MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: April 26, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Welcome to the chat! Bummed that Dovydas Neverauskas was optioned to the minors. On the bright side, Michael Morse, Rookie Davis, Kirby Yates and Gift Ngoepe are all on MLB rosters today.
Do the Nationals make a move for a reliever with Glover on the DL and Kelleys injury history?
Jason Martinez
Probably not a huge sense of urgency since they're off to a great start, but I would be surprised if they're not monitoring David Robertson and at least staying in contact with the White Sox. Should be some good relievers available in July.
Things can get ugly quick, though. Blanton and Treinen haven't been good. We'll see how things go over the next week or so.
Is Dansby Swanson a bust?
Jason Martinez
Very common for a minor leaguer to have success in 1st MLB stint when called up mid-to-late season. 1st full 162-game season is whole different story. He'll be fine. Just created some high expectations for himself. Wasn't really having that great of a season in Double-A when he was called up so shouldn't be a big surprise that he's not off to a good start.
NOT Mickey Koke
With Jurickson Profar's playing time in question; what do you think it would cost the Padres to acquire him? A Ryan Buchter + lower echelon prospect(s)?
Jason Martinez
His stock has definitely fallen and I can see the Padres having interest if he's available. Not ideal that he's a free agent after '19 since they're rebuilding, but I can see it happening if the price is right.
Besides the Nats who could need 'Pen help the most?
Jason Martinez
Of the likely playoff contenders, I'd say the Diamondbacks, Tigers and Angels are in most need.
Were the off-season calls for the Astros to acquire Starting Pitching overblown?
Jason Martinez
Not at all. Hard to know if Keuchel would bounce back (he has so far) or if McCullers would stay healthy (he has so far). I think they were smart to stand pat and now they have a better feel of whether they really need to add another top of the rotation pitcher.
Would a package of Folty Newcomb Blair Riley and Meneses be big enough to pry Quintana from the Soxs?
Jason Martinez
Not even close. I'm guessing they'd need to include 2 of Albies, Allard, Maitan and Acuna.
Marty Jasonez
Are people giving up on the Blue Jays too soon?
Jason Martinez
Yep. 7.5 games back with 142 games left is nothing.
How about this for a scenario: Rangers are sellers in the summer and Nationals make a deal for Matt Bush? What would that trade look like?
Jason Martinez
I'm guessing 5 1/2 years of Matt Bush would cost more than David Robertson. With Robertson, they might not have to give up one of their best prospects if they take on most of his remaining salary.
Where does Ian Desmond play when he returns in the coming weeks? Seems crazy to bench Reynolds at 1B and there are no obvious candidates to bench from their current OF.
Jason Martinez
I think he can bounce around a bit for a couple weeks, but Reynolds or Parra will eventually slump and Desmond will end up playing most days. They're definitely not rushing him back at this point, though, with those guys playing so well.
Nee haragua
Hi I am baseball fan from Nicaragua I want to say thank you for the baseball news!!!
Jason Martinez
Greetings! "El Presidente" Dennis Martinez was one of my favorite pitchers when I was a kid.
How long do you give until the royals start their fire sale?
Jason Martinez
Unless they fall more than 12 games out of a playoff spot, I don't think they're going to consider it until late July. At that point, they'll have to consider their place in the standings and how good or bad they're playing.
Chance that Judge / Sanchez both end up with 30+ HR this year?
Jason Martinez
I'm going to guess that neither gets to 30. Gonna be plenty of bright spots, but I can also see both struggling to make adjustments at times. As I said earlier regarding Dansby Swanson, the 1st full MLB season is tough. Difficult to stay healthy. Difficult to stay focused.
Has Joey Gallo earned an everyday job when beltre returns?
Jason Martinez
I think so. He'd need to play mostly LF, but I think he can handle it. Of course, a lot can happen between now and whenever Beltre returns, which might not be for at least another month.
Archie Bradley
Am I a starter or reliever long-term?
Jason Martinez
Not sure, but I'm pretty confident that the D'backs will give you another chance to start based on how good you've pitched out of the 'pen. They'll want to find out if you're just a better pitcher now or just better out of the 'pen.
if they are out of it by june, do you see jays selling?
Jason Martinez
Whenever they decide they're "out of it", which they might interpret differently than you and me and many other baseball fans, I think they'll be open to trading anyone. Josh Donaldson rumors will be fun.
For the Ladies
Erwin Santana. What kinda return does he fetch if he keeps up a sub-3 era come June/July?
Jason Martinez
This is a tough one because he's pitching better than ever, but his track record says he won't keep it up. So teams will be more willing to pay what they feel is a fair cost for a guy who is typically 3.50-4.00 and the Twins will market him as a guy who is pitching like an ace. Since the Twins have control over him thru 2019, I don't think they'll set the price high and not come down too far from that.
Is Byron Bucton a Bust yet?
Jason Martinez
I said this two weeks ago. Put him at the bottom of the lineup, let him play everyday and he'll produce. Guys with that much talent will figure it out. He's 4 for his last 11 with 3 BBs. It will be hard to dig himself out of that hole statistically, but he'll be fine.
Should Seattle be worried with their injuries?
Jason Martinez
Dipoto did a good job adding upper minors depth this offseason so we'll see if it pays off now. Dodgers got through some injury-plagued years because they had a lot of depth and were able to keep their heads above water until the roster was back to full health. Long season.
Yanks legit wild card contender when Sanchez and Didi are back plus Greg Bird figuring things out?
Jason Martinez
Yep. But I think it's more because of guys like Jordan Montgomery and Luis Severino. They have enough hitting, even if it's inconsistent because of so many young players. But a good staring rotation is what will keep them in it all season. That would've been my biggest concern heading into the season. So far, so good.
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