MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: February 7. 2018
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Jason Martinez
Big day today! MiLB deals for Blaine Boyer, Ryan Flaherty and Craig Gentry. Russell Wilson traded to the Yankees. Hot Stove finally heating up!
is Darvish a real posibility for the yankees?
Jason Martinez
Looks like it might be difficult. Wouldn't leave them much room to do anything else and stay under the luxury tax threshold. I'm starting to think Moustakas could fit.
Jack F
2018 Detroit Tigers Predictions
Jason Martinez
Lots of losses and lots of trade rumors surrounding Michael Fulmer and any other player who is playing well.
Jason, where would you realistically say Darvish ends up now? Is Minnesota the favorite with them losing Santana?
Jason Martinez
If they were on the fence, Santana's injury might push them enough to make it happen. Even if Santana only ends up missing a start or two (best-case scenario), the surgery could affect his command. At least early on.
In any case, with Darvish, Arrieta, Cobb, Lynn all still available, the Twins probably still feel good enough about their chances and might not feel too much more urgency due to Santana's injury.
Domingo Santana for Mike Foltynewicz, who says no?
Jason Martinez
If the Braves had a bigger need in the OF, I think they could make something work. Brewers would probably have to add to the pot with maybe a mid-level prospect. But the Braves probably feel good enough with Markakis, Inciarte and Acuna that they won't sacrifice any of their pitching depth. A
Any legs to the lance Lynn to o's rumor?
Jason Martinez
I'm sure they're interested. They need at least 2 SPs and adding one of the best 4 free agents would help. O's like to wait things out, but that seems to be the approach of many teams this offseason.
Any upside in the Padres rotation we should keep an eye on or does that entire rotation need to be replaced before they have a chance to compete?
Jason Martinez
If we're looking ahead to '19 and '20, I think Perdomo is good enough to stay in the rotation. Hopefully, he'd be their No. 4 or 5 starter. Lamet definitely has the upside to stick. If he struggles in '18, his role on the next competitive Padres team could be in the 'pen. Mitchell will get a look this year. Padres took on Headley's salary on order to obtain him, so they obviously see something.
I can name 12 good-to-elite starting pitching prospects who have a chance to arrive by '20. If half of them pan out, the Padres will be in good shape.
What the hell is going on? With so many unsigned free agents this close to spring training, MLB seems to have a major problem on its hands.
Jason Martinez
If only the Cubs and Astros had failed in their rebuilds, teams would probably be giving long-term, big-money deals to guys in their early 30s. Teams are more likely than ever to stick with a 3-5 year rebuild. Padres, White Sox, Braves, Phillies all in really good shape a few years into their rebuild.

The #Orioles and #Indians spoke this past week about a potential trade for Manny Machado.
Jason Martinez
Indians have the elite prospect to headline the deal (Mejia or McKenzie) and enough depth to put together a pretty good package. Wouldn't be a major surprise. They'd probably have to trade Kipnis. Maybe not in that deal, but somewhere. And Mets no longer a fit.
Just a random commenter
Does Santana's injury make a need for a sp more important for the twins?
Jason Martinez
In my opinion, I think it does. They're a playoff contender, but they're not a team that's going to run away with the division. They can't afford to give away any games early in the season.
Gadsen Purchase
Is Arrieta to the Nats worth the tax penalty?
Jason Martinez
If they think he'd make a difference in the playoffs, it totally is worth it. I think they're good enough with their current roster to win that division with no problem at all. Does Arrieta make a difference in the playoffs as their 3rd best starter, assuming Scherzer and Strasburg are healthy? At this point, I say "go for it". Their roster has been too good over the past few years to not have any playoff success.
Jacob K, Seattle
Could you see DiPoto taking a chance on Lincecum on a minor league deal? Intriguing match with many analysts saying Seattle needs at least one other starting pitcher
Jason Martinez
Yes. They'll have lots of competition if his showcase goes well. And I always love a good story. Lincecum signing with his hometown team would be fun.
Tommy Titan
Are you really surprised that Wasserman Agency cut ties with Puig? That seems pretty harsh for a person who did good in the postseason.
Jason Martinez
Nope. Puig is an interesting guy who has a history of poor choices. I'm not saying that's why they cut ties with him. But I wouldn't be surprised if he did something that made them say "enough is enough".
Tony Watson
Going to the Angels seems like a perfect fit, what aren’t they calling me?
Jason Martinez
Toronto and Houston are also great fits. Angels should be focused on adding another starting pitcher. Not sure if they can add a SP and Watson.
I think a 1year/9 million contract for CarGo to White Sox. Thoughts?
Jason Martinez
I think he can get a lot more on a 1-yr deal ($15-18MM) and I think he can get that from a playoff contender.
Don Mossi
Your comment on Moose to NYY.  A gut feeling or some inside info?
Jason Martinez
I don't have inside info. Just doing some math and looking at potential fits. He doesn't have that many options. If he has to settle for a 1-2 yr deal, I think he'll opt to play on that stacked Yankees team.
Why would Cleveland trade one of their top two prospects for one year of Machado?
Jason Martinez
It would be a "win-now" move. Machado takes that team to another level. If things go horribly, they can trade him in July and possibly get an elite prospect back. It's a risky move. But I'd consider the Indians as being "one-player away from being a World Series contender".
If the Mets get another starter, are they playoff bound?
Jason Martinez
It sure would help. As things stand, I'd say their success is highly dependent on the health of their rotation. Adding another reliable starter who can give them 25+ starts and 150+ IP would take some pressure off and make them less reliant on Matz, Wheeler, Harvey bouncing back.
Assuming JDM eventually signs with Boston, where would he fit in the OF with Moreland/Hanley already occupying the 1B/DH spots?
Jason Martinez
JDM would be full-time DH. Hanley would be relegated to 1B against LHP. He struggled against lefties in '17, but good numbers against them in his career.
Toronto OF
Do we need to make a trade?  Do we have a surplus of OF's here now?  Is Teoscar Hernandez going back to Buffalo the best play right now?  Does Steve Pearce have any trade value at all?
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