MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: June 20, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Thanks for stopping by! Since my last chat, a player with decent value (Kelvin Herrera) was traded for 3 prospects that most people have never heard of.
Do you think the reds will trade raisel iglesias? If so, to which team and guess the return?
Jason Martinez
I think they'll make him available. I think the price will be high, as it should be. And I think it's unlikely that a trade happens before the offseason.
How is it possible that James Shields has any trade value? He has been fine over the last few months but has everyone forgotten how atrocious he was for the last few seasons?
Jason Martinez
It will cost a team very little to acquire him and many contenders would trust him down the stretch over their current options.
hopeful padres fan
heard jon morosi suggest myers straight up for syndergaard would get a deal done. there's no way that is close to enough, right?
Jason Martinez
There is no chance that happens and I really hope he didn't suggest that. Even if the Padres took on some of Myers' contract, that's not even close to a fair deal for 3+ years of Syndergaard.
What will the Blue Jays be up to?
Jason Martinez
A lot going on. Listening on trades for just about any veteran player on their roster with value ... Happ, Estrada, Donaldson, Tepera, Clippard and also keeping an open mind on Marcus Stroman.
Future looks bright with Vlad Jr., Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio closing in on the Majors.
Does the underwhelming return of Kelvin Herrera hurt the rental market for Machado? Could we be seeing another underwhelming return?
Jason Martinez
Probably no effect at all. The return for most rentals will be underwhelming (see J.D. Martinez to ARZ) so the return for Machado might be less than most people expect. But I still think they'll get 2 very good prospects.
Nick B
Will the twins be sellers or buyers?
Jason Martinez
To be determined. Only 6 games out in the division and the Indians have some weaknesses on their roster. As long as they don't fall any further behind, I think they'll be looking to add in late July.
Pads fan
Who would be most likely to overpay for a package of Ross and Hand?
Jason Martinez
Dodgers, mostly because they're in the same division. But also because Hand/Ross would be a perfect fit.
In the wake of the Longoria injury, are the Giants Sellers this year?
Jason Martinez
Not at all. They're in the division and WC race. If Cueto and Samardzija come back healthy, they'll be a legitimate threat in the NL. Longoria will be back to help down the stretch.
Why have the Braves not called up Evan Phillips yet to help their average bullpen?
Jason Martinez
I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a look very soon so the Braves can decide how badly they really need late-inning relief help before the trade deadline.
Bowden mentioned a trade fit between the Reds and the Indians. Indians trade Mejia and Beiber for Iglesias and Garrett.  Your thoughts....
Jason Martinez
It makes a lot of sense. Indians need a lot of bullpen help, but I'd expect at least one other top prospect and more if they're getting back Iglesias and Garrett.
Zach Meyers
Hey Jason... any chance the Phillies take on the contract of Chris Davis to get rentals such as Zach Britton and Manny Machado?
Jason Martinez
Doubtful. He's owed like $80MM and wouldn't have a spot on their team. Even if they paid only $25MM of it, that's a lot for 2 rentals.
Jeff Burns
if the Yankees acquire J.A. Happ what would they have to give up?
Jason Martinez
Maybe one of their top 10-15 prospects.
Staying on topic ...
Thoughts on Crawford , lively and Thompson to headline a deal to bring Machado to philly ?
Jason Martinez
I can see Crawford or Franco (more likely) included in a deal but the headliner would be one of their top prospects. Thompson/Lively don't have much value.
William Beane
What kind of return does Treinen get right now? Top 50 prospect++ ?
Jason Martinez
I wouldn't go that far. But his value is on the rise (not on the same level as Iglesias/Hand) and I can see the A's getting a good return for him.
Who is untouchable in Oakland?
Jason Martinez
No such thing as "untouchable". Only guys who have a trade value that exceeds what any team can offer (see Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Jose Ramirez). A's will listen on everyone, even Sean Manaea. But I expect them to continue building around Matt Chapman, Matt Olson, Manaea.
Elon's Musk
Could Realmuto return Tucker or Robles?
Jason Martinez
I want to say no. However, the Marlins don't have to trade Realmuto and would be smart to ask for a prospect of that caliber. The emergence of Juan Soto makes Robles slightly more expendable and the Astros could decide that it's worth trading a top OF prospect for one of the best MLB catchers in the game. So I wouldn't rule it out.
Has the Indians Fransico Mejia's value dropped enough so that he could no longer headline a deal for a quality ML player? I am thinking of someone like Iglesias?
Jason Martinez
I don't think his value has dropped much, if at all. He's playing the OF and he's young so he should get a pass for his early season struggles. He's also heating up (16-for-37 in his last 10 games).
Will the Phillies ever stop playing Kingery at SS? His defense is atrocious there.
Jason Martinez
Less chance of it happening anytime soon now that Crawford is on the DL again. It's a head-scratcher. He's not hitting enough to be playing out of position.
Juan Soto
Am I the best player alive?
Jason Martinez
Tied with Vlad Jr. for best 19-year-old player alive.
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