MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: July 11, 2018
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Jason Martinez
20 days until the Trade Deadline! Getting pretty close to #HugWatch time.
Where does Machado go brewers Dodgers or Yankees
Jason Martinez
I'll go with the Dodgers. I wouldn't be surprised by either. All can offer a MLB-ready OF prospect (Brett Phillips, Alex Verdugo, Clint Frazier) and pitching prospect(s).
Houston, we have a problem....
Does the situation with Giles increase the likelihood that the Strohs will make a move for a big bullpen arm, or do they have enough to get by without him?
Jason Martinez
Yesterday's incident just magnifies their need to solidify their late-inning relief. They don't trust Giles. Rondon has been good and they have depth. But that team is too good to allow a weak bullpen hurt them in October.
They'll acquire someone. A lefty would be ideal. Several contenders need bullpen help and their are plenty of good relievers who should be available.
Twins Fan
Who do you think we will trade at the deadline?
Jason Martinez
Should be busy. Dozier, Escobar, Lynn and Rodney all likely to be dealt.
INJURY UPDATE on Garrett Richards ...  UCL damage. Bummer, although not totally unexpected.
Who can the Padres count on as their core?
Jason Martinez
To be determined. As of now, I'd say Hosmer, Myers, Margot, Urias, Franchy (probably), Tatis, Hand (if not traded). Lucchesi, Lauer are good mid-rotation guys. Lots of really good arms in the minors who can emerge in the next year or two. They need another impact bat and a frontline starter i order to be a playoff contender.
How long of a leash does Giolito have in the rotation?
Jason Martinez
It's a rebuilding season so they'll let him learn on the job and hopefully figure things out. He's had his moments. Inconsistent, but only a few terrible outings.
Hey jason do you see dodgers moving Grandal Forsythe and 1 outfielder soon
Jason Martinez
Not Grandal. He's too important to their team. Forsythe doesn't have any trade value. I do think they could trade from their OF depth. Not sure they'd trade Verdugo for a rental, though.
Jays fan
Do the jays have a legitimate big 3 in Vlad jr/bichette and 1 of biggio/alford/jensen plus the international player they signed his name escapes me. Sounds more like a sweet 6
Jason Martinez
Yep. That should be a fun group to watch for years. Could see them all in the Majors by 2019.
Is it possible the Astros could trade Ken the fist Giles if Cionel Perez performs well?
Jason Martinez
Probably not. His trade value is probably as low as it's ever been. Sending him to AAA is good enough if they wanted addition by subtraction. Doesn't need to be sent to another team for very little in return.
Which 3 players are the Pirates most likely to trade?
Jason Martinez
Wouldn't be surprised if they did nothing. Mercer and Harrison are the only free agents-to-be, I think. Harrison has  2 club options. I'm guessing they'll be motivated to trade both. Harrison has more value due to versatility, but also a higher salary. They'll listen on Felipe Vazquez, but the price will be high.
Garrett Richards UCL damage. Angels done for the year?
Jason Martinez
Most likely. And 2019 if he needs TJ surgery. If that's the case, he'll get a contract similar to Eovaldi, Smyly, Pineda this offseason that allows him to rehab in 2019 and be ready to contribute in 2020.
Has Tyson Ross destroyed his trade value?
Jason Martinez
He's still been very good overall. but allowing 15 ER over his last 2 starts doesn't help. Since it's only a 2-3 month rental, teams will likely shy away if a player is struggling in July.
Angels have any other trade chips?
Jason Martinez
Not really. Maybe Blake Parker, but he still has 2 1/2 years of club control so they don't have to trade him.
Does the Richards injury mean we see Canning in the rotation this season?
Jason Martinez
Chances improve that Suarez or Canning get a look in '18, but it's probably unlikely. Skaggs and Tropeano due back soon. They could still give starts to McGuire and maybe another waiver claim.
Kiermaier's Piercing Green Eyes
What is Nate Eovaldi worth?
Jason Martinez
He is a rental and has made only 8 starts this season after missing all of '17. But he's been outstanding and I'm sure there will be plenty of interest. Not sure what kind of value he'll have. Very rare situation. Some risk, but so much upside.
The marlins are telling team starling Castro is available but is any team really interested in him
Jason Martinez
Which contenders really need a 2B? Maybe the Brewers, but I don't know if they'd view him as a much of an upgrade over Brad Miller/Jonathan Villar.
Jeff Stone
Don't the Phillies have to do something soon ?
Jason Martinez
They're in 1st place in a good division with the team they started with. But that Manny Machado guy sure would help a lot. Not sure they're ready to do something like that.
Everyone knows that Mike Trout is best player in baseball.  But one part of his game that you think he can still improve and/or doesn't get appreciated enough.
Jason Martinez
Just needs to get back to the post-season so he can improve on his 1-for-12. But that's not his fault.
Ok, so hear me out on this one.....the Nats should DEFINITELY trade Harper. Even without him they can compete for a playoff spot this year. Soto is the replacement for Harper, and a starting outfield of LF Soto, CF Taylor (with Robles coming soon), and RF Eaton can definitely contend for a playoff spot. The players they can gain from a Harper trade can be key pieces in the upcoming years, or they can take some of those players and send them to Miami for Realmuto who is still under control for 2 more years affordably. Although I don't think Rizzo will do it, trading Harper before the deadline DEFINITELY helps them starting in 2019, and doesn't really hurt their chances for a playoff spot in 2018 that much. Thoughts?
Jason Martinez
They can trade Harper and still be really good and it would benefit them in the future. But this team has been really good for so long and haven't had much post-season success. They are not going to take any chances of weakening their roster right now. That would be fun if they decided to do that, though.
Beane ball
Should I call up stud pitching prospect LHP Jesus Luzardo for the stretch run or just trade for a vet pitcher?
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