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Mark P
We're only two weeks away from the end of the regular season, believe it or not.  Let's get chatting!
Who do the White Sox target this offseason?
Mark P
Back of the rotation needs some work, and since the Nomar Mazara experiment seems to be over, George Springer would be a terrific addition to that already-strong outfield
What do you think an actual line looks like for bohm? Seems like many rookies start hot and then taper off
Mark P
As we've seen in the minors, Bohm clearly has a lot of hitting potential.  His minor league and MLB slash lines are pretty similar, though obviously he has vastly more PAs in the minors.

It'll depend if he, like all rookies, can make that "next adjustment" once the league starts to get a book on him, but Bohm certainly shows all signs of being a consistently good hitter.  Something like his current .840 OPS extrapolated over a full career would be a phenomenal achievement
Aaron Boone
Are we good?
Mark P
Sure.  I never had any doubts the Yankees would actually miss the playoffs or anything.
Tribe Fan
Should we pick up Carlos Santana's option in this offseason?
Mark P
Santana's option is worth $17.5MM, or it can be bought out for $500K.  Given that the Tribe is looking to cut down on payroll, I'd lean towards that option being declined, especially since Santana is having a middling season and since he turns 35 in April.
Now SHOULD they pick that option up?  In a perfect world, maybe, given Santana's track record.  But a team with limited payroll means probably can't afford to roll the dice on a 35-year-old showing signs of decline
alec mills - most unlikely no-hitter of all time?
Mark P
Not even close.  There have been some truly random and inexplicable names on the no-hitter roll call, which is what makes no-hitters so fun.
Cash- Man
Do the Yankees go with a rotation of Cole - Garcia - Schmidt - Montgomery and Maybe bring back Tanaka for next year ?
Mark P
I would guess that Tanaka returns to NYY in 2021.  Adding another veteran (not a star, but at least a mid-rotation type) might be a wise idea to hedge against the inexperience of the other youngsters.
Did losing Rendon really affect the whole Nats lineup this year? Seems they really miss him. If you could do-over, would you rather Stras or Rendon?
Mark P
My preference would've been Rendon anyway, just because giving a big contract to a position player is usually a wiser investment than a pitcher (especially one with Strasburg's injury history).

That said, 2020 is such an unusual season that it wouldn't surprise me if the Nats en masse get back into contention in 2021
John Hart no longer works here
What Braves should be in line for post season awards? Snit, Freeman, Fried?
Mark P
Freeman will get some MVP votes but I think Tatis has to be the favorite right now.  Fried's IL stint will probably cost him the Cy Young.  It's funny, many of the Snitker-related comments in these chats are complaining about his moves, not calling him a manager of the year candidate.
Will I take a discount to stay in Atlanta another 3-4 years?
Mark P
Ozuna is in great shape for a multi-year this winter, since he's having a big season and won't have a qualifying offer attached to him again.  Unless the offseason market is wonkier for top free agents than we think, Ozuna should still find a nice deal and not have to settle for another discount.
Bucco Fan
What is your guess for 2021 Draft process?  Worst record first as it has been or do you think Manfred will get creative and some how change the process?
Mark P
There has been speculation the order could be determined by a combination of teams' 2019 and 2020 records, but nobody knows for sure at this point.
Do the Rays have a legitimate chance to win it all? Can any AL team beat the Dodgers?
Mark P
The Rays can definitely win it all.  And while the Dodgers have to be the favorite, who's to say they even get out of the NL?
Alec Mills is the least likely no-no pitcher since...?
Mark P
Hmm, Edison Volquez?
If we're counting combined no-nos, the Angels and Astros just last season came out of nowhere
Anthony Rizzo is really struggling this year, although his K and BB rates are in line with his career averages.  Do you think he's starting to decline or just getting unlucky in a small sample?
Mark P
His hard-hit rate is down considerably, though his xwOBA is a lot higher than wOBA and his BABIP is only .202.  I'd tend to lean towards unlucky more than a decline, with the caveat that some guys can drop off quickly once they hit their early 30's
Mike Trout
Why am I hitting third and why am I having trouble hitting strikes? I've gone down looking a lot especially with the game on the line.
Mark P
Since Fletcher/Rendon/Trout are basically the only three guys who are hitting, I'd have them as the top three in the order just to maximize chances, though I understand the logic in putting Rendon behind Trout so Trout isn't walked ad nauseum
Bill J
Mark what are your thoughts on reducing minor leagues to 120 teams and moving the draft to July in 2021?
Mark P
There is a legitimate argument to be made that the minor league system did need an overhaul and some teams could have been removed, though I think MLB approached this in about as ham-handed a way as possible.

There has been talk for some time about pushing the draft to later in the year, which has pros and cons for a lot of prospects.  I can see the merit in holding the draft after the college postseason so all of the kids (and some of the top prospects) can fully finish their seasons, but I hope that that's the actual reason, and not just the league wanting to get more TV ratings by having a draft during the All-Star break.
Can you tell me the status of Aaron Sanchez?.He had shoulder surgery did not sign but I'v heard nothing since He had a great arm,and is still relatively young.What's up?
Mark P
We haven't heard much of anything about Sanchez, though it was rumored at the time of his capsule surgery that it could be the kind that requires roughly a full season off.
We'll know more this winter, whether or not he resurfaces as a free agent option
Giant tactics
Looks like the Giants have grown beyond just a year long tryout camp. Possible contenders next year...with a couple signings?
Mark P
I kind of doubt they'd go for any truly major signings since they're still somewhat in rebuild mode.  Maybe one-year deals like the type they gave to Gausman last winter.
Your Name
Saw this question asked Fox Sports MLB. If you’re a GM would you rather have Mike Trout or Francisco Tatis Jr. as the centerpiece of your team the next 10 years?
Mark P
Who would you rather have for the next ten seasons?

Trout (44.2% | 196 votes)
Tatis (55.8% | 247 votes)

Total Votes: 443
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