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Mark P
Hi gang, the weekend chat moves to Saturday this time around.  We saw a great Game 5 last night, and now we're moving onto the NLCS and ALCS.
What do you think the Yankee's offseason looks like, following (yet another) postseason exit.
Mark P
If I had to guess, I'd predict LeMahieu and Tanaka will both be back.  Those will alone be notable expenditures, but the Yankees do have some money freed up from Ellsbury, Happ, Paxton, Gardner all coming off the books
That leaves some potential room for other additions, like, say....a new catcher?  Another starting pitcher?  A reliever?  Trades could also be an option, maybe even moreso than free agency if spending is an issue
From how the ball fly out of dodger stadium during the playoffs with a record number of home runs.  Are the dodger player power number over exaggerated since they play in that little ball park?
Mark P
This is just about the first time Dodger Stadium has ever been considered hitter-friendly, as it has been a pitchers' park for just about its entire existence.  It might just be that the Dodgers, y'know, have a lot of good hitters
Slick rick
Do you think with Ozuna’s monster season he’s priced his way out of the Braves budget?
Mark P
My guess is yes, we'll see a repeat of Donaldson leaving the team last year.
The Great Ivan
What teams do you see interested in Ha- Seong Kim? Red Sox for 2b?
Mark P
Some background for those unfamiliar with Kim:
He'll get attention from a lot of teams, no doubt, and I could see Boston having interest.  It depends on what the price tag ultimately ends up being, and how much the Sox plan to spend this winter
Has it been confirmed that the Pirates will have 1st pick in the upcoming draft this summer? God knows they need
Mark P
No confirmation yet, though it seems the expectation is that MLB will stick with the usual reverse record order.
Hot Stove
Do the Mets clean house this offseason?
Mark P
Front office-wise, yes, in terms of Van Wagenen likely being out the door.  Alderson returning creates an interesting dynamic, however, as he might want to retain any longer-term organizational people who are still around from his previous stint.

Roster-wise, I don't think a housecleaning is coming or even necessary.  I'm on record as saying that the Mets are closer to contending than a lot of people think...there's plenty of talent on that roster
Mr. November
Garrett Crochet of the White Sox went down over a week ago with "forearm tightness". Any word on a diagnosis?
Mark P
No word yet, though "forearm tightness" is always super-ominous.  It would be a real shame if this ends up being a Tommy John surgery
Wouldn't it be in the MLBPA's best interest to pressure MLB to make a decision on the DH in the NL for next year early in the offseason? When do you think we may see a definitive decision on that?
Mark P
That's a good point, I'd imagine both players and front offices would want clarity on this as soon as possible.
What’s the future of Brett Gardner look like? Back to the Bronx on a cheap deal? Can’t picture him anywhere other than New York
Mark P
That seems like a reasonable scenario.  On paper, having Judge, Stanton, Hicks, Gardner, Frazier, Tauchman seems like an overload, but it really isn't since it seems at least two of those guys are on the IL at any given time.
Plus there's the DH spot to work with
Cards Follower
Speaking of the Mets, how about a Carlos Martinez/Harrison Bader trade for Dominic Smith?  Gives the Mets a starter, a true CF (who is from NY, by the way), and gives the Cardinals a middle-of-the-order hitter they desperately need (plus 4 years of control).
Mark P
Smith is a good young hitter, but that's a steep price for a 1B/DH type.  Plus, the Cards already have Goldschmidt, so they would need to know the DH is here to stay in the National League
did the A’s miss their chance
As in was this their best season to make it the WS
Mark P
They still have a lot of talent coming back for 2021, so I could definitely still see them as a playoff team.  But in terms of this being "the year" before Semien, Hendriks, Petit, La Stella, Fiers, Grossman all went to free agency....maybe so
That's suddenly quite a few holes the A's have to fill this offseason
Any chance the Cubs can move either Darvish or Heyward this offseason? Darvish recouped more than enough of his value with his performance to warrant keeping but you have to wonder how long he can keep it up. Heyward recouped *some* of his value but it would still mostly be a salary dump. Any chance the Cubs can move off some money so they stop crying cash-poor and reinvest in talent?
Mark P
I highly doubt they'd move Darvish for anything short of a blowaway offer, since the Cubs already need pitching and wouldn't be keen to move their ace.

Heyward had a terrific year, though the Cubs would still have to eat a lot of salary to make such a trade happen.  Not sure if rival teams will be lining up to acquire a 31-year-old owed that much money on the basis of less than 200 PA
Do you think most MLB teams will act tepidly this offseason with all of the economic uncertainty? Perhaps a flurry of activity in March?
Mark P
Tepidly, yes.  Whether we'll see a lot of long waits that last deep into March....not sure, in part because we don't know what the 2021 season will look like yet.  I would imagine that teams would want a full and proper Spring Training after last year's stop-start preparation, and so if they're getting new players into the system, they'd want them in ST as soon as possible
Do you think the White Sox will add this off season or stand pat and hope for the new guys improving
Mark P
I doubt they're done making moves.  There's certainly room for another good pitcher, or another lineup addition.
Whether such upgrades are at the top of the market again, not sure, but I don't think you'll see the Sox suddenly assume their current roster is good enough.
Your Name
In 2021, the Cleveland Indians starting shortstop will be _______?
Mark P
A player not currently in the organization
What happens next for the reds after Dick Williams resignation. Who could be next in line?
Mark P
Nick Krall is remaining as GM, and it could be that the Reds just stay in-house and keep Krall as the head of baseball ops (maybe with a title change).
Fenways son
Do you see the Red Sox making a play for Lindor this offseason?
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