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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: December 19, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Welcome. Two more chats in 2018. Hopefully we'll be gifted with at least 1 big trade and another big FA signing before Xmas.
Harvey's "okay" for the Halos, and it's been a pretty quiet offseason for the Halos so far, but a Grandal/Kikuchi signing would make me feel a lot better.
Jason Martinez
Yes on Grandal. Offense is good but still could add another big bat. He's also great defensively. Kikuchi could be very good. But that rotation has so many questions marks and Harvey is another one. Not that there are that many FA options who are sure things to make 30 starts.
I'm not just saying this because I love reunions. I think Ervin Santana would be a great signing for the Halos. If he bounces back to his pre-injury form, he would be that 30 start/180 IP guy that their rotation really needs.
What do the Padres do with the their glut of outfielders?
Jason Martinez
No sense of urgency because one or two can start the season in AAA. But I'd bet $ on either Myers, Renfroe or Franmil being traded before Opening Day.
How did the meeting manny machado and yankees go
Jason Martinez
Pretty sure he left without signing, but that's pretty normal in baseball. In the NFL, a player leaving town without signing after a visit usually means it's not happening.
Farhan Zaidi
How am I possibly going to right the Giants’ ship? Suggestions?
Jason Martinez
With patience. That's probably a 2-4 year plan and I'm assuming that the Giants ownership is on board with that. Or they at least told Zaidi that.
Irate Nate
Chances reds land an impact pitcher.....
Jason Martinez
If they're willing to give up Senzel or Trammell, I would say pretty good. I'll put it this way. If Senzel is playing 3B for the Indians in 2019, Corey Knebel will be pitching for the Reds.
Vegas Dan
Do you think the Red Sox will sign Craig Kimbrel on a shorter desk with a higher AAV?
Jason Martinez
I'm guessing that's what a lot of teams would prefer. If he enjoyed his time in Boston, the Red Sox could have the edge if Kimbrel doesn't get his 5-6 year deal and he settles for 3 years with higher AAV. But they won't be the only team waiting for his price to drop.
Where do you think Nelson Cruz will sign and how will that effect Edwin Encarnacion? Two sluggers who can help teams win. Thanks!
Jason Martinez
Rays and Twins still make a lot of sense. Cruz's agent is probably trying to get some more teams involved to drive the price up. I'm guessing why there was word going around that he'd be willing to sign with an NL team, which isn't happening.
Any chance Tulowitzki signs with the Red Sox?
Jason Martinez
Don't see it. They have a crowded bench (Nuñez, Holt, Pearce) and Tulo should have a better chance to play regularly elsewhere. Pirates look like the best fit right now.
Brandon Lowe
Am I going see significant playing time this season at the big league level??
Jason Martinez
Deserving of a chance. But there is a lot of competition for at-bats. Wendle, Diaz, Duffy, Robertson, Arroyo all good players who can play multiple positions.
Would a trade of Will Smith for Domingo Santana be fare for both teams?
Jason Martinez
If SF trades their best reliever, it's probably safe to say they're taking a step back. Until they trade MadBum, I wouldn't say that for sure. But with that said, not sure 3 years of Santana would be a good fit. Maybe. I'm guessing Zaidi would want prospects if he's going to rebuild.
What do YOU think we do in the OF and SP. Hoping not a reunion with Kakes but its looking that way
Jason Martinez
I'm gonna predict a Ender Inciarte and David Peralta reunion. They played together with the Dbacks in '14 and '15.
I wouldn't be surprised if they stand pat with that rotation. It's good now and at least 2 of those young prospects will take a big step forward in '19. But if I'm predicting a David Peralta trade, maybe they expand it into a blockbuster for Peralta and Robbie Ray.
PRETTY please answer this?!?
ive asked questions literally almost EVERY chat for YEARS, never got answered... i just have a VERY simple question: If they can indeed be had (and i think they can), what do you think the Mets would have to give up to trade for both Craig Stammen and Tony Watson? combined $5.75 mil in 2019, combined career 2.67 ERA over 17 years, GREAT value for a team on a budget...
Jason Martinez
Great value for a contender, but it will take a good prospect to get it done. Not like a Top 5 prospect or not even a Top 10. But maybe just outside of that. Both pitchers will have a lot of value at the trade deadline so it's not like Preller or Zaidi will be eager to trade them now.
Jason, be honest with me. Can the twins pull of a signing of ottavino, Britton, or like a trade that you can propose to me?
Jason Martinez
I haven't heard about any payroll limitations for the Twins. They $0 on the books after '19 so my assumption is that they could be a surprise big spender this offseason. Farm system is good. They have a lot of upper minors SP depth. A trade for Edwin Encarnacion makes a lot of sense.
What are the Brewers going to do at 2nd?
Jason Martinez
Lots of options. I like Jed Lowrie. Daniel Murphy would also be nice fit. If they're confident that Keston Hiura will be on the team by mid-season, maybe they go with Derek Dietrich. He can slide into a utility role.
Will it take Senzel AND Trammel to get Kluber to Cincinnati?
Jason Martinez
Don't know if they're asking for both. I'm guessing one of them and really good 2nd and 3rd prospects might get it done. Reds aren't giving up both of those guys.
Astros add Brantley. Gattis, Gonzalez, and Keuchel remain unsigned. Could you see Gattis having to settle for a minor league deal with so many power hitting DH options available?
Jason Martinez
Unfortunately, I do. Need to have Nelson Cruz type of production to get an MLB contract as a DH-only.
We'll see, but I know teams value defensive versatility for their non-regulars because of the need to carry 13-14 pitchers on the 25-man roster.
Thad Levine
Is our farm system good enough to trade for a top tier SP?
Jason Martinez
Definitely. Royce Lewis, Alex Kirriloff and Brusdar Graterol would each be a strong centerpiece to any deal.
Correction on my Reds answer earlier ... "If they're willing to give up Senzel or Trammell, I would say pretty good. I'll put it this way. If Senzel is playing 3B for the Indians in 2019, Corey Knebel will be pitching for the Reds." Yes, I meant Corey Kluber. Apologies.
Are we going to legitimately upgrade our bullpen? If we do/don’t, will it be enough to make a WS run?
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