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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: December 20, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Still a slow offseason, but how about that Longoria trade? I was surprised. Giants didn't give up a whole lot and they'll probably add another impact bat before too long.
If you need a recap of how free agency has gone thus far, you can get caught up here ...
(In your opinion) Is Chacin the biggest addition the Brewers make this offseason or do you see them making another move(s)?
Jason Martinez
Adding to their rotation was the priority. Not too many other needs aside for maybe adding a 2B. Instead of adding an ace, they added a good mid-rotation starter (Chacin) and are taking a flyer on Gallardo. I think they'll get a 2B (Neil Walker, probably), but not expecting anything big.
Jeffrey A
Are the Rays in rebuild mode? Do you think they'll trade Archer?
Jason Martinez
I think they were already on the fence and the Stanton acquisition probably helped pushed them to become a seller. Hard to compete in a division with NY and BOS right now. If Longoria was traded, anyone is available. The price tag on Archer is much higher, though. 4 years of a legit No. 2 SP (No. 1 starter on many teams) at a team-friendly rate.
Hosmer update? Also, any other fun trades the Padres could be exploring? Yes, I’m a glass half full type of die hard fan.
Jason Martinez
Only update is that Boston is probably out and the Indians have been linked to Logan Morrison and Yonder Alonso. So they're probably interested in a cheaper option at 1B. Cardinals might be more focused on adding a 3B so Carpenter can stay at 1B. So nothing to suggest that the Padres aren't the favorite at this point as long as no other big market teams aren't in the picture.
I wouldn't rule out any "fun trades" when it comes to the Padres. The non-surprise deals would involve Hand, Headley or Solarte. If they get Hosmer, we can see something involving Myers or, more likely, Hunter Renfroe.
Is Britton still traceable if he comes back and does well in July?
Jason Martinez
Realistically, he'll be back at full strength by the All-Star break so he won't have much time. There were already questions about his elbow and now this. O's will have a hard time getting much back in a trade unless he absolutely dominates for a good 3-4 week period.
Is Chris Archer a realistic target for the phillies? that control sure looks good to me
Jason Martinez
Yes. Good farm system and maybe more payroll flexibility than any team in baseball. I expect them to make at least one more impact trade/signing this offseason.
Was the return for Longoria light? Usually taking on salary like that requires more
Jason Martinez
Longoria is still due around $85MM for the next 5 years, he's entering his age 32 season and he wasn't all that good in '17. Still, I was bit surprised that they didn't get more. They must really like Arroyo, who is from Florida and grew up a Rays fan. They could also flip Span for a mid-level prospect.
Yawn! Do the Pirates realize it's the off season yet? What if any moves are you anticipating?
Jason Martinez
Do the Pirates ever do anything exciting in the offseason? They don't like to trade their young talent and they don't spend on free agency. However, I do have a gut feeling that a McCutchen trade is going to happen in the near future.
Matty Klentak
Im trading an outfielder for a pitcher soon, right?
Jason Martinez
They have some depth there and all have good value. I was surprised with the Santana signing, but I'm assuming they were fine with Rhys Hoskins' defense in LF. If that's the case, I can see Odubel or Altherr heading elsewhere before the start of the season.
Who are teams with most legit shot at Harper next year
Jason Martinez
Cubs, Yankees, Phillies, Nats, Dodgers would be the favorites, in my opinion.
Are the White Sox really in on Machado? If so, why!?
Jason Martinez
If they did, it 's because they have enough farm system talent to make a deal without depleting their depth and because they'd feel better about their chances of a long-term deal if he had a good experience with them in '18.
Brandon Belt
I really want to get traded. What can the Giants get in return.
Jason Martinez
Not happening. Too many good 1B available in free agency and not enough jobs. Even if they wanted to trade Belt, the market isn't strong. Giants could also be very good in '18 as long as guys like Cueto and Melancon bounce back. Sounds like Jay Bruce could be a fit. I like Steven Duggar in CF. Potential lineup is very strong on paper ... Duggar, Belt, Longoria, Posey, Bruce, Pence, Crawford, Panik.
Matty Klentak's Doppleganger
Do the Phillies end up trading Caesar Hernandez to make room for Scott Kingery on the MLB roster? Any chance the fightins package Hernandez and an OF to acquire a controllable SP?
Jason Martinez
I think Hernandez is staying put for now. Not enough of a market, in my opinion. Only a handful of teams are looking for 2B. Kingery could end up at 3B if Franco struggles again. Or Franco could be traded.
Does Toronto have a shot at Lorenzo Cain?
Jason Martinez
Yep. They'll get one of the FA outfielders. I'd guess either Cain, Carlos Gonzalez or Carlos Gomez.
Any legit chance the Yankees trade for Machado ?
Jason Martinez
Orioles aren't trading him to NY. They should set an asking price that is ridiculously high.
Who is the LH reliever the A's sign? Watson?
Jason Martinez
I don't think they'll get Watson. Maybe someone from the next tier of lefty relievers ... Duensing, Abad, Logan, Duke, De La Rosa
Yo Jason, can you help me figure out how the Padres get Yelich without trading Gore, Tais, Baez, or Urias? Would something like Quantrill, Morejon, Renfroe, and Arias for Yelich and Prado or part of Chen's contract work?
Jason Martinez
Pretty confident they could get a deal done without Gore, Tatis, Baez or Urias. That's a pretty good offer led by Quantril/Morejon, in my opinion, especially if taking on Prado and his contract. Not sure they're ready to make that kind of splash, but that would certainly create some buzz.
Who do you think the Cubs get as a SP or do they go with mike m
Jason Martinez
I think it's Cobb or Darvish. While waiting on Cobb's price to come down, made sense to see if a deal with Darvish was a better value. Montgomery wants to start, but his versatility is so valuable to a contender. Can't go into the season with him penciled in for 30 starts. He'll get his chance eventually, but probably not with the Cubs.
Brian Cashman
Predict the starting pitcher I trade for will be.......
Jason Martinez
Gerrit Cole. I doubt the Rays will trade Archer or Odorizzi to the Yankees. Seems like a perfect fit on both sides. Only hold up is that the Pirates might not be ready to become sellers yet. If they trade Cutch, they can replace him with Meadows or a free agent. But if they trade Cole, it's hard to replace their best SP. I imagine that they're looking for creative ways to improve the roster. If they can't do that within a few weeks, I think they'll move Cole.
What's the sense in the Orioles listening to trades on Machado without allowing teams any time to discuss an extension?
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