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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: November 29, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Welcome. Unfortunately, the offseason floodgates did not open after the Doug Fister signing.  There were plenty of good rumors today, though. That's a good sign.
Who can the Phillies reasonably get for Freddy Galvis? I'm thinking starting pitching or relievers.
Jason Martinez
Not a great time to shop him. Only 1 yr of club control and not a lot of teams looking for middle infield help. Could make sense for the Padres as a 1-yr stop gap. If it's the Padres, they could probably get him without giving up a top 10-15 prospect, but their 16-30 are better than most. A team with an average farm system might have to give up a Top 7-10 prospect.
can we PLEASE have some movement here? this is about as exciting as watching a mopped flor dry...come on, fister and healy the best ya got???
Jason Martinez
If it doesn't pick up over the next 2 weeks, could be busiest Winter Meetings of all time. So that might be worth the wait.
Is there a place where I can view the full list of Rule 5 eligible players instead of notable ones?
Jason Martinez
Don't think so. You can browse Roster Resource's depth charts ... ... but I limit those to "Minor Leaguers You Should Know". I break it down further here ...
joe doti
did the cubs trade ian happ.
Jason Martinez
They have not, but he is one of their top trade chips. Crowded OF with Schwarber, Almora, Zobrist, Heyward all vying for ABs.
Which relievers could the Jays be in on?
Jason Martinez
I think they'll get one of the top setup men. It's a really deep group. Just to name a few ... Addison Reed, Bryan Shaw, Brandon Morrow, Jake McGee.
Heard rumours about Markakis to the jays? How much do you think he will get in comparison to guys like Cargo?
Jason Martinez
He still has one more year on his current deal so Jays would have to trade for him. He's owed $11MM. I'm guessing many teams would prefer that over signing a free agent to a multi-year deal as long as the asking price isn't too high.
Yunel Escobar to the Braves? Seems to me like a guy who can play all over the infield and provide a veteran influence to the young infield core.
Jason Martinez
Could be a fit. Sounds like they're looking for a 1-yr stop-gap with Austin Riley likely to be their regular 3B in '19. Yunel's last full season with ATL was his best (.812 OPS, 14 HR).
Alex Wennberg
Any chance Billy Epper makes a play for Hosmer if his price falls?
Jason Martinez
Doubtful. If they're going to spend big, it will be on a 3B and/or SP. Too many cheap ways to get a decent 1B. Guys like Matt Adams can be acquired without giving up a lot and guys like Adam Lind/Lucas Duda can be signed for cheap.
Dan Duquette
Can I find a back end pitcher in this years rule 5 draft
Jason Martinez
No team is going to rely on the Rule 5 draft to fill a rotation spot, but that's not to say they can't draft someone who helps as a starter in '18. I think the realistic scenario is that they pitch in long relief and work their way into the rotation if they look comfortable in the Majors. There are some interesting names on the list ... Kohl Stewart (MIN), Casey Meisner (OAK).
Would a Miguel Sano extension make sense for the Twins this offseason? What might it look like?
Jason Martinez
I'm thinking something similar to Wil Myers (6 yr, $83MM) right now, but so much more next offseason if he has an MVP-caliber season in '18, which he is capable of having.
Alex colome
Odds I get dealt ?
Jason Martinez
Very high. Sounds like the Rays are ready to sell.
Who's playing 3B for the Yankees on Opening Day? Any chance the Todd Father comes back on a 1-year deal?
Jason Martinez
You're probably going to hate this answer. Chase Headley. He slashed .300/.366/.455 in the 2nd half. Gleyber Torres will need at least a month in AAA. I really don't think 3B is an offseason priority.
Do you think Edgar gets into the HOF this year?
Jason Martinez
I have a feeling he won't, but I hope so. He's a no-doubter for me. One of the best hitters of all-time.
Dale C
I am a Reds fan do you think we will trade for a starting pitcher ,or sign one as a free agent .
Jason Martinez
Not sure if it's a free agent or trade, but I think they need to acquire 1 reliable starter. There is a long list of names on the depth chart, but can't really count on most. DeSclafani, Finnegan are comng back from injuries. Will Homer Bailey ever be good again? They have about 7-8 kids who could be good, but no idea if any will emerge as reliable options in '18. Luis Castillo looked really good. Robert Stephenson started to look comfortable late in the season. I'm a fan of Tyler Mahle and Jose Lopez.
What direction do you see the Pirates going this winter? Will they be a buyer, seller, or inbetween?
Jason Martinez
Probably "inbetween", as always. We'll see what happens, though. I have a feeling that they move towards a full rebuild if they get a good enough offer to trade Cutch. If that happens, I think they'll be open to trading Cole, Nova, Rivero,  etc.
Malachi Riceman
New Braves GM Alex Anthopolous worked in Toronto for years and has good connections there, and the Braves need a 3B. What about this trade proposal: Josh Donaldson and cash to ATL and Kolby Allard, Ian Anderson, Austin Riley, and Max Fried to Toronto. Who says no, and is this a reasonable fit?
Jason Martinez
I think that's too much for 1 season of Donaldson. That's the kind of package they use for an impact player who is under contract for 3+ seasons. Donaldson to ATL is interesting. Not sure it's the best fit for him this offseason.
Is Cozart a fit for San Diego? Seems like he could play short this season. IF, big IF, Tatis is ready next year, he could move to third.
Jason Martinez
Yes, but Cozart would have to believe that SD is ready to compete in '19 and he'd have to be OK with a move to 3B once Tatis is ready. Not sure why'd he sign with them if not. Unless there wasn't a lot of interest elsewhere. I actually think the Reds are the best fit for him.
Should I buy low on Teheran for the back end of the rotation?
Jason Martinez
Question is whether the Braves are selling low and I doubt they are. He still has a lot of value. Very good in '14 and '16. Entering his age-27 season and signed thru '20 on a team-friendly deal. Won't be cheap at all to acquire him.
The white sox should NOT trade Jose Abreu. Right?
Jason Martinez
The White Sox should be open to trading Abreu, but they have the leverage. They should set the price high for a legit middle-of-the-order bat who is under contract for 2 seasons.
Brandon Morrow
One good year in relief after a decade of less than that...any chance I get limited to a couple of years on this contract?
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