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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: October 11, 2017
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Jason Martinez
This Stephen Strasburg guy is pretty good, right?
Strasburg. Tony Gwynn. Marshall Faulk. Kawhi Leonard. Jason Martinez.  So much talent has come out of San Diego State!
FYI - I've started work on the offseason rosters and depth charts at Roster Resource. 6 teams finished so far (Reds, Padres, Phillies, Orioles, White Sox, Tigers).
Which starting pitchers get 3 largest contracts and do they break $85M total
Jason Martinez
Darvish, yes. Arrieta, probably. Tanaka, assuming he opts out. I'll say that he falls shy of $85MM, but not by much. He will only opt out if he's sure he'll get more than the $67MM he'd be walking away from if he opts out.
Reds fan
Gotta trade to improve.    Iglesias?  Duvall?   Hamilton?    What say you
Jason Martinez
They should be open to trading any player. But I really don't think they would trade Iglesias and/or Lorenzen if they thought they could compete in '18. They have OF depth, but Hamilton, Schebler and Duvall were all really bad in the 2nd half. Didn't do the front office any favors if they were looking to deal from an area of strength.
Any speculation on where Carlos Gonzalez ends up?  Does he get a multi year deal?
Jason Martinez
If he opts for a one-year deal to rebuild his value, I think most teams in baseball would have interest. I could see him signing a multi-year deal with an AL team.  While he's had 3 relatively injury-free seasons, it's still a bit risky for an NL team as he enters his age-32 season. Blue Jays, Orioles, A's seem like good fits.
Nugget McGinty
What might the Angels have to give up to acquire Cesar Hernandez? Would one starter and a prospect outside the org top 5 be enough?
Jason Martinez
For 3 seasons of Hernandez, who has had back-to-back very good seasons, I think the Phillies will want at least one very good prospect who is close to MLB-ready and the Angels don't really have one. Phillies would have to really like a couple of the team's lower-level prospects.
Does victor Robles make the nationals opening day roster
Jason Martinez
Doubtful. No reason to rush him. Harper, Eaton, Taylor should be the starting OF with Goodwin the 4th OF. Robles only has 37 games of AA experience. A perennial playoff contender like the Nats can afford to hold their top prospects back a bit.
would you trade SS Ketel Marte for Adam Duvall if Owings is your starter? It would give you more opportunity to bring in Relief arms. Duvall could take Martinez’s place.
Jason Martinez
Nope. Yasmany Tomas is the LF if JDM isn't re-signed. Duvall isn't much of an upgrade over Tomas, if at all, and Marte has a ton of value as a young SS with at least 4 yrs of club control (maybe 5). Duvall is a corner OF who barely cracked .300 OBP.
Buc Fever
Does Tyler Glasnow still become a near top of the rotation starter or not?
Jason Martinez
Yes, but don't be surprised if it happens at least 3-4 years down the road. Not always a straight path from elite prospect to frontline starter in the big leagues.
Mike Hazen
Does Fernando Rodney get a major league contract next year?
Jason Martinez
Not only will he get an MLB contract, he'll get a nice raise on his $2.75MM salary after a 39-save season. I think he'll get a 1-yr, $5-6MM deal.
A lot of teams need closers this offseason.  Not all can afford Holland or Davis. Not all want to pay the prospects for Brad Hand.
Free Agent Frenzy
After looking at the recent post that went over the big free agent deals from last off-season, it’s clear the dodgers did well to resign their trio of turner + Jansen + hill. Do you think it helped that they were returning to the same team rather than switching rosters?
Jason Martinez
Oh yeah. Baseball isn't a team sport in the same way as football, basketball, soccer, but a team with strong clubhouse chemistry and a winning culture have a lot to do with a team's success. Can't lose too many core players who are a part of creating that culture and Jansen/Turner are definitely part of that for the Dodgers.
Stanton and Yellich for a few low level prospects but Marlins pay $0 future salary. Who says no?
Jason Martinez
Sounds like a horrible idea, but who knows how motivated the new ownership will be to clear payroll. In any case, I think the Marlins could end up with 4 elite prospects without paying any of Yelich's salary and maybe 15-25% of Stanton's salary.
Which LAD sp(s) will most likely be traded this offseason?
Jason Martinez
I think they'll find a taker for either Kazmir and/or McCarthy if they were to pay all but around $5MM of remaining salary. Their rotation depth isn't all that great if Darvish isn't re-signed ... Kershaw, Hill, Wood, Maeda, Ryu, McCarthy, Kazmir, Stewart, Stripling ... so I don't know if they'll be highly motivated to trade anyone.
Rays girl
Who says no? Archer for Ozzie, Acuna, Allard, Sorika and Wilson?
Jason Martinez
4 years of Archer will cost at least 2 elite prospects, but I think Acuna has pretty much risen to "untouchable" status in most deals. Braves have enough talent to acquire Archer without Acuna. That's still a pretty strong package without Acuna. Maybe not quite enough, but close.
This off seaon would you try and sign Manny Machado long term and trade him if a deal cant be worked out?
Jason Martinez
That would be my plan and I'm sure they'll explore both options. However, I think they'll fail to do either and will just try to improve the ballclub around Machado and look to trade him before the July 31st deadline if they're not in contention. I'm not getting the feeling that they're interested in blowing it all up and starting over yet and I also don't think Machado is interested in staying without seeing some improvements. Not much help on the way. Not sure if they're willing to spend a lot in free agency.
Zack Cozart
How much can I expect to receive as a free agent and for how many years?  I need to budget for donkey feed after all.
Jason Martinez
I'm thinking you get 3 yrs, $45MM. Not bad, right?
Swag Diyego
Whatever happened to Zach Lee? Remember when he was an "untouchable" prospect?
Jason Martinez
Wasn't he that guy that the Mariners acquired for Chris Taylor?
What do you think the biggest offseason need for the Reds?  Pitching?
Jason Martinez
Starting Pitching. Nothing else is even close. They need to acquire/sign someone that they can pencil in for 30 starts and 180 IP. They have a lot of options now, but can't really count on DeSclafani or Finnegan due to injuries and don't know if Bailey will ever return to pre-injury form. They have so many young pitchers. You figure 1-2 more guys will step up.
What free agents do u see boston targeting? Who's going to provide power to the lineup? Any chance of Giancarlo Stanton?
Jason Martinez
I'm guessing that they regret not doing more to replace Ortiz so they could be aggressive in their pursuit of a power bat. JD Martinez and Stanton will definitely be on their radar.
What team am I on next year?
Jason Martinez
You seemed to like it in Arizona and you're already a legend there. I think you'll re-sign.
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