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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: November 7, 2018
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Jason Martinez
As I was saying in last week's chat, there is NO WAY the Dodgers let Farhan Zaidi go to the rival Giants!!!
In reality, maybe there are just a lot of really smart people with a lot of baseball knowledge and the Dodgers can just replace Zaidi with someone equally as talented.
At least the Giants can get started with their offseason. Lots of work to do!
Brett Kaplan
Could the Mariners consider moving Dee Gordon?
Jason Martinez
Of course, but it won't be an easy sell. He makes a lot of $$$ and, although I like the his energy and what he brings to a clubhouse, he's Ben Revere with more strikeouts and he can play 2B. If you don't draw walks, you need to either hit for power or hit over .300 to have much value.
Reeses Pieces
Does Barreto+ bring Paxton to the A's?
Jason Martinez
Probably depends on the +, but I can see that. Might not take much more if the M's liked Barreto enough. But it sounds like he could be the starting 2B in Oakland. Job is his to lose as of now and the Mariners have Cano, Gordon, Segura at 2B/SS.
When will the Braves sine Michael Brantley?
Jason Martinez
You know the rumors that make too much sense never happen, right?
I think he'll have enough interest that it won't be a quick sign. He'll explore his options and circle back if necessary.
Pad Squad
Padres will need an impact third baseman come 2020. If you were them, who would you most aggressively pursue between Machado, Donaldson, Arenado, A. Rendon or a trade for Jose Ramirez?
Jason Martinez
As much as I want them to make it all happen this offseason, it would be more realistic to wait until next offseason to add their big bat. I think Arenado, Rendon or Ramirez would all have a huge impact and could be the face of the franchise. They have the pieces to get Ramirez now, but price tag might be lower in a year.
why do the red sox not seem very interested in bringing kimbrel back?
Jason Martinez
Because of my No. 1 rule: Never trust pitchers to stay healthy or remain effective for very long. Therefore, never give them a ton of $$$ on a long-term deal unless they're under 30 and will sell a lot of tickets for you.
And that's even the case with Kimbrel, who is pretty much one of the only relievers who has been great and healthy for several years in a row. But that just makes him more expensive. As good as he is and should be for the next 4-5 years, it's a risk to give him close to $20MM/season.
Kimbrel reunion?
Jason Martinez
Fans would be so hyped for this, which would be great for ticket sales. Like I said, it would be a huge risk. But timing is good since they're so close to being a WS contender and need a couple more pieces to get over the top.
Any traction to the Kluber to NYY rumors, what should the return be ?
Jason Martinez
Sure, it sounds like the Indians are willing to deal one of their starters and the Yankees have the prospects to get something done. Maybe Sheffield or Florial as the headliner, Clint Frazier and a couple more good prospects.
Dinn Mann
Adam Ottavino.... Andrew Miller.... Craig Kimbrel.... Which one gets he longest deal?
Jason Martinez
Kimbrel should get 5 years and I wouldn't expect more than 3 for Miller/Ottavino. Miller is entering his age 34 season and Ottavino his age 33 season.
Bob Melvin
Will I reunite with Gio Gonzalez?
Jason Martinez
Gio back to Oakland makes a lot of sense. They have one guaranteed contract past '19 (Piscotty) so they should be able to add at least one good starter via free agency.
Jeff Bridich
Anyone particular that I'll be targeting for my first base hole?
Jason Martinez
First you'll need to convince Bud Black that there is a 1B hole. Ian Desmond would be a perfect super-utility guy who plays 3-5 games per week, which would open 1B for Ryan McMahon. Or they can get someone like Justin Bour, who would be easy to acquire from Philly, or Logan Morrison.
It will be interesting to see which holes the Rockies fill via free agency/trade. They have in-house candidates for OF, 2B, 1B. I don't think they'd go with three young, unproven players, though.
Muncy for Merrifield - who hangs up?
Jason Martinez
I don't think either GM would hang up right away, but ultimately would decide against it or expand talks to include more players. Merrifield fits with any team, but the Dodgers have a similar player in Chris Taylor.
Brendan Rodgers
Any chance I push myself into the contest of taking over for Lemahieu?
Jason Martinez
Yep. Only question is when. If the Rockies fill the starting 2B job via free agency/trade, it will be a stop-gap who could move to a bench role when Rodgers is ready.
(Chatting from Shanghai) As a Nats fan, am I crazy to think we should not commit 400 million to one player? We have a great, cheap, and controllable outfield.
Jason Martinez
Not at all. You pay someone a lot of $$$ in free agency because you failed to have homegrown talent ready to step in. And they have Soto/Robles. They do, however, need to add starting pitching because they don't have young pitching ready to step in behind Scherzer/Strasburg/Roark.
Now if they really want Harper back, they could use Robles as a trade chip to upgrade their starting pitching. But then you have to rely on Adam Eaton moving back to CF in '19. Defense is important. Can't put Harper out in CF anymore.
I understand that Grandal is a back option but is jtr the priority? Because he hits 270 ba  and Grandal hits 230 ba
Jason Martinez
Batting average is the least important factor in this. Grandal and Realmuto are two of the best hitting catchers in the game and strong defenders. Grandal's post-season struggles will hurt him some, but not too much. Astros have the $$$ to pay Grandal over 3-4 years and the prospects to acquire Realmuto for two years. They can also try to sign him to an extension.
I'm trying to talk myself into a preference but either player would be a huge upgrade. Only reason Grandal would be a better pickup is because they won't have to give up prospects. Astros have a deep farm system, though. I imagine they'll use them to add a starting pitcher or catcher.
How do you think a potential return for Edwin Diaz compare to the returns for Chapman or Miller?
Jason Martinez
Similar. Two elite prospects and more for 4 years of Diaz sounds about right. Would pretty much need to be the final piece for a WS contender because the price tag will be very high.
Teams aren't in desperation mode in the offseason so a closer could be easier to move in July if a really good team is having issues closing out games.
Holy Toledo!
Do you think Oakland is in the market for any of the top catchers, or do they target a low end one like Lucroy again with Sean Murphy almost ready?
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