MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: May 24, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Great news, everyone. Sonny Gray's trade value is on the rise—3 consecutive strong starts, including today's 11-K gem.—so Sonny Gray trade questions are acceptable.
More great news! I've launched a new feature at Roster Resource that will help you track a team's starting pitching depth. Check it out and let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions ...
Matt E
How concerned should Giants fans be about Cueto?
Jason Martinez
Not too much. I think 6 of his 10 starts have been really good and 3 others weren't bad. Ask me again if he's really bad in one of his next two starts.
When will the first big trade be made this season?
Jason Martinez
Early July.
With the Braves playing really good ball right now and hanging around in the East/Wildcard do you see them maybe going after a Chris Archer or Sonny Gray if they are still in the same position around the break?
Jason Martinez
I can see that. A few of their very good prospects (Allard, Acuña, Soroka) are really making a case to become elite prospects. Playing well in AA at age 19 will do that. Those are the types of players that it will cost for an impact starting pitcher with years of club control.
Longtime Listener, First-time Ca
If you are Brian Cashman and the Yankees are in a playoff position come July, do you consider selling veterans who might not have long term value? I guess it depends on the return though.
Jason Martinez
Not really. If they're not important pieces to the team, they won't have much trade value, anyways.
What do you say about promoting Rogelio Armenteros up to the major leagues to start for the Astros?
Jason Martinez
Not at this point. If I'm looking at a starting pitching prospect who can possibly make the jump to the majors, the one thing I look at is whether he's working deep into games. Don't think he's gone past 5 IP or thrown more than 90 pitches. They're not rushing him.
Hi Jason - Why don't YOU tell us what a fair Robertson to Nats trade would look like. Please. For my sanity.
Jason Martinez
I believe the price was 2 mid-level prospects (3B Drew Ward and RP Jesus Luzardo) before the season and I don't think it's changed. Because Robertson has pitched so well and the Nats have bullpen issues, I think they're more likely to take on more $ to get a deal done. Those names sound about right, though. Upper minor position player (not much upside) and a low-level pitcher with some upside.
Who do you think the Rockies should go after more In the trade market? A starter or a reliever?
Jason Martinez
They need a starting pitcher who can eat innings and is capable of making quality starts at Coors. The 4 rookies (Marquez, Freeland, Senzatela, Hoffman) have been terrific but Rockies can't rely on them to keep this up down the stretch.
The Halos have five starters on the DL (Richards, Heaney, Tropiano, Meyer, and and Tyler Skaggs. They have Street and Bedrosian on the DL. How on earth are they hovering above .500?
Jason Martinez
Always helps to have the best player in the world on your team. Plus, they have a handful of guys playing much better than expected .... JC Ramirez. Bud Norris, Blake Parker. Maybin's heating up. It's not a bad team. Maybe not a playoff team, but certainly a .500 team or better.
Hypothetically, if the Brewers wanted Quintana, what would be a reasonable offer that the Sox would consider? Lewis Brinson + Luis Ortiz + Trent Clark + Zach Davies enough?
Jason Martinez
Two or three Top 100 prospects gets the conversation started and the Brewers have at least 6 of those guys. Really depends on how much the Sox like Brinson since he'd be the key to the deal. I think they have the pieces. Not sure they want to do that at this point. I think they're just happy to be much better than expected so soon.
Luke Weaver
What will it take for me to get a look in the bigs this year?
Jason Martinez
An injury. You're probably the No. 6 starter, but that rotation is good.
Could the braves be a dark horse for G.Cole trade rumors?
Jason Martinez
I don't even think they'd be a darkhorse. They could be a favorite. They have the trade chips to do something big. Just need to keep winning and have a realistic chance to get to the playoffs.
Don Dilly
You answered a quintana question about the brewers. You answered a question about the Rockies needing a starting pitcher. Please answer my Brendan Rodgers + more to the Sox for Quintana question. Any chance?!??!?
Jason Martinez
Sure. The Rockies definitely have the trade chips to get something done. But what if Quintana totally sucks at Coors Field? He has 1 career game there and he pitched well (7 IP, 2 ER), but still risky to give up 3 top prospects.
Twins- buyers or sellers at deadline?
Jason Martinez
Buyers. Jose Berrios seems to have figured it out. They still need another starting pitcher, though. In fact, they shouldn't wait until the deadline.
Tony Mannix
Jason who will the Cubs move to get a SP, their 4 and 5 in the rotation are horrible.
Jason Martinez
If they need rotation help in July, I can see them giving up Jeimer Candelario for a good mid-rotation starter with at least 3 years of club control. I think they'll be patient with the current group, though.
Should White Sox fans be worried about Lucas Giolito yet?
Jason Martinez
A little bit. If he's struggling in Triple-A one year from now, they should really be worried.
Joe Kerr
Who do you think will be the next prospect called up that will make an impact pushing a team into the playoffs?
Jason Martinez
Not sure how soon, but I'm starting to think Gleyber Torres can be that guy. Started at 3B in his 1st AAA game with Chase Headley in a 5-for-47 slump. Not a coincidence.
Does albies get called up soon?
Jason Martinez
Don't think so. Where would he play? Swanson is hitting again. Phillips is having a good season.
Nugget McGinty
Has Bud Norris pitched well enough to net a multi-year deal this offseason?
Jason Martinez
If Joe Blanton could only get a 1-yr deal after pitching as well as he did in '15-16, I think Norris would also have a hard time. Both have inconsistent track records so teams might not want to take a risk.
Do you think Banda will be in the in the dbacks rotation this year?
Jason Martinez
Yes, I think they'll need him at some point. He's already on the 40-man roster. Maybe by mid-season.
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