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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: August 2, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Thanks for stopping by! Topics on the table: Trades that happened. Trades that didn't happen. Potential August trades. 2017-18 Offseason. 2018 lineup/rotation/bullpen projections. Anything else related to baseball.
Justin Verlander
Will someone claim me and pay my contract :)
Jason Martinez
Doubtful. A team will still need to be serious about meeting the Tigers' asking price if they claimed him and that obviously wasn't happening as of 2 days ago. Tigers still have the leverage. Expectation is that he'll clear waivers and the Tigers will have a few more weeks to look for a good deal.
What do the Yankees do when Hicks comes back?
Jason Martinez
That's how you know the Yankees are in good shape. Their problem is that they don't have enough at-bats for all their outfielders. My guess: Ellsbury goes further down the depth chart and Hicks starts 3-4 times per week.
If you had to guess, which team will wait the longest between right now and their next postseason appearance?
Jason Martinez
Orioles. Not a playoff team now and help is not on the way. I think they need to rebuild by trading Machado/Britton in the offseason.
What is your best guess for when Mackenzie Gore will make his Major League Debut?
Jason Martinez
Kershaw and Bumgarner debuted at age 20. I won't put those lofty expectations on Gore, but I think he could move quick. Maybe mid-2020. Most likely early 2021.
Curious and Confused
Who might get traded in August?
Jason Martinez
I think the White Sox will trade Derek Holland or Miguel Gonzalez. Granderson, Walker and Bruce should all clear. I think the Mets will be able to trade 2 of the 3. Probably Seth Smith. Maybe Carlos Gomez.
If someone did claim verlander, the tigers would revoke them, right?
Jason Martinez
They would try to work out a trade and pull him back off waivers if a trade isn't completed. Since they can pull him back off waivers, they have all the leverage. A team won't get a discount because they're the only team negotiating.
Cubs are going to repeat. You heard it here first.
Jason Martinez
You might be right. I've been saying here since early in the season that they were going to get it going and run away with the division. Pretty sure I've also said that they had the best roster in baseball. I usually predict Dodgers or Nationals for the World Series, though, so I probably didn't say they would repeat.
Twins couldn't find a taker for Santana?
Jason Martinez
My guess is that the Twins were asking for a lot. And they're right to ask for a lot. I saw him pitch today. Such a good pitcher. Not a true ace but a workhorse No. 2 on a playoff team. Works deep into games as much as any pitcher. There's no way that he didn't have a lot of interest.
Tim Beckham
Am i a visitor or will i stay in Baltimore for awhile?
Jason Martinez
This is your audition. J.J. Hardy has a vesting option. Machado should be traded, according to me. So you have plenty of value to the O's because of your ability to play all over the infield.
Regarding your earlier comment about the Orioles: do you think they should move Mancini and Schoop and anyone of value to really rebuild farm system?
Jason Martinez
I think it's smart to listen on everybody in a rebuild. I'd think anyone with 3 years or less of club control should be traded (Schoop, Brach). For someone like Mancini, it's probably smart to keep him and hope he continues to improve. If he has another good year or two, trade value will be strong.
Do you think Yangervis Solarte will be in a Padres uniform next year?
Jason Martinez
I don't. Guys like Asuaje, Spangenberg and Pirela have been impressive. Luis Urias could arrive in 2018. So they have a lot of options at 2B/3B. Solarte played SS yesterday for some reason. I'm guessing that, even though it's a long shot, they want to see if he's an option there in 2018 just in case. His trade value should be strong so I think Preller will be able to find a good deal for him.
Did the Jays fleece  Houston in the Liriano deal?
Jason Martinez
Seems like it. But let's see how valuable Liriano can be out of the 'pen, especially in the playoffs. With Sipp on the DL, Liriano will take on a big role right away. Teams with a deep farm system can do deals like this and not regret it much.
Sergio Q
Will the Padres find a better market for Hand in the offseason, any chance they can equal their return for Kimbrel?
Jason Martinez
There will be as many as 29 teams bidding on him as opposed to 10-12 at the deadline. Plus, he'll have more than 2 months of being a (probably successful) closer under his belt. The market will be better. Don't think they can match the Kimbrel return. He's not on that level and Kimbrel had 3 year of control. Hand will only have 2.
What's up with no moves by the Braves? Asking too much or nobody buying what they were selling?
Jason Martinez
Their farm system is so deep, so it's probably not worth it to get a fringy prospect for Johnson/Dickey just to clear some salary.
Sandy Alderson
Best case scenario,  what is my opening day roster 2018?
Jason Martinez
Let's start with their projection without predicting any offseason moves ... 1. RF Michael Conforto, 2. SS Amed Rosario 3. LF Yoenis Cespedes  4. 3B David Wright or Wilmer Flores  5. 1B Dominic Smith  6.  2B Asdrubal Cabrera or T.J. Rivera  7. C Travis d'Arnaud  8. Juan Lagares
Rotation ... 1. Noah Syndergaard  2. Jacob deGrom  3. Steven Matz  4/5 Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, Seth Lugo, Robert Gsellman
Bullpen ... CL Jeurys Familia  SU A.J. Ramos SU Paul Sewald MID Jerry Blevins
So what are their biggest needs? CF. Maybe a 2B or 3B if they aren't counting on David Wright. 7th inning setup man. This isn't a bad roster right now and they should have some $ to spend.
Could we see Texas deal Cashner/ Hamels in august?
Jason Martinez
I think they're both talented enough that they'll get blocked on waivers. By "blocked", I mean a contender will claim them and then not offer much in a trade. Therefore, the Rangers will pull them back off waivers and no other contender can significantly upgrade their roster down the stretch.
Cashner can be bad, but he can also be very good at times. And he could be a weapon out of the bullpen in the playoffs.
Does Ronald Acuna get a taste of the bihs when rosters expand in September?
Jason Martinez
The most important thing to keep in mind is that 40-man roster spots are valuable after the season because each team will have to protect certain minor leaguers from the Rule 5 draft by adding them to the 40-man roster. I'm not sure which notable players the Braves will need to add, but I'm guessing they could have a hard time protecting everyone they want to keep. Acuna does not need to be protected so adding him to the 40-man now would take up one of those spots. I'd expect him in early 2018.
Is it justifiable to be pissed off at the deadline, as a Giants fan?
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