MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: May 23, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Welcome. Yankees No. 3 hitter Didi Gregorius just his 1st HR in May after hitting 10 in April. Pirates No. 3 hitter Francisco Cervelli just tied his career high with his 7th HR. He has a .952 OPS and is on pace for 25 HR. Don't ever be surprised by anything in this game.
Mr met
Joey Bats, really Mets! Nothing even sitting in AAA?
Jason Martinez
Doesn't hurt to find out (for the league minimum) if he can be better than Phillip Evans. That's who he's replacing as the LF versus left-handed pitching.
Phillies Fan
Are we bringing back Hamels
Jason Martinez
Would be fun, but they have enough starting pitching. Well, you can never have enough starting pitching. So I should just say it's not a priority at this time.
And they have Enyel De Los Santos, one of my "Knocking Down The Door" picks, waiting in the wings ...
Ryan Bollinger
Chances I make my MLB debut today?
Jason Martinez
Very good. Yankees have a 3-run lead and Sabathia threw 20 pitches in the 1st inning. So Yankees could have a big lead (good spot for an MLB debut) and they might have to go to their bullpen early.
Enrique Martinez
Dude talk to me about the dbacks please......will they need to make some sort of trade(s) to fix whatever is going on?
Jason Martinez
Not this early in the season. They just need to get everyone healthy and Goldschmidt needs to get going. All teams have injuries, but they've been hit hard ... Pollock, Taijuan, Lamb, Ray, Souza etc.
Didi Gregorius
My home run total at the end of the season?
Jason Martinez
I think he gets 30-32. That beats his career high by at least 5.
Braves for life.
I appreciate these chat sessions Jason.  What would be any realistic trade pieces for the Braves to pursue leading up the the trade deadline that would push this scrappy bunch into serious playoff contention?
Jason Martinez
I think Machado is a realistic target, although my guess is that they play it safe and add one veteran bench player and a late-inning reliever to help Vizcaino/Minter.
Do you think that the reds might actually get a decent prospect for harvey?
Jason Martinez
Not a prospect who is in the Top 20 of any organization. But if he keeps it up, maybe they can get a low level prospect who is raw but has a high ceiling.
When does Austin Riley get the call for the Braves?   Will he help Atlanta make the post season in 2018?
Jason Martinez
I think he gets the call this season. They trust Johan Camargo, though, so they'll be patient. He's struggled in AAA. Take away his 3-HR game and he's 12-for-51 with 0 HR and 1 2B.
Will Mike Scioscia settle on one closer most likely?  And if so will it be Blake Parker?
Jason Martinez
He settled on Bud Norris early last season and Parker late in the year. He appeared to have settled on Middleton this year before his injury. So I think he'll settle on someone soon. My $ would be on Parker.
Jays should have their fire sale now instead of July right?
Jason Martinez
I don't think they give up anytime soon. They're only 2 games under .500 and 5.5 out in the WC race. There is also the potential that Vlad Jr. could energize them and ignite that hot streak that gets them right back in it.
What's a reasonable return from the Rockies for Jose Abreu?
Jason Martinez
I think they could get him for 3 good MLB-ready or close-to-MLB ready players. How about this? 1. David Dahl or Raimel Tapia  2. Ryan McMahon or Garrett Hampson.  3. Jeff Hoffman or Yency Almonte.
Any that might even be a bit much for 1 1/2 seasons of Abreu.
Why aren’t Rockies promoting tom murphy?
Jason Martinez
I think Tony Wolters is a better compliment/better fit as a backup to Iannetta because he's a lefty hitter/good defender.
Why can’t jays fans just be patient with vlad jr.?
Jason Martinez
The kid is going to be a star and his bat appears to be MLB-ready right now. The common fan doesn't think too much about defense (where will he play and is he a good enough defender?). I think he can make a big impact now as the DH. But the Jays also want him to work on his 3B defense, which he wouldn't get to do much in the Majors as long as Josh Donaldson is healthy.
Tyson Ross
Hey hey, look at me!  Looks like I could help a contender with my 3.13 ERA, 64ks in 60 Innings, and consistent 6(+) innings each outing.  I'd have to bring back a decent prospect, and probably a pretty decent haul if they pair me with one (or two) of my teammates in the bullpen, right?
Jason Martinez
Preller missed his chance to trade Ross a few years ago. I think he makes up for it this time. Could definitely bring back a decent prospect (Top 8-15ish in a good farm system).
DC Walgreens
Is Juan Soto here to stay?
Jason Martinez
I think so. Needs to hit, obviously. But I think he's valuable enough on a contender that they'd keep him around even when Eaton is healthy in 6-8 wks (probably).
What is the outlook for AJ Reed at this point? Monster year in the minors 2 years ago but did't pan out in his first few stints when called up. Is he still decent value for a trade at the deadline? Marisnick has been given every opportunity to succeed and hasn't impressed. What could they bring back in a package deal?
Jason Martinez
Not a lot of value at this point. They have a lot of guys who mash in AAA, but are more versatile. I think he'll eventually get a shot with another organization, but trade value isn't all that great for a 1B.
David, Sydney, Aus
Morning Jason (it is in Australia anyway). Just seeing if you think the Giants might put Madbum up for a trade and if so what it might take from the Yanks to land him? Thanks.
Jason Martinez
You never know, but I don't think they'll trade him during the season. They'll pick up his very team-friendly $12MM option for '19 and at least listen to offers during the offseason while also exploring a long-term extension. He is one of the guys I'd like to see stay with one organization his entire career.
Any updates on lincecum?
Jason Martinez
Appears on track for early June, in my opinion. He's pitched 2 innings in his last 2 rehab appearances. He hasn't been great, but he hasn't been awful. Pitched 2 innings with 1 ER allowed in his last 2 appearances.
Daniel Mengdens Moustache
AJ Pollock, Josh Donaldson, and Brian Dozier... who gets more in FA?
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