MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: August 9, 2017
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I was only supposed to miss one start, what's the deal with my arm?
Jason Martinez
If a pitcher's arm hurts, I'd never expect them to miss only 1 start. It's always a major concern, even if they say otherwise. Better to be cautious with Strasburg given his long history of injuries and considering that the Nats have the division wrapped up.
Hoskins in the Phillies OF after a handful of starts at AAA? Really?
Jason Martinez
He won't be there for his OF defense. Dude can flat out hit. Plus, Joseph is slumping and hasn't had a great season. I can see Hoskins getting the majority of at-bats at 1B by next month.
Sterling Mallory Chris Archer
Why is Whit Merrifield doing so well? Who is this guy?
Jason Martinez
This is an old Baseball Prospectus reference here, but I believe he has a lot of #want. It's the intangible that isn't always evident.
Maple Tree
James Paxton says hello to you and Mr. Kluber, not in a rude way, just in "don't forget about me" kind of way (he is Canadian after all).
Jason Martinez
10.5 K/9 is all you got? You need at least a 12.0 K/9 to win this Cy Young race. Just messing with you, Mr. Paxton. You can still sneak up on Sale/Kluber with a strong finish.
Where does Joey Gallo play everyday?
Jason Martinez
He's been playing everyday at 1B. With Beltre signed thru '18, I think he stays there for another season and possibly moves to DH if a guy like Ronald Guzman forces his way into the mix.
Is Jimenez best player the white sox got in their trades?
Jason Martinez
He is the highest ranked prospect of the guys they acquired in July. Only Moncada is higher if we include last offseason.
Jack to Open
When do the Cards call up Flaherty?
Jason Martinez
The Cardinals current have 5 healthy starters and none deserve to get bumped. He's also behind Luke Weaver, so he's probably 7th on the depth chart. Barring an injury or two, probably won't see him until 2018.
Does Pujols play out the rest of his contract or does he pull an A-Rod
Jason Martinez
He's signed for 4 more seasons. I doubt he'd walk away from any of that $114MM he's due. I also doubt that he thinks he's done and won't bounce back from a bad season. It's hard to convince a professional athlete that they're done.
2nd Generation
Will Vlad Jr and Bo Bichette be better than average players?  When will we see them in Toronto?
Jason Martinez
Guerrero was No. 2 on Baseball America's mid-season ranking. Bichette was in the 40's, I think. So if they're not better than average Big Leaguers, it would be a disappointment. Probably won't see them before mid-2019 and that's if they continue to mash once they reach the upper minors. I think 2020 is more likely.
OK, gotta go. Thanks for hanging out and talking baseball. Same time and place next week.