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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: October 10, 2018
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Jason Martinez
The offseason hasn't even officially started and we've already had a semi-notable trade. Kyle Barraclough goes from the Marlins to the Nats. Dominant at times over the past few years but inconsistent and not good in save situations. Sounds a lot like a guy they traded away in 2017 and ended up being one of the best relievers in baseball in 2018.
Not saying Barraclough can be the next Treinen. But he could be an integral late-inning reliever for the Nats.
Do you think the Boston Red Sox after postseason will try and do something at the catching position and do you think they move Mookie Betts to second base next year
Jason Martinez
Probably not going to mess with a good thing. Mookie is an elite defensive outfielder and I'm sure they're still holding out hope that Pedroia gets healthy. He's under contract for a few more years.
With that said, Betts is under contract for 2 more seasons. If letting him play 2B makes it more likely that he'll sign a contract extension, they should do it. Not sure Betts has a preference, though. Seems like the kind of guy that will do whatever is best for the team.
Von Joshua
Can the Giants afford Machado or Harper or it will be another long year.
Jason Martinez
I'm working on an MLBTR story that will be published tomorrow on projected '19 payroll and I also list payroll obligations thru 2023. As far as I can tell, just about every team is in good shape. Some teams have a lot on the books for 2019 and some for 2019-20. But most have plenty of space in 2020 and beyond.
To answer your question specifically, the Giants should be in the mix for some of the top free agents. But might have to backload contract.
Giants are probably one of the few teams with a lot of $ on the books thru 2020. But Machado and Harper will be seeking 8-10 years so backloading an offer shouldn't be a huge deal in their cases.
How do the Rockies improve this off-season?
Jason Martinez
More than anything, they really need a few of these high-paid relievers to bounce back and help in the late innings. Wade Davis has a lot of mileage on his arm so can't count on him to dominate if he's called on for 70+ appearances. But they need to plan for that not happening while not throwing a lot more $ at free agent relievers. They should make a trade for a late-inning reliever with closer ability who has at least 2-3 years of club control.
PERSONAL OPINION..... Angel Hernandez is a bad umpire. Joe West is worse!
Jason Martinez
Funny how most baseball fans think/know this. People shouldn't know who the umpires are unless they have a really cool strike 3 call. I was a big fan of Dutch Rennert ...
Why won't the Giants get rid of Bochy.
Jason Martinez
The guy with 3 World Series rings should get to stay as long as he wants. At the least, he won't be run out of town after 2 bad seasons. I'm sure they could probably talk him into retiring at some point if they went into rebuild mode. Bochy's not sticking around for that.
Keep the faith
Hey Jason, do you think the padres attempt to go after Patrick Corbin or Dallas Keuchel?
Jason Martinez
Yes. But the question is how aggressively they pursue either. I get the feeling they'll be mentioned in most rumors and are willing to make a competitive offer in most cases. Not sure that will be enough with so many big market teams likely to spend $ this offseason.
I think they'll get their ace, but I don't think it will be via free agency. They can get a No. 1 starter with 3+ years of club control via trade. Their farm system is deep and talented.
Showbiz AG
Will Trevor May be the Twins' answer at closer?
Jason Martinez
I think he's in the mix right now. I don't think they'd name him their "closer" at any point before late in Spring Training. They could add a proven closer. There are a lot available via free agency.
Keith's mustache
Kim Ng...Think she has a real chance at the Mets job? She will be a GM at some point, no?
Jason Martinez
Hope so. That would be very cool. Seems like her name was being floated around 15-20 yrs ago as a GM candidate. The game has changed a lot and I don't know how long it's been since she's worked in a front office. Not sure if that would be a concern.
Hardcore Henry
I’m predicting Marwin Gonzalez to the Nats but I have no clue what a contract for him will look like. How much do you think he’ll get?
Jason Martinez
Interesting case. Having a guy that can play everyday and play multiple positions is so valuable. He's not $15MM/season valuable, but I can see him getting 3-4 years and around $8-10MM/season.
That Girl
Is Billy Hamilton’s defense so good it’s worth 5.9 million to keep him?
Jason Martinez
For his current situation, I think it's fine. He will likely be the starting CF but his leash is probably as short as it has been in 3 years. I'm sure they'll explore the trade market to see if teams value him enough, but I doubt he gets tendered a contract following the 2019 season if he doesn't improve at the plate.
Big Pooky
Do the Indians begin a total rebuild? If so, does that expedite the White Sox reign of division dominance?
Jason Martinez
With a starting rotation of Kluber-Carrasco-Bauer-Clevinger, all 4 in their prime, no way they rebuild. Not to mention Lindor and Jose Ramirez leading the offense. They have some holes to fill, but it's hard to not see them as a division favorite in 2019.
Alex Anthopoulas
Should I go after a #1 starter or rely on my young arms?
Jason Martinez
Unless they can acquire a No. 1 starter under the age of 29 with 3+ years of club control, I'd stick with their current group. More options are better. Out of their projected Top 4 starters—Folty, Teheran, Newcomb, Gausman—there's a good chance that one gets injured or takes a step backwards and also a good chance that one takes a step forward and becomes a legit No. 1. I'd guess the same will happen with the youngsters (Touki, Allard, Soroka, Gohara, Wright, Wilson). Some will be ready to help in 2019. One or two will get hurt. One might struggle. More options are good.
Padres fan
Is Franmil Reyes the real deal Francy Cordero? Two big time hitters?
Jason Martinez
Franmil and Franchy are beasts. If you like to see the ball being crushed at a very high exit velocity, they are a lot of fun.
Franmil was better at making adjustments than I would've expected. Very good sign. Franchy was making strides, then was slumping a bit and got hurt. Still no idea how good he will be, but definitely star potential because of speed/power.
Tony K
Do you think free agents grab short term, higher AAV deals early this year. Or hold off waiting for longer multi year deals and risk getting shut out like last year?
Jason Martinez
Never know this early on. These new school GMs are more about building the farm system and not spending a ton of $ on long-term free agent deals. That's why so many teams have payroll space now and especially beyond 2019. It's smart. A lot of teams will be in on Machado and Harper.
The question is whether the next tier will get more than expected. I don't think Corbin or Pollock will get more than 5/80 or maybe 5/90. But if one team decides to give either much more, that could set the price much higher for the remaining free agents.
Irate Nate
Which team takes the postseason handling of pitchers into next season first?
Jason Martinez
The 10-day DL has made it easier to do some different things, but it's just too difficult as long as the roster limit is 25. It's a long season and the bullpen will get worn down eventually if a starting rotation isn't getting into the 6th and 7th inning consistently.
I think the "opener" will become more common, but there are only so many reliable relief pitchers. Most teams are lucky to have 3-5 that they can rely on. And none can pitcher more than 2-3 days in a row.
Penny Hardaway
Who do you have for Victor Victor now? Have the Marlins taken the lead?
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