MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: May 2, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Welcome! I see leadoff man Bryce Harper just homered. Bud Norris got another save! Royals on pace for 118 losses. Already a fun baseball day.
When do we see Luis urias? Asuaje needs to go
Jason Martinez
That link is to yesterday's "Knocking Down The Door".
Howdy Jason! How likely is it that Manny will actually end up with the Dodgers?  Such a good idea, but lots of good ideas are ignored
Jason Martinez
The ones that make the most sense rarely seem to happen. I actually think this one will get done. Just not right away. But if they do want him, I think they'll try to make a deal before too many other teams jump into the mix in mid-to-late July. They have the prospects, but I think it will take some creativity for financial reasons. So maybe a mid-to-late June trade for Verdugo and one of their other top prospects (not Buehler).
When are the Phillies going to realize that Vince Velasquez isn’t a starter?
Jason Martinez
Not sure what the Phillies think, but he could be out of the rotation as soon as Jerad Eickhoff returns in a few weeks. If he goes to the minors, I think they'll stick with him as a starter and let him figure things out. Probably no need to move him to the bullpen anytime soon. He might end up there. Maybe in '19 as long as they're happy with their SP depth.
Do the Brewers have one of the best pens in baseball?
Jason Martinez
Oh yeah. At least top 5. Maybe the best if Knebel returns to his '17 form once he's off the DL.
Thanks for the chat Jason!  Who do you have as the starting 5 for the Braves July 1st or so...Newcomb, Gohara, Soroka, McCarthy, Teheran, Folty, Sanchez, Wisler?
Jason Martinez
I think the current 5 will remain intact barring an injury. We'll see how Soroka does in starts 2-4, but he looks like the real deal. Sanchez would be a good long man/6th starter. Gohara has not been good.
Happ, Montgomery, Russell for Machado. Too much or not enough?
Jason Martinez
Too much for a rental.
Besides Carlos martinez being the cardinals new slugger, is he top 5 in Cy Young race
Jason Martinez
For sure. He's up there with Scherzer/Corbin/deGrom.
When do you expect Calhoun to be called up by the rangers
Jason Martinez
Needs to start hitting first. He's nowhere close to what he was in AAA/AA the last couple of seasons.
That Girl
I read an article somewhere where  a reporter had an interview with Bob Castellini.  Do you know that he said that they expect the Reds to play .500 ball the rest of the way? What planet is he on?!  Thoughts?
Jason Martinez
They're on pace to lose 124 games. I think that's an MLB record. It's really hard to lose 124 games so I think they'll play better. Playing .500 is probably a stretch, but not impossible. I've seen some really bad teams play .500 ball for 3-4 months and no one notices because they were 20 games under in May.
Looks like Brandon Drury might be out of a job considering how well Miguel Andujar has played.
Jason Martinez
Probably. Drury and Neil Walker were brought in as stop-gaps for Torres/Andujar and also versatile enough to be valuable off the bench. Don't think there will be room for both of them in a utility role, though. Both would be a better fit in the NL, in my opinion.
Thanks for your time Jason.... Do the brewers try out hader as a starter at some point?
Jason Martinez
Doubtful. He is too valuable in his current role. Probably best not to mess with a good thing. He wasn't quite ready to be a reliable MLB starter and they don't know how he'd transition back. Some injury risk, too.
Pads fan
Is Franchy Cordero playing himself into being a part of the future core?
Jason Martinez
Yes. They don't want to take him out of the lineup now. Even if he strikes out 200+ times, his speed/power helps them in almost every game he plays.
Nick Ahmed
Am I finally breaking out from being a glove first player?
Jason Martinez
You'll slow down a bit, but definitely a plus defender with 20+ HR potential. That's pretty valuable.
Vlad Fan
Do you realistically think the Jays will call up Vlad Jr. before the end of the season or does he spend all of 2018 in the minors?
Jason Martinez
Yes. What he's doing in AA as a 19-year-old is ridiculous. I don't see how he doesn't help that lineup in '18. He can flat out hit.
If melancon comes back will he be the closer right away?
Jason Martinez
Nope. Almost 2 years since he's been healthy/reliable. He can get the job back, but I think he'll be in a similar situation as Greg Holland with STL.
When will we see Eloy Jimenez?
Jason Martinez
I think he forces his way to the Majors by mid-to-late July.
Any real update on Cueto? I have a bad feeling about his outlook.
Jason Martinez
If he's seeking multiple opinions, the news is not good. I always expect the worst when a pitcher's elbow hurts. If they return to action without surgery, I always think the elbow will hurt again at some point. That's why pitching depth is so important.
Old Timey Prospector
What are your thoughts on Fernando Romero's start today?
Jason Martinez
5.2 shutout innings in his MLB debut. I've been hearing good things about that kid for a few years so not a big surprise. Twins are in good shape despite their record. 5-6 reliable starting pitchers and only a few games out in the division.
Do you see Jose Bautista coming up and making an impact soon
Jason Martinez
Not in the way he did a few years back, but I think he'll contribute. I doubt he'll play everyday, but he'll have some big hits if they play him a few times per week and he's give them some power off the bench down the stretch.
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