MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: August 16, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Not really. The price tag will be ridiculously high, as it should be. Claiming him would be a really big deal because a team would have to at least be willing to take on that contract. Owners would have to get involved and would need to approve it. And after all that, the Marlins are going to ask for way more than most teams are willing to offer right now. A Stanton trade could happen in the offseason, but it won't be easy.
Any chance JUp has a reunion with the Braves?
Jason Martinez
Nope. I think they'll be busy shopping an OF (Kemp or Markakis, probably) to clear a spot for Acuña. I think they'll spend their $ on 3B and SP.
Top 5 SP in minors.  Is Sixto Sanchez in discussion?  Hearn Pedro Comps!
Jason Martinez
Yep. In the discussion and at least in the Top 8-10.
Jason's #1 Fan
I love Rosterresource! I use it all the time. Thanks for keeping up with that site. It's truly a great resource.
Jason Martinez
I appreciate that. I'm a big roster geek and it's always awesome to hear from like-minded folks.
Brent Honeywell lost gloves
my Rays struggling and when i will get called up?
Jason Martinez
With a rookie pitcher, chances decrease late in the season unless a team is willing to use them in a relief role (Walker Buehler could be one). If they don't call him Honeywell up in the next week, I'm guessing that they're happy to have him shut it down after the MiLB season and prepare to be in their rotation in '18.
Are there rumors about Matt Adams being traded
Jason Martinez
Not that I've heard. Could change if a need arises due to injury, but I don't think it happens until the offseason.
How do you like the Padres' rebuild? Think it'll pay off? Their current MLB core of Myers, Renfroe, Hedges, and Margot are majorly underperforming.
Jason Martinez
I'm happy with the direction. Not every player is going to stick. That's why having so much farm system depth is important. Margot is going to be a stud. Myers won't be a star, but he's going to be a big part of their success. Hedges will be in the conversation for Gold Glove for the next decade. Asuaje and Spangenberg are emerging as very good players. I don't know if Jose Pirela is the real deal, but the dude seriously looks like Miguel Tejada at the plate. Hits the ball hard regularly. It's going to come down to starting pitching, though. They guys who will be key to success are probably 1-3 years away.
Andrelton Simmons
Why does no one recognize the season I'm having?
Jason Martinez
I guarantee you that he's recognized in the industry (players, coaches, scouts, etc.) as a star. Defensive stats still need to be publicized a lot more for the mainstream fans to get behind a guy like Andrelton.  With that said, he'd be a lot more popular if he played in NY or Boston.
Whos your guess for the biggest  impact player dealt moments before the dealdline?
Jason Martinez
I think Verlander is the player who has/will clear waivers and most likely to make a major impact in the playoffs. I guarantee you that there is at least on GM trying to convince their owner that Verlander is worth all the $ they'll owe him after they've traded for him. I think an owner will be convinced right before the deadline.
What are chances cubs land stanton
Jason Martinez
They've emptied their farm system of Top 100 prospects. Candelario was the last. Don't think they have a chance, especially with some of their younger MLB players taking a step back this season.
I also use Rosterresource constantly and I would like to thank you for the work you put in.  Can you please keep posting the daily roster roundups on MLBTR? I really enjoy them. Thanks again for having such a great site!
Jason Martinez
Thanks! The Daily Roster Roundup will continue to be a regular feature at MLBTR. The boss is happy with the response we've gotten.
Nationals 2018 starting lineup and rotation?
Jason Martinez
Not sure why it would change much .... 1. Adam Eaton, LF    2. Trea Turner, SS    3. Bryce Harper, RF   4. Ryan Zimmerman, 1B   5. Daniel Murphy, 2B   6. Anthony Rendon, 3B   7 Matt Wieters, C   8. Brian Goodwin/Michael Taylor, CF
Starting Rotation: Scherzer, Strasburg, Gonzalez, Roark, Fedde
Any chance Gonsalves comes up for the Twins to start one of the doubleheader games against the White Sox on Monday?
Jason Martinez
Yep. Leaning towards including him in my next "Knocking Down The Door" tomorrow.
Stanton to the Dodgers good idea ..?
Jason Martinez
Stanton to any team can be a good idea for a big market team with a deep farm system. Dodgers would be one of the few teams that qualify.
OK, I gotta go. Thanks for all the great questions. Feel free to send me more at @mlbdepthcharts.