MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: November 1, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Happy MLB Offseason's Eve! I've spent the last month updating 30 offseason depth charts/projected rosters at Roster Resource ...
Our MLBTR team has also been discussing Top 50 Free Agents (coming soon), projected contracts/destinations. In other words, I'm ready to talk free agency, team needs, potential trades and anything else related to the offseason.
Giants Fan
Would Giants sign any top bats in FA
Jason Martinez
I think they have room to add a 3B or OF. If they can free up some $ by trading Span, maybe both. Ideally, I think they'd be able to land a CF (maybe Lorenzo Cain) and then find a cheaper option to play 3B until Arroyo is ready.
Tyler Young
Chatwood to Orioles, what's the likelihood?
Jason Martinez
Very likely he's high on their list. Don't think they'll be in on any of the top guys. A lot of teams looking for SP and most aren't willing to pay Darvish/Arrieta. That means there will be a lot of competition. Chatwood would be more of an under-the-radar guy if there were more good SPs available.
Kenta Maeda
Will I be a reliever next year?
Jason Martinez
I think it's quite possible. I do think the Dodgers will add another SP (maybe re-sign Darvish), which would leave 1 spot between Maeda, Ryu, McCarthy, Kazmir, etc. From all indications, Maeda is the guy they think can handle a bullpen role. I do think they'd be able to move Ryu and/or McCarthy in trades, so the rotation picture might not be as crowded once we get  to Spring Training.
Theo mentioned maybe trading from the major league roster.  Who do you think could be traded?
Jason Martinez
Looking very likely. Not enough ABs to go around. Almora is ready to play everyday. Happ should be playing everyday. Zobrist regressed, but I think he still should get 400+ ABs. I think Schwarber or Happ are most likely to go.
Do you think the Braves trade from their strong group of prospects to make a big splash for a Starter or a big bat for their lineup?
Jason Martinez
Their farm system is so good that they can do both. However, I think they'll make a run at one of the top free agent SPs and Moustakas while keeping a dialogue with teams regarding trades. My guess is that they make one big FA signing and one big trade.
Could DJ LeMahieu be a trade option for the Brewers? With McMahon seemingly ready he could push LeMahieu for playing time in his last year before free agency
Jason Martinez
For sure. I think they'll be taking calls on him. They have several options at 2B to start the season (McMahon, Valaika, Desmond) and then Brendan Rodgers could take over by June or July. Brewers are a fit and have some decent trade chips for LeMahieu's final season before free agency.
Silly Beane
Hi Jason, thanks for the chat.  is Stanton contract really that insane--or even far off from what Harper and Machado will sign in a year?  I think he'll look like a bargain compared to them.
Jason Martinez
No, I think that's about what he'd get if he were a free agent. If not for the extension, he'd be a free agent this offseason entering his age-28 season. Machado and Harper will both be entering their age-26 seasons. So at least $400MM is probably about right.
Is it possible that the Angels sign Upton (5/110), Moustakas (5/90), Santana (3/46), and Chatwood (4/48)? They have the money.
Jason Martinez
I think they'll get one top FA. Makes the most sense to add another year to Upton's deal and keep him. Not sure if Artie Moreno wants to go crazy again in free agency. Didn't work out that great last time he did. They do have a lot of needs, but might not to get creative to fill them.
Mason Jartinez
What kind of moves do you see the Phillies making? I feel a big trade seems more likely than a big name free agent signing.
Jason Martinez
Why not both? They have a deep farm system and, according to my projection, only about $30MM on the books for 2018. And this is a team that was between $138MM-$177M from 2010-2015. That doesn't mean that they'll add $100MM to their payroll this season. I think they want to use some of it to bid on Harper/Machado next year. But they definitely have the resources to do a lot. I think they'll be aggressive in trying to add a SP.
Is Cutch still a fit in Seattle?
Jason Martinez
They need a CF so I'm sure they'd love to have him. Farm system is kind of thin, though. Even with 1 year remaining on his contract, it's gonna take at least one elite prospect to pry him away. Kyle Lewis could be one, but has barely played due to injuries. Guys like Braden Bishop and Eric Filla are prospects on the rise. Don't know if they have enough, though. Dipoto loves to trade, but he doesn't have much to work with.
Big Boss Man
Potential Stanton rough draft:
- To Miami
CF. Jackie Bradley
3B. Michael Chavis
C.  Daniel Flores
SP. Tanner Houck

- To Boston
LF Giancarlo Stanton
IF Martin Prado (Nunez replacement)

Boston take on 100% of both contracts. Does this seem fair & logical in your view?
Jason Martinez
That would be about what I'd expect if they took on the entire deal. Not sure if they'd have to take on Prado's contract in that deal, although I can see the fit.
With Austin Riley tearing up the minors and the AFL, do you see the braves trying for Moustakas or a more short term guy like Frazier? Looks like Riley is going to be a stud
Jason Martinez
That would be my argument over giving Moustakas a 3-4 year deal vs a guy like Frazier at 1-2 years. But a GM isn't likely to worry about blocking a prospect who isn't on the verge of being an impact big leaguer. It will be a good problem to have if Riley is knocking down the door in 2019. They can always move him to a corner OF spot, if necessary.
Why don’t the Cubs Trade Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward instead of Happ or Almora? They could dump salary and get rid of an older player at the same time who like you said has regressed
Jason Martinez
Not easy to trade guys who didn't hit much and are owed a lot of $. They prefer to trade from an area of strength. Schwarber, Almora, Happ all have really good value and can bring a lot back in a trade.
Jon Daniels
Do you think ’ I can find someone that would be willing to trade for Shin Soo Choo if we paid half of what’s owed to him over the next few years
Jason Martinez
What would he get if he were a free agent? Let's assume 3 years since that's what he has remaining. He's entering his age-35 season and he's coming off a pretty good year at the plate. Probably can't go to the NL. Needs to DH, at least part-time. I'd put his value at around 3 years, $18-24MM. He's due $62MM. Even if they only got a fringe prospect in return, I'd think they'd have to eat about $40MM. And he has a partial no-trade list. It would be difficult to trade him, in my opinion.
Now that the season is almost over, the fun can finally begin! Who do you think will be the top outfielders to change teams through free agency or trade?
Jason Martinez
Giancarlo is almost certain to be traded. Don't know if Andrew McCutchen will be traded, but there should be some fun rumors going around. J.D. Martinez, Lorenzo Cain, Carlos Gonzalez and Jay Bruce are the big names on the free agent market. All 4 are likely to sign with new teams.
Brewers get Whit Merrifield and Kansas City gets Keon Broxton and Jonathan Villar. KC can solve their CF and SS holes and Brewers solve 2B issues. Who says no
Jason Martinez
Royals would be taking a chance on two high-risk players and giving up a guy who might've been their best player in the 2nd half of '17. Broxton/Villar can be great, but they can also be awful. I think KC says no.
Britton to Cubs for Oscar De La Rosa and Oscar de la Cruz in May/June assuming Britton becomes Britton again
Jason Martinez
De La Cruz might be their top prospect now so I don't know if they'd include him in a deal for Britton after his injury-plagued season. I don't think they have a guy named Oscar De La Rosa.
On a somewhat-related note, I recently learned that Willson Contreras has a brother (William) who is a catcher in the Braves farm system. He had an .811 OPS in 45 games in the Appalachian League.
I've really been wanting to tell someone that and figured someone here might think it was interesting. My kids didn't care about that fun fact.
Mark fluity
When are you guys releasing the top 50 free agents list?
Jason Martinez
Sounds like we're in the final stages. Very soon.
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