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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: November 22, 2017
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Jason Martinez
It might not feel like it yet, but the offseason has started. It's November 22nd and not one MLB Free Agent has signed. At least we had a rumored Jon Jay-to-Mariners deal as having "some momentum". And, oh yeah. That Ohtani guy will be in the Majors in 2018.
Mariners fan
Do you see a deal getting done with the mariners and Jon Jay and for how much u think?
Jason Martinez
I do. Seems like a very good fit. I think he'd get something like 1 yr, $10MM or 2 yr, $16MM.
Will Stanton or Harper have a shot to land in Philly?
Jason Martinez
I have them with a projected $38MM payroll in '18 and only Odubel Herrera with a guaranteed contract in '19 and beyond. They have a lot of $ to spend. They are going to be serious players for Harper/Machado. If they wanted Stanton now, I don't see why they wouldn't be in the mix. They can easily take on a lot of the contract and they have a good farm system.
How much credibility should we lend the rumor that San Fran is the "favorite" to land Stanton?
Jason Martinez
I haven't been taking it very seriously because they already have one of the highest payrolls in the league and their farm system isn't very good. If teams with much better/deeper farm systems and, seemingly, more payroll flexibility are interested, I just don't see it happening. But we have no idea what the Marlins are asking and how willing teams are to take on that contract/give up prospects, especially considering that he can opt out.
If they continue to be mentioned more often than other teams, my suspicion is that most teams aren't willing to take on as much of the contract or give up the prospects that the Marlins are asking.
Who will Land Ohtani and why?
Jason Martinez
I'm still waiting for the first significant hint. He is passing up on so much $ to come to the Majors a year early. My guess is that he doesn't really have any idea and he wants to go through the process of meeting with every team and figuring out where he'd feel most comfortable.
Monacan Chiefs baseball
Could the Nationals acquire Khris Davis to add some right handed thump to the lineup?
Jason Martinez
I wouldn't completely rule out an OF acquisition (they're good with Michael Taylor/Brian Goodwin/Victor Robles in CF), but moving Eaton to CF and having a guy like Khris Davis, who the A's really want to keep at DH, in LF seems like a significant defensive downgrade.
What are the odds the twins make a big splash in free agency
Jason Martinez
Not sure they will make one, but I definitely think they'll try to make a splash. Good young team that is ready to take the next step into the playoffs. Lynn or Cobb would help, but I think they'll at least make a competitive bid for Arrieta/Darvish.
Say the Cards acquire Stanton. Should they stop there? Maybe go after Donaldson as well. Pull what the Padres did a few years ago
Jason Martinez
Really depends on the prospects they'd have to give up for Stanton. They have the prospects to get both deals done, but don't want to empty out the farm system. In any case, I think their roster has a chance to look significantly different in '18. I expect at least 1 big trade.
Shouldn’t the jays be rebuilding? Seems like they can retool quickly if they did.
Jason Martinez
I wouldn't have been surprised if they went in that direction. However, you can't count out a team from being a playoff contender when they have that strong of a rotation (Stroman, Happ, Estrada, Sanchez). I can see them adding another late-inning reliever, another bat (Jay Bruce), a few other pieces and they'll be good enough to at least give it one last shot with this team. They can shop Donaldson/Stroman/etc. at deadline.
Could Jerry Dipoto force his way into Stanton talks? Could he offer Edwin Diaz? Would that make him the Front-runner?
Jason Martinez
Very weak farm system and a lot of $ on the books, but I wouldn't count out any team as long as the Giants are considered a favorite. Marlins are rebuilding so a late-inning reliever likely isn't going to be a priority in trade talks.
Matt Kemp
Am I a fit in Texas?
Jason Martinez
Maybe. Probably a few better fits in the AL. I think Willie Calhoun needs some ABs somewhere (probably LF) and guys like Beltre and Choo will need to DH at least occasionally. Ideally, a team would be able to DH Kemp as often as possible.
Johnny U
Chances the Reds trade Eugenio Suarez for pitching prospect (s) and opening up a spot for Senzel to play 3B in 2018... Happy Thanksgiving
Jason Martinez
Has to be something they're considering at this point. Senzel is close and, even if he's not ready on Opening day, they can find a cheap stop-gap. I haven't heard anything, but I wonder if they're considering giving Suarez another look at SS. I don't remember if they moved him to 3B because he was a bad defensive SS.
Do you see a complete rebuild for the royals
Jason Martinez
Not really. That window closed when they decided to hold on to Cain, Hosmer, Mous until they became free agents. Not really much left to trade aside from Duffy/Sal Perez. Kelvin Herrera would've been a nice trade chip if not for the elbow issues last season.
could the brewers get a kings ransom if they traded cory knebel?
Jason Martinez
Sure. I think his value is about as high as it will ever get. But the Brewers can't go backwards at this point. Have to be focused on getting closer to the playoffs. Can't do that by trading one of the best closers in the game.
Angels 2018
In your opinion, who do you think would be the Angels best targets for 2nd and 3rd base next season?
Jason Martinez
Ian Kinsler or Neil Walker and Mike Moustakas or Todd Frazier sound pretty good to me.
Can Brad Hand get the Padres Forrest Whitley? If no, what else would the Padres have to throw in to make it happen?
Jason Martinez
I'm guessing that's about what Preller's asking price would be. Both teams have a ton of farm system depth. I'm sure they can balance it out some, if necessary.
Yankees DH this year is???
Jason Martinez
Probably rotating between a few guys to keep everybody rested. Question is who gets the most at-bats after the starting 8. Ellsbury, Clint Frazier, Miguel Andujar, Gleyber Torres will all be in the mix for regular ABs.
Rule 5 Draftees
Top 3 players that could most likely stick on the team that picks them?
Jason Martinez
A few interesting names on the list of eligible players I've compiled, including some former 1st Rd picks ... A lot of good arms who would need to be hidden in the 'pen. A few toolsy OFs who would get worked over in the Majors right now.
Curious George
Will Moncada start in AAA to begin 2018?
Jason Martinez
Safe to say that he's officially "graduated" to the Big Leagues and probably won't be going back to the minors. Spent the entire 2nd half as the regular 2B. Had an .831 OPS over last 120 PAs.
The Twins have allowed some prospects to be claimed on waivers.  How many spots are left on their 40-man headed to the rule 5 draft, and who do you see them protecting from it?
Jason Martinez
Deadline to protect players was on Monday. They currently have 4 spots open on the 40-man. Details here ...
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