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Mark P
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.  Let's open the floor up to any questions
So the minor league season is getting canceled, right?
Mark P
This seems more likely than not, as any minor league "games" that could take place might be Spring Training-esque or intrasquad games held at the spring backfields, in order to keep the prospects somewhat in baseball shape in case they're called up for whatever exists of a 2020 season
Johnny B
Will a shortened season affect the salary tax moving forward?
Mark P
The tax won't be reset, as per the latest reports:
This means that the Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox (who were over the line in 2019) wouldn't get to reset their penalty status
Would you see Los Angeles as being the most likely spot for Mookie this offseason?
Mark P
I'd have to say they're the favorites, perhaps simply because they offer Betts some level of familiarity and comfort if the season is totally wiped out.  The Dodgers were already planning to make him a big offer and keep him over the long term, and I doubt those plans have changed (though the dollar figures may) even given the pandemic upheaval
Why did MLB decide to put a freeze on signing players to extensions?  It puts the current team at a disadvantage if the player (e.g. JTR) is due to walk at the end of the year.
Mark P
The league wanted to keep everyone on the same level playing field during the shutdown.  Besides that, there probably wasn't much appetite on the part of teams to commit to a big-money contract when there is so much financial uncertainty coming this year.
Also, in the Phillies' case, they've already technically "had the advantage" of getting to negotiate with Realmuto for months.
Do you foresee free agents over the next couple seasons avoid signing with the Astros?  I’m thinking fans will be on them for quite some time and free agents might want to avoid the circus.
Mark P
For as many headlines as the Astros scandal generated over the, that already seems like ages ago, doesn't it?  Not to say that fans will forget or that it'll be water under the bridge, but I think a lot of the outrage directed at the Astros will have died down.

As for free agents, I suspect if the money and situation is right, players will still be open to signing in Houston.
The sign-stealing was apparently an open secret around baseball for years, don't forget, and that didn't stop people from signing with Houston from 2017-19
Todd T
What would be the minimum amount of games they should play for a "complete" season in 2020?
Mark P
This is just my perspective, but anything less than, say, 60 games would have a real "is this really worth it?" feel
2021!Draft Order if there is no 2020 season?
Mark P
My assumption would be that they'd stick to the same draft order in 2021.  

But, if the league is looking to spark some extra interest after a year away, 2021 would be a fun time to experiment with the draft order.  Maybe make it a totally random draw for the first 5-10 picks, or maybe the entire first round.
Eric Hosmer
Easily the most overrated player in baseball?
Mark P
I don't think Hosmer is "overrated," since many properly see him as a pretty average player at this point.
Is this the strangest thing MLBTR has had to cover in its lifetime?
Mark P
By far
They may have put a freeze on extensions, but teams and players can still negotiate contracts and sign when it's lifted...
Mark P
I'd think the league wouldn't be pleased with a number of extensions suddenly and quickly announced within a few days of the freeze being over, unless the teams and agents can show distinct evidence that they were on the proverbial five-yard line of an agreement before the shutdown occurred.
Do you think the current situation will throw a wrench into the A’s plans for a new ballpark?
Mark P
I don't see how it couldn't.
Not to say that it'll necessarily lead to a better chance of the A's moving or anything, since every city (not just Oakland) will have bigger near-future financial concerns than helping pay for a new ballpark
Wilma Flintstone
With no minor league season, what happens to Wander Franco.
Mark P
Like I said earlier, in the event of an abbreviated MLB season, Franco and other prospects will probably take part in some type of organized team activities, to keep the prospects who could be called up in game-ready shape.  How such activities will be run is anyone's guess, like so much else right now
Will I finally get a response?
Mark P
Today's the day!
Jabba the Hutt
Would you rather have Pete Rose or Tony Gwynn on your team?
Mark P
I tend to say Gwynn due to the lack of off-the-field drama, but let's open it up to a poll
Who would you rather have on your team?

Tony Gwynn (59.4% | 412 votes)
Pete Rose (40.6% | 282 votes)

Total Votes: 694
I still don't understand how the majority if not complete report on the Red Sox hasn't been released. I'd like to know what they did.
Mark P
It'll be released at some point, though the league has bigger issues to deal with right now.  Plus, there's also the matter of how to figure out possible suspensions for a season that may not occur
Fenway Frank
Getting a little ahead of myself, but could you see Boston letting JBJ, Pillar, Perez, and Moreland all walk to sign one bigger name (maybe for the rotation)?
Mark P
It's quite possible, though Perez and Moreland can be retained on fairly inexpensive club options.
The CBT carryover, however, will be a major impediment for the Red Sox, since they'd have to stay under the luxury tax threshold again in 2021 to reset their penalty status.  That would seem to rule out any truly major signings, unless they clear more salary off their books.  Moving the four players you mentioned would do just that (around $25MM in combined salary), though it'd open up more roster holes to be filled
50 games. Rank 1-16/each league. 1 plays 16 2 plays 15. Best of 3. Next round highest rank played lowest best of 5. And so forth
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