffrey Todd
I wouldn't rule it out. He arguably doesn't move the needle enough for them, since they have enough solid options but could use more front-line types. (I realize he has been one of those but I'm in the camp that isn't super optimistic he's more than a mid-rotation guy moving forward.)
Really I also think a fair number of teams would love to have Keuchel on a really short deal, if that's what he's reduced to. I'm not totally sold he is backed into that corner yet, though. I think he'd be a reasonable risk on the terms (4/82) that we predicted for him. We guessed that based in part on the expectation that he'd try and fail to get a much bigger deal, which seems to be what happened.
Which Red Sox catcher do you see being traded, and will they get any kind of halfway decent pitcher for him?
Jeffrey Todd
Honestly I can't see why they would be able to get much for any of them. Perhaps some team would be pretty interested Vazquez but are they really giving up a legitimately useful MLB pitcher to take on that contract?
I think Leon is likeliest to go and he might honestly just be a DFA candidate.
Let me dream
Padres get their 3b of the future.... Vlad Jr... for a package starting with Gore, Mejia, and Paddack - maybe throw in some of those big league OFs?  Think of that left side of the infield...
Jeffrey Todd
Keep dreaming.
Adam Jones
Am I getting a major league deal?
Jeffrey Todd
I certainly think he's worthy of one. Honestly the idea that he's been screwed is impossible to assess, b/c we don't know what he has been seeking.
Bob Nightengale said the other day that Jones is still an elite talent. That is simply not the case. He does seem to be worthy of something like 1/5-6 mil but I can't see why he'd really end up being offered substantially more. He shouldn't be in CF any longer and has always struggled to get on base.
(Not trying to attack Bob N, just ... I disagree w that side of the narrative.)
Dave b
Chances Machado already signed with CWS, but it’s being downplayed at the moment for a potential Harper signing?
Jeffrey Todd
If the White Sox have a deal with Manny, I don't think they are going to do anything but trumpet it to the heavens.
Captain Obvious
Are you a proponent of a free agent and/or winter trade deadline in MLB? Seems like it could be useful in the future
Jeffrey Todd
I have heard a lot of people sort of throw it out there, but how would it work? It could create some unfair situations where guys end up being kinda screwed, honestly.
Also you might end up with a situation where tons of business waits until right at the deadline. Could be messy.
With today’s Twins extensions of Polanco and Kepler, do you see any other young Twins players extended?
Jeffrey Todd
Believe they are trying for at least one more but I've not heard indication whether that's likely to happen.
Ok no Harper question, am i trading either Herrara, Franco or Hernandez???? Or maybe all 3???
Jeffrey Todd
Obviously this'll depend in part upon what happens with the Bryce/Manny pursuits. I think it's fair to assume they'll deal an OF (not necessarily Odubel) if they land the former, and deal Franco if they land the latter.
I don't see much reason to believe Hernandez would move. Seems to me that he's a usefully solid guy for that club to have. There are some more variable/upside guys elsewhere ... why not have one sturdy, reliable piece? Most of the bigger 2B movement has already happened anyway.
The Boat
Kimbrel is not going to match Chapman/Jansen money at this point, is he?  More $60MM range?
Jeffrey Todd
I never saw much of an argument for him to get that money. He's a bit older and had some stumbles last year. If he had repeated his 2017 campaign, sure, but he didn't. Really I don't know what to expect at this point. The fact that the Red Sox legitimately seem to be out is a big problem for him. But at the same time, you have to believe there are a few teams sitting there thinking it'd be awfully nice to have a historically dominant reliever even if it still means taking some risk.
Tatis v. Vlad
Is Vlad's hitting so much better than Tatis that is completely outweighs the defense and running of Tatis?  Vlad has a 45 grade defense... Why would the more complete player not be #1 on the prospect list?  (I know this is splitting hairs)
Jeffrey Todd
Y'know, I have never seen a ton of value in these kinds of debates. Fact is, there's no practical impact based upon who's graded #1. And we'll get to see it on the field at the end of the day.
Alshon Jeffrey Todd
How surprised you would be if Luke Voit were a .280, 35 HR, .400 OBP guy?
Jeffrey Todd
You mean if he morphed into something like peak Joey Votto? Yeah I'd be very very surprised at that.
Well, near-peak Votto. That's how good Joey is.
Matt Chapman
How big a surprise was my performance at the plate last season? Am I a regression candidate or the real deal?
Jeffrey Todd
He's both. We've been surprised by other guys who maintained it. Odds are after that kind of season (and the one before it) he's a quality hitter, right? But that doesn't mean he's going to still be a 130+ OPS type guy for the rest of his career. Haven't seen projections but I'd guess they expect something of a step back.
Josh Hader had a dramatic increase in control which helped fuel his massive breakout last year. Will his value ever be higher and what would he (hypothetically) fetch on the trade market?
Jeffrey Todd
There's basically no way his value will be higher, since he's only getting more expensive and older and less controllable with every game. And it's hard to imagine him really being much better.
He'd have to be the most hotly pursued relief trade chip if, theoretically, he was marketed. But there's probably an argument he isn't substantially more valuable than Edwin Diaz, or a guy like Ken Giles before him. So those deals are reasonable guides.
Trevor Bauer says he's only gonna sign one year contracts after arb. Is he just extremely confident in his ability? Wouldn't that be terrible for him, especially as he gets older?
Jeffrey Todd
It's his life. I have no qualms. That may not be the wisest choice from a pure financial perspective, though it is worth noting that lengthy deals are -- from a player's perspective -- naturally risk-averse. Every guy who signs a multi-year deal could get more on an annual basis for a shorter deal. So, you could theoretically earn a lot more total money if you bet on yourself every season AND deliver.
What does Manny's black and white glove mean? Are the Raiders going to sign him?
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