MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: March 22, 2017
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Yandy Diaz this year's Jose Ramirez for the Tribe?
Jason Martinez
No. Considered a work in progress defensively at 3B, so I can't imagine he's very good at 2B or LF. Dude can hit, though, and one of the rare minor leaguers who can walk as much as he strikes out. I can see him working his way into the mix at some point.
Does Jose Martinez make the team for the Cardinals?
Jason Martinez
Looks like that last bench spot is between Pham and Martinez. If they're fine with Martinez's defense in LF (Grichuk can be the backup CF), I think he has a really good shot. I don't know much about his defense, though. It's as important as his bat in regards to a bench spot. And Pham can play all 3 OF spots and he was good at the plate last season.
With Will Smith out, I would like to see the Giants put Blach in his spot and give the 5th starter spot to Beede when Cain is terrible again like he has been for 4 years running. Thoughts?
Jason Martinez
I think Blach is a much safer choice in the rotation than Beede if it comes down to that. By moving Blach to the bullpen now, that takes him out of the mix to be their "next in line" starter and thins out their depth. I think they're fine to go with Okert and Osich and maybe add Blach to the mix if either of those guys struggles.
Gotta run. This coffee shop is kicking me out. Same time and place next week. Thanks for chatting!