MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: January 31, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Welcome. Hey, we had a blockbuster trade (Yelich) and an impact free agent sign (Cain) the day after our last chat! And then mostly crickets again.
Is my boy Hoz coming back home to KC?
Jason Martinez
It's an interesting case. Are they clearing salary so they can afford him? And if they are, why would he want to sign with a team that might have, arguably, one of the worst rosters in baseball right now and a really bad farm system (29th in the league, according to Baseball America).
Of course, it might not matter as much if he's asking for 8 years. Realistically, they could be contending again within 2-4 years so the state of the team now might not make a big difference.
Mike Rizzo
Do I acquire realmuto this off-season?
Whats your package from Nats for realmuto? They don't want to give up Robles/Soto
Jason Martinez
If they can get it done without giving up Robles or Soto, I can see it happening. Might need to wait the Marlins out a bit longer. Or they could just play it safe and sign Jonathan Lucroy to a 1-yr deal.
Probably depends on how much the Marlins like their next best prospects after Robles/Soto. One or two of Carter Kieboom, Seth Romero and Erick Fedde would likely be part of that package.
Or maybe Brian Goodwin interests them. He still has 5 years of team control and looked better than expected in the Majors in '17.
Rickey Vaughn
If the Padres don't land Hosmer, what's their plan B.?
Jason Martinez
Plan B is likely to stand pat. They feel Hosmer is a special case because he's a young player who could be had for a lot cheaper this offseason. If they sign him at their price, they'd just move Myers to the OF and let Pirela/Renfroe/Cordero compete for at-bats at the other corner spot.
That Guy
Do you see the Astros making any other significant additions before the season starts?
Jason Martinez
Not sure if they're done, but a late-inning lefty reliever would help. Tony Watson is still available. Not sure if Brad Hand is available anymore. If he is, it would probably cost a lot more than the Astros are willing to give up.
Any rumors around moving Gennet or Suarez making room for Senzel?
Jason Martinez
I don't think so. I wouldn't expect Senzel before June, at the earliest, so trading one of their best hitters now to clear a spot for him doesn't make sense.
I thought there was a chance that Suarez would move over to SS once Senzel was ready, but I haven't heard anything to hint at that and their GM recently said that Phil Gosselin was likely the backup SS. I translated that to mean that they don't see Suarez as a SS, not even occasionally. So it will be interesting to see how they make room for Senzel if he forces his way to the Majors by mid-season.
If the Brewers don't move any position players between now and opening day how will they be able to get everyone enough ABs?
Jason Martinez
Everyone has options. I don't think they're worried about Phillips and Broxton. If they're in AAA the entire season, it means that their IF was healthy and productive. Braun hasn't had more than 580 PAs over the past 5 seasons. He'll get his rest and maybe he'll get some starts at 1B. Still, it's a good team with a deep bench (Jesus Aguilar, Sogard, Hernan Perez, Domingo Santana) so they won't be able to make everyone happy. Winning the division will make it all better, though.
BoSox fan
With the A’s adding Brandon Moss, do u think they might consider a Khris Davis trade now?  He makes more sense for the Red Sox over another long term mistake Contract to JDM, right?
Jason Martinez
It's an interesting thought. There is no room for Moss in the starting lineup. He was in the trade so KC could dump some of his salary, Now Billy Beane has a trade chip, but I doubt he's limiting that to Moss. I'm sure he'll listen on Joyce and Davis, too.
Nick Ulfers
What are the odds the White Sox can get the second wild card this year?
Jason Martinez
Slim to none. It's going to be ugly, but White Sox fans should get a good glimpse at the future with Moncada playing everyday and Giolito, Lopez in the rotation to start the season. It will be even better if Eloy Jimenez can force himself into the picture at some point. Same with Michael Kopech, Alec Hansen and/or Dane Dunning. So much talent on the way. Just not fast enough to be good in '18.
Jeff Edmunds
Hi Jason Any moves by the Jays still to be made? Carlos Gonzalez would look a good pickup. How do feel about Luke Maille backing up Martin?
Jason Martinez
I'd probably rule CarGo out. Granderson and Grichuk will be the corner OFs. I think their focus is on pitching. With Russell Martin entering his age-35 season, I'd be more comfortable with a more established backup. Not too many good options out there, though. Carlos Ruiz or Miguel Montero are options.  In any case, Danny Jansen could be close to the Majors. He had a breakout season in '17 and finished in AAA.
Who breaks camp as SFs 5th starter
Jason Martinez
Stratton and Blach have the edge for the 4 and 5 spots. Both are deserving after how they pitched in '17. I think Andrew Suarez will give them a run for their money. I think Tyler Beede is in the rotation by June.
Would a player like Carlos Gonzalez make sense for the Mariners?
Jason Martinez
Do I prefer CarGo over Ben Gamel? Heck yes. Do I prefer CarGo at 1 yr, $15MM over Ben Gamel? Probably, but I'd rather spend that $ on starting pitching.
if you had to guess what uniform am I wearing opening day
Jason Martinez
I'll go with Mets.
Do you see the Pirates doing anything?
Jason Martinez
I think they'll sign an OF as a stop-gap to Austin Meadows.
Frazier a fit for Atlanta at 3rd?
Jason Martinez
On a 1-yr deal, yes. If Mets or Yankees don't give him a 2-yr deal, it could be a bidding war on a 1-yr deal between NYY, NYM and ATL.
Does Erasmo Ramirez have any upside as the Mariners #5 SP... or is Dipoto better off investing in a FA SP?
Jason Martinez
He's their No. 4 right now. He was really good after they acquired him last July. Had a quality start in 7 of last 9.
Brewers trade Domingo Santana and a prospect to Indians for Danny Salazar..fair trade?
Jason Martinez
Depends on the prospect, I guess. I've been curious about corner OFs being connected to the Indians. Brantley is back. He'll be in LF. Chisenhall missed half the season, but had an .881 OPS and 12 HR. He's the RF. Santana might be an upgrade, but he also might not be. So why trade Salazar for him?
Does skiny Schwarber hit more HRs than fat Schwarber?
Jason Martinez
Skinny doesn't translate to more power. The question is whether he can have a better overall season while maintaining power (30-35 HR).
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