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Mark P
Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms out there!  What better way to celebrate motherhood than by...uh, answering baseball questions?  Sure, why not.
This guy
So buy/sell someone having a 30 HR season if we begin on July 1st.
Mark P
I'd say sell just because there have been so few instances of someone hitting 30 homers over a span of 78-ish games.
Is this new draft format just for this year or is it the new norm?
Mark P
Just for this year, as far as we know.  However, it's possible the 2021 draft could also be altered in some way depending on the aftershocks of this year's event.  Plus, the new CBA could overhaul the draft process entirely from 2022-onward, for all we know.
Since the league seems intent on reducing the number of minor league teams, it seems logical that they would also look to reduce the number of draft rounds.  It'll never be only a five-round draft going forward, but I wouldn't be shocked at seeing the owners look to reduce from 40 rounds to, say, 30?
What kind of information do we have about how well the Rangers new park will play to Klubers pitching mix and style?
Mark P
We obviously won't know for sure how the park will play until games begin, though Joey Gallo gave his initial impressions recently:
Do the Mets complete their team sale this calendar yr?
Mark P
Good question, given the number of variables involved in such a billion-dollar transaction.  Normally you'd have people lining up to buy a New York-based team, though the current financial climate will make any investor take pause.  

And that's not even counting all the extra complications involved, like whether the Wilpons would budge on selling SNY
Tigers take Torkelson, Orioles take Martin... right?
Mark P
This would probably seem to be the safest bet, though a lot can still happen over the next month.  There were multiple reports last week hinting that Torkelson would be Detroit's choice:
Why expand the playoffs with a shortened season? Why not longer season, shorter playoffs? More teams playing equals more money, increased interest in shorter playoffs, no?
Mark P
But more playoffs also equals more TV money
This guy
Ok better question we have had guys hit over .400 over 78ish games so if someone does that do we celebrate it as a .400 season?
Mark P
Hitting .400 over even a 78-game stretch is incredibly impressive, but no, it wouldn't be held up as a "real" .400 season in the Ted Williams sense.
Mesa Verde
Who benefits the most from only a 5 Rd draft?
Mark P
The owners, who save money on draft expenditures.
George Costanza
Will the trade market be very active when the season starts, or with the way this season maybe (number of games, teams in playoffs, etc), or slow with teams waiting for the offseason?  Thanks
Mark P
Among the many things we don't know about how a 2020 season will be run, we don't know how trades will function.  It's no longer a simple case of a player being dealt and he reports to his new club within a day or it could be a situation where he goes from one self-contained quarantine bubble to another.
Assuming trades function somewhat normally, however, I wouldn't be shocked if we see a few clubs more or less just write off 2020 and go into fire sale mode, moving as much salary off the books as possible
Shane H
Could the proposed regional format for the 2020 season lead to permanent changes in baseball?   The addition of two new teams, say Portland and Montreal or Charlotte, going to a four eight-team division format based on geography (Northeast, South, Midwest, West), implementing the universal DH and scraping the traditional American and National League format?
Mark P
I'm intrigued by the idea, no doubt, as much as it would pain me to see the longstanding tradition of the AL and NL go by the wayside.

The universal DH does seem like it'll be a reality pretty soon, however
I think the NBA season should just be cancelled because no one will respect the ultimate champion.  Any concerns here about the legitimacy about a shortened season world series champ?
Mark P
If you're, say, a Cleveland fan and the Indians win the 2020 World Series, I think you'll be so happy that you won't care about the "legitimacy" of the title.  After all, if all 30 teams are playing under the same rules, it's still a "season."

Plus, to use your NBA example, I don't think anyone gives the 1999 Spurs or the 2012 Heat less credit for their NBA championships in lockout-shortened years
If your favorite team won the World Series in a shortened season, would you consider it "legitimate"?

Yes (82.3% | 335 votes)
No (17.7% | 72 votes)

Total Votes: 407
Could you see the bluejays target brandon marsh as a solution for cf?
Mark P
It's possible, sure.  I'd imagine a lot of teams have been calling the Angels about Marsh in trade scenarios, especially since Jo Adell is untouchable.

That said, a good (and cost-controlled) prospect is perhaps even more valuable now given a season of reduced revenue, so if anything, I could see the Angels and other teams without super-deep farm systems even more reluctant to move any of their top prospects.
What kind of return do you see lindor snagging cleveland
Mark P
Again with the caveat of overall baseball finances, the Tribe can still reasonably ask for two good to very good prospects, or perhaps one good prospect and one MLB-ready younger player.  

The problem is that since Lindor is only controlled through 2021, Cleveland's asking price only diminishes over time
With the rumors that the players are hesitant to take further pay cuts, do you think that stands as the biggest hurdle to a 2020 season?
Mark P
I'm not the first to point this out, but I cannot believe that the issue of salaries in the event of fans-or-no fans wasn't addressed or settled in the March agreement between the players and owners.
Beyond pay, the other more serious hurdle is obviously how the league can best ensure the player safety, in regards to testing, clubhouse cleanliness, quarantining, etc.
Owners need Our Support
The public should pay the players' salaries if they want baseball so bad! Why are the players so greedy that they will not renegotiate what we just agreed to?
Mark P
Gussie Busch
If players agree to only a % of their salaries to play in empty stadiums do you see a possibility of a large number of players possibly being released. This would allow teams to clear bad one or two year contracts at a discount. Ex Dexter Folwler
Mark P
It's possible, though the offseason will also be unusual given that teams will be shopping for players without a) a lot of fresh information due to the reduced season and b) probably with less money to spend.  

In such a situation, some clubs could prefer to just stick with someone they're already familiar with rather than take on an additional cost by acquiring another player AND eating a contract.  In Fowler's specific case, however, the Cards could replace him from within with one of their many young outfielders
Hi Mark!  Is it difficult for the MLBTR staff to come up with article ideas right now?  I think you guys have come up with some wonderful stuff!  Thanks!
Mark P
Thanks for the kind words!  It's definitely been a challenging time for us, but I've been been very pleased with how the staff has risen to the occasion.
Please pick me
Was Derek Jeter better off not buying the Marlins?
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