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Mark P
Welcome to this weekend's chat!
When will the Marte-Nimmo rumors die?
Mark P
Probably not until Marte is dealt someone else.  Or, if he's dealt to the Mets after all but Nimmo isn't part of the trade package.
Reds opening day ss?
Mark P
I'd lean towards Senzel at this point, though he could be somewhere else in the lineup and Galvis could get the nod at SS.

Probably too soon to speculate whether a bigger-name trade acquisition (i.e. Lindor, Seager) could end up in Cincinnati, since a lot of other dominoes would have to fall before a blockbuster like that went down
Anything happening with Seattle? Kinda quiet so far for Jerry D.
Mark P
Dipoto implied at the start of the winter that this was going to be a much quieter offseason than usual for the M's, and thus far he has been correct outside of the Narvaez trade.  Seems like Seattle has a lot of its young pieces already in place, and now their next step is seeing how many develop into regular MLB-level contributors (or, they hope, stars).
I know he has his critics but do you think Dusty Baker would be a good choice for the 3 teams who need a manager?  If so which team do you think would be the best fit?
Mark P
Maybe kind of a copout answer, but I think he'd be a fit anywhere.  Baker has an excellent track record, and has near-universal respect from players who played under him.
Castellanos to Braves on 3 for 50 or would that block Waters & Pache for too long?
Mark P
Moreso than the money or prospect blockage, I don't see Atlanta making a three-year commitment to Castellanos as an outfielder.  They don't have a DH spot, or even first base to offer due to Freeman
Who do you think Atlanta's opening day third baseman will be? In house options like Camargo or Riley? Or does AA make a big splash?
Mark P
Ultimately I think it'll end up as Camargo/Riley.  Don't forget, at this time last year, lots of Braves fans were so high on Riley that there was a fair amount of "why'd they spend so much money on Donaldson?" chatter.  One blah rookie season doesn't erase all of Riley's potential.
And, if Riley or Camargo doesn't step forward as a regular 3B, Atlanta can look to add someone else before the trade deadline
Baseball Lover
Do you still see Bryant and/or Arenado getting moved after Donaldsons decision
Mark P
My opinion is that Bryant will indeed get traded, if we ever hear the ruling on this grievance that has taken seemingly forever.  

Arenado, I'm doubtful
Rangers Fans
Whats taking the Rangers so long to sign Castellanos?
Mark P
Discussions about salary, contract length, the usual.  Texas may be gauging how much to offer Castellanos since there may not be many teams left in his market, or perhaps Castellanos isn't satisfied with the Rangers' offer since he has been offered more from another team (that he'd rather not play for).

This is all speculative on my part, I should add.  But there could be lots of reasons why a deal hasn't come together.
Who is the next big domino to fall? Either trade or free agency..
Mark P
I think it might be the Kris Bryant grievance.  Once that is finally settled, that could open up the trade market, which also likely impacts the Castellanos/Ozuna sweepstakes.  Since we just discussed the Rangers, they're a team that might be waiting to see what happens with Bryant before they decide on Ozuna or Castellanos, for instance
Concerned AngelsFan
Why do you think the angels brass has not signed an ace to compete for the playoffs, that is all they are missing. Instead they are filling it with depth starters.
Mark P
The Angels were in on lots of ace-level pitchers (i.e. Gerrit Cole) but just got outbid.  Now, that said, I'm sure they feel Ohtani can be that #1 starter in a playoff series, though that's a lot of pressure to put on a guy who hasn't pitched in over a year.
Sorry for the delay, got a phone call.  No, my furnace ducts don't need to be cleaned!
Who is currently the best team in the NLC?
Mark P
I'm guessing this is the answer STLSteve wants to hear, but I'd say right now it's the Cardinals
Jays should sign Castellanos. They have a corner OF spot/DH spot available and he'd be great at Rogers Centre
Mark P
Castellanos would help a lot of lineups, but you're right, he'd be a particularly nice fit in Toronto.  Beyond the contractual stuff, I'm not sure how much the Jays want to play Grichuk in CF even on a part-time basis, but if they're discussing options like using Biggio in center, it seems like everything is up in air for center field anyways
Jon C
Red Sox haven't really done anything to address their desire to get under the 208 million luxury tax. Do they still try to do that or does the cheating scandal cause them to keep payroll at its current figure?
Mark P
The Sox might be waiting for the end of the league's investigation into their own 2018 title before deciding on their next course of action.  Not to mention now having to hire a new manager.
As others have pointed out, John Henry may have erred by mentioning the luxury tax considerations last fall.  With that being public knowledge, I'd guess teams are driving hard bargains in trade talks with the Red Sox, knowing they're in a (self-imposed) payroll crunch
Missing Persons
Any reason Ozzie Guillen is not ebing mentioned as a potential manager for the three openings?
Mark P
Ozzie hasn't managed since 2012, and that was a very underachieving Marlins team.  I kind of doubt Guillen is on teams' radars as a managerial candidate these days
A’s win over/under 97.5 games?
Mark P
That seems high to me.  Oakland should be very good again next season, but it's awfully hard to win 98 games.
Will the A's win more than 97.5 games next season?

Yes (9.7% | 104 votes)
No (90.3% | 971 votes)

Total Votes: 1,075
Blue Jays fan
Any chance the jays make a deal for Lindor or another impact position player?
Mark P
Unsurprisingly, there have been a lot of Blue Jays/Lindor questions in the chat after Shi Davidi's report about the Jays "checking in" about Lindor
I'd say a deal is a longshot.  Cleveland isn't likely to deal Lindor for anything but a huge return at this point, and the Jays have built up their young core to the point that they're unlikely to deal from it for two years of Lindor.

As Davidi implied, probably just about every front office in the league has "checked in" (which could mean as little as an exploratory phone call or an e-mail) about Lindor.
Yankees Fan
Is Beltran now persona non grata?
Mark P
It will be interesting to see the fallout of the Astros scandal in, say, two years' time.  Reading between the lines, it seems like there's a lot more support around baseball for Hinch, Cora, and Beltran than for, say, Jeff Luhnow.

It remains to be seen if this scandal will hang with people as a scarlet letter, or if it'll eventually fade.  Sort of like how signing a guy with a PED suspension is no longer the huge deal it was just a few seasons ago
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