MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: April 5, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Welcome! FYI - The Roster Resource pages now have daily features, including Last 6 lineups, Last 6 days of bullpen usage and Next 6 SP match-ups. I'm also working on a Late-Inning Reliever chart that should be ready to go tomorrow. Always feel free to send over any suggestions for features. Let's chat.
Do you see McCutchen making it past the trade deadline without being traded?
Jason Martinez
If the Pirates aren't contending and he's not playing terribly, I think there's a very good chance he's traded. I think there's a decent chance that the Pirates aren't contending and McCutchen has a good season.
Why'd the Mets sign Desmond Jennings?
Jason Martinez
Michael Conforto, not a CF, is their backup CF with Lagares out. It probably won't help much in the short term since Lagares is expected back next week, but it's clear that that CF depth was a need. Especially with Nimmo hurting.
Frank E.
Why didn't the Yankees pursue a top of the rotation starting pitcher this Offseason?
Jason Martinez
None available in free agency and I think Brian Cashman is really enjoying having a really good farm system and not relying on free agency to build his team. So I don't think he wants to trade away 2-3 of his best prospects anytime soon. With that said, I thought they should have added another mid-rotation guy (Hammel).
Projection for Jameson Taillon this season?
Jason Martinez
This was my projection ... 13-11, 3.34 ERA, 170 IP, 1.7 BB/9, 7.9 K/9, 8.2 H/9.
Carson Fulmer long term, Starter or 'Pen?
Jason Martinez
I think he ends up as a late-inning reliever. Since the White Sox are in rebuild mode, they'll give him every chance to remain in a starting role. If it isn't working out by mid-2018, I think he could make the move to the 'pen
Will Aybar be the Padres' shortstop all year?
Jason Martinez
Not a chance. Even if he's not having a good year, they'll be able to trade him for a PTBNL or cash. And if yesterday was any indication (3 hits, 2 2B, I think), he'll have some value.
Evil Goatee Jason
Dodgers woes versus lefties continue? Or is Clayton Richard an unusual blip?
Jason Martinez
We'll see. Richard was pretty good after the Padres signed him last year. Made some changes in his arm angle so might take some time for teams to figure him out. I like the Dodgers' chances of improving against LHP with Gutierrez and Forsythe.
Where are the trade *rumors* on MLBtraderumors? All I see on the site is news of things that have already happened. Is there nothing out there in the works?
Jason Martinez
Trade talks start heating up in June. Hardly ever anything in April. Teams are still getting a feel for what they're strengths and weaknesses are.
Mets looking for rotation depth who is available?
Jason Martinez
I believe Ross Detwiler just opted out of his deal. Also Colby Lewis, Doug Fister, Ryan Vogelsong, Edwin Jackson, Mat Latos.
Mike Hazen
If the Dbacks stumble badly the first couple months, should I start looking at potential suitors for Goldy or Pollock?
Jason Martinez
Never hurts to look around for potential suitors and figure out how much teams are willing to give up. Pollock is an FA after '18 so he's more likely to go than Goldschmidt (FA after '19).
Should orioles trade machado Tillman and Jones and start rebuilding now?
Jason Martinez
No, but things could get really interesting if they fall out of the playoff race before 7/31. I'm guessing that traffic will be at an all-time high at MLBTR if Machado starts popping up in rumors.
First team to be in desperate need of Bullpen help?
Jason Martinez
Red Sox, if Thornburg is out longer than a month. Royals. Tigers.
Do you think Jays go after another outfielder after letting Upton go, or do they wait and see?
Jason Martinez
Not sure if they'll do anything else soon. Coghlan adds depth if they need someone early on. Maybe they're waiting for Pagan's price to drop.
Kazmir lacks trade value or a clear path to a roster spot. What is next for him assuming he recovers from injury?
Jason Martinez
I think they're going to delay his return as long as possible unless a need arises. Eventually, he'll get a 30-day rehab assignment and, if no rotation spot is available, he could pitch out of the 'pen. A lot can happen in 2-3 months, though. A trade will be really difficult unless the Dodgers ate most of his contract.
Do you think Glasnow was ready for the Bigz, or sort of a desperation move?
Jason Martinez
I didn't think so, but Drew Hutchison didn't exactly take advantage of his opportunity. Glasnow is talented but I think he'll have more ups and downs than the typical rookie.
Given the Braves bench situation, why didn't they submit a claim on nick franklin?
Jason Martinez
Brewers had higher priority on the waiver wire so the Braves wouldn't have gotten him, anyways. Interesting how unaggressive they've been with addressing their bench. Snitker likes sticking with his starting 8, but there have been a lot of very good veteran OFs available. I though at least Francoeur would get an MiLB deal.
!0 vs 26
Looks to me that the new 10-day DL is a tradeoff for the failed 26-man roster. They can have the same effect. As a roster expert, do you agree? Thanks.
Jason Martinez
It helps. Teams were reluctant to place an injured player on the 15-day DL if he was only going to miss a few days so they played with a 24-man roster. With a 10-Day DL, this will happen far less.
Time table for giolito to the majors? Odds quintana is actually moved?
Jason Martinez
I think Lopez is the next prospect in line. As long as Giolito is pitching well in AAA, he'd probably be next. I'd guess Lopez in June and Giolito in July. It would take an injury and/or trade to open the spot(s). Very good chance Quintana is moved, but it might not happen until late July. Lots of fun rumors to discuss until then.
What is the Mets blueprint to the World Series?
Jason Martinez
Syndergaard, deGrom and 2 of Harvey, Matz, Wheeler, Gsellman to stay healthy.
Do you think the padres starting rotation will look different after the deadline? If Richard has a decent year do you think he will be dealt at the deadline?
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