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Jeffrey Todd
Heyyyy ... let's do this. Leave your questions and we'll get started in a few.
Lunar verLander
Ozzie Albies extension...wut?
Jeffrey Todd
It is absolutely ridiculous. The team should almost be embarrassed by using its leverage to this extent. The option year prices are ludicrous.
This isn't a flier on a guy who isn't fully established. He is super young and already has a 3-4 WAR season under his belt, with the defensive and baserunning ability to be a solid regular even if he never taps fully into his obvious upside as a hitter.
I don't know the circumstances underlying it - maybe Albies ordered his agent to do a deal and the team wasn't interested except at their insistence - but it is hard to fathom.
Kimbrel ends up where?
Jeffrey Todd
Braves can't afford him so not there ... hmm ...
Really ... you can imagine a lot of possibilities. You'd assume it's a team that has had serious bullpen issues/injuries. But many of those are going to have problems with the lux tax. Steve examined that element of the situation not too long ago and it all still holds:
Red Sox Fan
Im reallllllll worried........ We have no bullpen and Sale seems a bit off...... When do we start making big moves
Jeffrey Todd
I'm not sure what those moves would be, unless they just shrug and ignore all concepts of fiscal restraint. Unlike some teams, the Red Sox really are spending loads of money. Adding a significant guy now would mean racking up a massive luxury bill.
Do you envision Kimbrel taking a setup role somewhere?
Jeffrey Todd
I don't think that's the issue. Most teams would gladly give him the 9th and would probably prefer to keep him in his accustomed role, routine, etc.
Chris davis
How long does my streak get to?
Jeffrey Todd
It obviously reflects on his struggles, but there's also poor fortune at play here. Something has to give at some point.
It's all about the salsa
What is your take on Carpenter's extension?
Jeffrey Todd
I think he could've hoped for a bit longer in free agency, but he was going to face some limitations even if he put up another big season. Team had good reasons not to want to pre-commit for too long to an older player who is probably going to be limited to third base, esp when they just bought up another guy who is blocking a move over to first. For a guy at this stage of his career who obviously preferred to remain in St. Louis, it seems like a fair deal generally speaking.
Ozzie Albies
What am I doing with this extension? Have I lost it
Jeffrey Todd
I hate to come down on a player in these circumstances. Not like he  had a huge signing bonus and has banked big money so far. The guy is taking care of himself and his family.
But ... is that really all they could convince the Braves to do? Was that really the right way to structure it? Is there no other route to securing some financial security?
You all remember Big League Advance? The business that purchased the rights to a portion of future earnings? Pursuing something like that seems a much much better way to lock in some money without being taken advantage of.
What's extra ridiculous in this case, IMO, is the utter lack of upside in the deal. Even the Jon Singleton deal -- only $10MM guaranteed but signed before he played in the majors -- maxed out at 30+ and didn't cover as many FA years.
Dodger fan
Talk me off the ledge regarding the Dodger bullpen
Jeffrey Todd
Look, this is just the way things are going to be. They are going to seek value and take chances on guys they like and adjust as they go.
Really, I wouldn't worry about it in the least. They have the resources to do whatever they want and need when the time comes.
I'm getting ripped for locking up young talent. What's wrong with that? Have I held a gun to anyone's head?
Jeffrey Todd
Not that I know of. But .... I don't think anyone is ripping Anthopoulos for knowing value when he sees it. It's hard to blame the team when there are two sides to the negotiation. It's just ... if the guy really wants a deal and you can't pay something like fair value, you could also say no at some point. Or do a deal that's more in line with established values in the option years. Just b/c you have the leverage in a given situation doesn't always mean you have to use it to your full advantage.
I realize this is somewhat silly when we're talking about millions of dollars to play baseball. And it is, truly. But ... man, the union needs to get itself sorted and figure out a strategy to protect its young players.
I said at the time of the last CBA I was stunned they didn't significantly raise the minimum salary. This is the kind of thing that results.
What is the worst non owner mandated (Davis, Pujols) contract in the league right now?  Is it down to J-Hey and Darvish?
Jeffrey Todd
I think that involves too many assumptions. It's not as if Theo (Epstein, Cubs pres of baseball ops) was able to just do those deals because he felt like it. We really don't know the extent to which ownership pushed them ... or, say, stepped in to say "hey, bump the offer up higher).
have i given bochy enough? what can i expect for the rest of the season?
Jeffrey Todd
Of course not. How could he have? The roster/payroll situation was in poor shape when he took over. This is a transition year -- probably not the only one, though I do think they will be trying to pull of a quick bounce.
Sammy LGM
Is 5/$75M in the right range for a Michael Conforto extension, or am I too high, or too low, or hell after the Acuna and Albies extensions, who really knows anymore?
Jeffrey Todd
I'll go with option (c)
O's fan
Extend or trade Mancini?
Jeffrey Todd
I think they should stay patient. Be willing to do a trade if something materializes but otherwise just let things play out. Can't sell a key asset short, so don't need to be desperate to trade. But as for an extension ... He's not super young and they already are entangled with slugger types. And he's coming off a down year. Don't think it's an either/or choice right now.
Why such blame to the teams, the players have agents, and a mind of their own. Too much casting blame to the teams, sorry but weak takes
Jeffrey Todd
Really? I hate when people just intentionally misread things. .... I'm not just blaming the team. Go read what I wrote without your own presupposed notions coloring your interpretations. I said that, in a case like this, it's almost to the point that I feel the team took too great an advantage of its leverage. I didn't issue blanket blame to the team in this case, let alone regarding the broader run of extensions.
Kratz-y for Coco Puffs
Thoughts on Jesus Aguliar/Brewers first base situation?  He nor Thames have been impressive since the All-start break.  Are we just riding it out at this point?  Waiting for Keston then playing musical chairs in the infield?
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