MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: August 9, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Thanks for stopping by. I'll answer as many questions as possible during the next hour. Feel free to send me questions @mlbdepthcharts if I don't get to it here.
Do you think the Braves bring up Ron Acuna this year?
Jason Martinez
I think he's "Knocking Down The Door" ... We'll see if the Braves think it's a good idea, though. After the season he's having, I can't imagine him not being in their plans in early 2018. Would be good to give him a taste of the Big Leagues now.
At the rate Brad Hand is pitching, could he return a Kimbrel level package in the off-season?
Jason Martinez
Padres got 2 of the Red Sox's top prospects for Kimbrel and 2 others that are also pretty good prospects, as well. I don't think they get that much for Hand, but I do think they get the Top 100 prospect they're looking for this offseason. The way he looks in the closer role, his trade value should only rise.
Can you please tell the Braves to stop trying to force their team to be ready and just let it happen naturally....
Jason Martinez
I agree in Dansby's case last season. In Acuña's case, he is forcing their hand. Albies had a nice run before he was called up. Their young pitchers in Double-A are making a case for 2018.
Is Mauricio Dubon almost ready to take over 2B for Milwaukee?
Jason Martinez
I don't think so. He wasn't particularly good in AA (sub-.700 OPS) and he's now putting up good numbers in the hitter-friendly PCL. Brewers aren't ready for him, either. They're hoping to get Villar back to his '16 form and they're good with Sogard/Perez there for now. I can see Dubon by mid-2018 if he keeps up his production in AAA.
Does Jorge Alfaro get a decent look over the next couple months?
Jason Martinez
Sounds like Knapp will be out awhile and I think they've gotten a pretty good idea of what Rupp can do. The only reason he wouldn't is because they think he's not ready, as his AAA numbers would indicate (16 BB, 113 K, sub-.700 OPS), and they don't want him to get overwhelmed in the Majors and have him lose confidence. I think they'll pick their spots with him.
If Wilson Contreras is out for a while, who could the Cubs pick up at catcher?
Jason Martinez
Nick Hundley or Rene Rivera will probably be available. Not sure how much the Cubs like Caratini. Avila should get most of the starts so the backup wouldn't play much in any case.
Celebrity crush?
Jason Martinez
Tie between Rashida Jones and Emmy Rossum
Chris Sale
Am I a lock to win the AL CY Young award?
Jason Martinez
You're safe for now, but that Corey Kluber guy is making things interesting.
At this moment Seattle holds the second Wild Card slot in the American League. What pitchers should the Mariners target to replenish the decimated rotation?
Jason Martinez
Not too many SPs available at this point. Jhoulys Chacin has been good this season. He would help. Maybe Derek Holland or Miguel Gonzalez.
Crazy that a team that has already used 15 starting pitchers this season and currently need SP help would make the playoffs if the season ended today.
Heff Joffman
Rockies going to keep neither/1/both of DJ, Blackmon beyond 2018?
Jason Martinez
I think they trade one. It's getting crowded with all their talented prospects on the way (Tapia, Dahl, McMahon, Rodgers) and they'd be smart to get a good return on DJ or Blackmon for their last year of club control.
Hi Jason, I sent a longer form of this question to the mailbag but I'd like to ask here too if that's okay. Back in May Mark Feinsand listed the Giants as one of eight teams Harper could land with in free agency. Given who's coming off our books between now and then, the committed money we have through 2021 (Posey, Crawford, Belt) and our poor OF situation thus far, what's the likelihood the Giants FO makes a meaningful push to land Harper after next year? It seems a foregone  conclusion that he'll be a Yankee but, is it really?
Jason Martinez
They have some $ coming off the books over the next 2 offseason, but still so much $ tied up in their core guys for several years ... Cueto opting out would've helped, but that seems doubtful now. I wouldn't count them out. Maybe they can backload a deal. Any team that has been pushing their payroll close to $200MM shouldn't be counted out.
I heard a rumbling that Atlanta has the pieces to get me in a trade.
Jason Martinez
Yes sir. I've been spreading those rumblings for months now. Elite prospects in the upper minors is what it would take and the Braves have several.
Toddrey Jeff
Should the Dodgers move Wood back to the bullpen until the playoffs to get his velocity back?
Jason Martinez
If only it was that easy. The health of a pitcher is so unpredictable. We really don't know if that would help or hurt him.
Should the Reds trade Suarez and Gennett? Maybe in a package deal.
Jason Martinez
Keep in mind that Cozart is a free agent so they're probably not thinking of trading either of those guys just yet. They'd be selling high on both so I'm sure they'll listen. Peraza has been a disappointment and Dilson Herrera is hurt so not sure they'd want to get rid of the guys they can rely on.
Red Sox Guy
Has Rusney Castillo upped his trade stock at all?  The guy has had a great season at AAA.
Jason Martinez
His trade value was 0 before so upping it wouldn't be difficult. It has risen, but not enough for the Red Sox to trade their $72MM investment away. I think it's more likely that he gets added to the Red Sox 40-man in September rather than trading him for a fringy prospect.
Giants fan still
I know this isn't that popular of a question, but do you know why the Giants let George Kontos go for free? Not even a small amount of cash considerations or a very low level prospect?
Jason Martinez
No idea. That's a head scratcher. It's not like they're clearing a bunch of salary. He's under contract for 2 more seasons, won't cost a lot and is a very good middle reliever who is capable of 70 appearances. I'm surprised he dropped to the Pirates.
Thoughts on Parker Bridwell ?  Do you see him as part of the 2018 rotation assuming Skaggs, Heaney & Richards all return healthy ?
Jason Martinez
Funny story. I think I was at Petco during a game when Jered Weaver was pitching (or maybe he had just pitched the day before) and I happened to see Bridwell on TV and thought I was looking at an old highlight of Weaver with the Angels. He's been impressive. Those reliable back-of-rotation guys are valuable. Especially those with 6 more years of club control like Bridwell.
Mets Pitchers
Any chance Matt Harvey or Zach Wheeler get bumped to the bullpen next year?
Jason Martinez
If they tender either of them a contract for 2018, it won't be so they can pitch out of the 'pen. It doesn't mean they won't end up in the bullpen at some point. That just wouldn't be the initial plan for an injury-prone pitcher making good $.
Is Austin Hays a legitimate top prospect?
Jason Martinez
Appears to be the case. I believe Baseball America had him in their mid-season Top 100 (somewhere in the 90's, I think). 22 year old putting up big numbers in AA.
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