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Mark P
Bit of a late start to tonight's chat, but let's dive into some questions!
Gimme your best guesses: with whom do Odorizzi and Bradley Jr. sign, and for what contracts?
Mark P
Based on educated guesswork, I'll say Odorizzi to Toronto for two years and a vesting option, worth around $10MM per.  For Bradley, two years/option from Houston, maybe in a similar $10MM AAV range
NL DH in 2021? Yes or no?
Mark P
It doesn't seem like it's happening, though keep in mind, details about 2020's season structure were still happening literally hours before the first game.
Mather getting fired tomorrow? Will the union be keeping a closer eye on service time manipulation?
Mark P
I would hope Mariners ownership is having an emergency meeting right now.  Everything about Mather's speech just defies belief, and if I'm a Seattle owner, I have to have serious doubts (if they weren't there already) about Mather's capability to handle this job
As for the service time thing, it's not like the MLBPA didn't know this was going on already.  It's just wild that a team president would outright admit it (and to a rotary club function, no less)
Is Anibal Sanchez going to hang it up?
Mark P
He had a lot of scouts at his showcase last month, though no word on a contract yet.  Julio Teheran (who was throwing alongside Sanchez) only just signed with Detroit the other day, so it's possible a deal could come Sanchez's way at any time
dumb question but are my chats going thru? they arent popping up for me and this is my first time
Mark P
I see your question loud and clear!
Who wins a championship first jays or leafs?
Mark P
Can I hedge my bet and say Toronto FC?
Bloom of Doom
Who do I trade Christian Vazquez for?
Mark P
I'm sure the Red Sox would move Vazquez if they got a great offer, but it would have to be a "great" offer.  Vazquez is a very good catcher and controlled through 2022 at a more than reasonable price.
So Scherzer is a free agent at the end of this year. Is it time for him to come home to St. Louis? What kind of contact would that take?
Mark P
Depends how Scherzer pitches in the wake of a (sort of) down year in 2020, how the Nats are looking going into 2021, how the Cards are looking, etc.
Seager asking for a trade after Mather comments?
Mark P
Seager's $15MM club option for 2022 becomes a player option in the event of a trade, which makes him something of a tricky player to move. It's maybe a bit easier since Seager hit well in 2022, but I don't see a ton of teams jumping into that market unless the M's ate some money
Blooming Sox
Do I restructure Bogaerts contract for a higher AVV but 2-3 more years?
Mark P
Bogaerts can opt out after the 2022 season, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Sox begin talks even now about a new contract.  Bogaerts could be open to negotiations as well if it puts more money in his pocket, but I suspect he might wait until next spring --- Bogaerts would want to compare his new deal to what all the big free agent shortstops get next offseason
Do you see the Mets picking up another reliever before opening day?
Mark P
Sure, but probably not a big name.  There are still a ton of relievers unsigned, and more will become available once teams start making their initial cuts.
Mr. Marlin
How come the Marlins are predicted to have one of the worst records in the NL this season? They got to the playoffs last year. Give me a reason for hope this year...please
Mark P
The NL East is very competitive, and the NL as a whole is competitive aside from the Pirates, Rockies, and maybe Arizona.  The Marlins could technically have "one of the worst records in the NL" but still a respectable record overall.

And hey, stranger things have happened than Miami being good again.  If their young players continue taking steps forward, they can catch a lot of teams by surprise.
Oriole fan
Are players getting reduced percentage of their salaries this year?
Mark P
Nope.  Full salaries for the full 162 games.
Cards Fan
Nolan Gorman is one of the cardinals top prospects. With the Arenado trade, how do you see him fitting in the Cardinals’s future?
Mark P
Gorman is getting some reps as a second baseman and as an outfielder this spring, so that will be his future if he remains in St. Louis.  (Not that the Cardinals would move him for anything but premium talent.)
Joc Pederson
Over 30 HRs for me?
Mark P
If the Cubs actually do play him every day, I can see him getting there.  But that doesn't necessarily mean Pederson will be all that productive offensively, unless he really picks it up against southpaws
Barney Coolio
is Ian Desmond's career over?
Mark P
He didn't close the door entirely on playing this season, but it kind of seems like he'll sit the year out.  Desmond turns 36 in September, and coming off subpar seasons in 20-17-19 and then in all likelihood two missed seasons, it certainly seems like he'll be done
Will there be baseball when the cba is up or will there be a stoppage?
Mark P
I am very worried about a work stoppage.  I suspect the 2021 season will be played out, but a lockout or strike to delay the 2022 campaign seems like a distinct possibility, given all the animosity between the owners and players
Vinh Daniels
This is my second time asking because I think that there are too many going in so it’s hard to see mine. What’s ur opinion about the tigers off-season and their future? What do you think they should do?
Mark P
Still too early to say, since we don't know yet how many of their young pitchers are going to live up to expectations.  The Tigers are treading water until this happens, but if one of two of them break out as early as this season, we could see Detroit make some more aggressive moves next winter
What kind of contract will Aaron Judge get during free agency? Given his injury history and what not, wouldn't an Ellsbury-type contract be out of the question and too lengthy? Do you think he signs with the Yankees?
Mark P
Going by my theory from last March (, I wonder if the Yankees will extend Judge at all, given their traditional reluctance for extensions.
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