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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: October 24, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Welcome to what is possibly my last chat of the 2018 season. Unless Dodgers-Red Sox go 7 games, we'll officially be in the offseason during my next chat on Wednesday October 31st.
22 Offseason Pages have been completed at Roster Resource ...
Last 8 will be done by this weekend. I've already done some work on them so I have a pretty good idea of where all 30 team stand entering the offseason.
Nick STL
Cardinals opening day third baseman?
Jason Martinez
I think they're fine with Gyorko at 3B. If Carpenter is feeling good enough to play 3B, maybe they get Jose Martinez more starts at 1B and frees up ABs in RF for someone like Tyler O'Neill. They really don't have any major holes other than closer. They have a ton of pitching depth, but would benefit from a veteran arm in the 9th.
Question is whether they want to make a move just to shake things up a bit.  But they finished strong so not sure they'll do that.
What are the chances that the Rangers will traded Choo?
Jason Martinez
He's owed $42MM for his ages 36-37 seasons. Will be tough without them eating a good chunk of that contract. Maybe as much as half unless they're taking on a contract in return.
Free Agency Fan
Do you think Kershaw is playing for a different team next year? Maybe the dodgers are hesitant about giving him a larger contract given the fact that he has been injured and isn’t the same pitcher ( although he’s still very good)
Jason Martinez
Nope. I think he uses the leverage to get an extension for another 2-3 years, but I don't think he opts out. I predict that he's a Dodger until he retires.
Dave P
Hunter Strickland and Joe Panik non tenders?
Jason Martinez
Not Panik. I can see Strickland being let go, but mostly because he's a knucklehead who punches walls when he blows a save and not because he's a bad relief pitcher. He should have a lot of interest if he becomes a free agent. Not as a closer, though.
What kind of fictional package of pitching do my Braves need to give up for Kyle Schwarber?
Jason Martinez
For 3 years of Schwarber, how about a straight up deal of Schwarber for Allard or Soroka and maybe a mid-tier prospect. Or Schwarber for Kyle Wright and Max Fried. Cubs lack pitching depth and Braves need a LF/cleanup hitter so there's definitely a match.
Who do the Cards add to the bullpen?  Thanks.
Jason Martinez
Joe Kelly or Adam Ottavino.
As I always say, I love reunions.
Neal Huntington
Should I look outside my organization for a RF?
Jason Martinez
Nope. Pirates are set with Dickerson, Marte, Polanco. All 3 are coming off of strong seasons. The need is at SS/2B. Maybe 1B if they don't think Josh Bell will take a big step forward.
Do you see J. A. Happ as a realistic target for the Braves, and if so, at what price?
Jason Martinez
Only if they made a trade(s) that depleted their pitching depth. As things stand, I would 2-3 of Folty/Teheran/Newcomb/Gausman to establish themselves as the reliable 180+ IP guy that Happ is. And they have to leave at least 1 spot for Toussaint, Allard, Soroka, Wright or whoever is ready to step in.
With all the rotation possibilities in Houston, is Josh James in the rotation, pen or AAA getting more seasoning?
Jason Martinez
I have him penciled into the rotation after Verlander-Cole-McCullers entering the offseason. Their bullpen is too deep so I don't think he'd be there to start the season. A lot can change. I'd expect the Astros to bring in one veteran (re-sign Keuchel or Morton) and let everyone else compete for the last spot.
By "everyone else", I mean James, Framber Valdez, Rogelio Armenteros, Brad Peacock, maybe McHugh or Devenski get a chance to start again.
But Forrest Whitley should take the No. 5 spot at some point in '19.
Isn't time for the Mets to pay what it takes to get an actual starting catcher before worrying about anything else???
Jason Martinez
The guy who was gonna get paid this offseason is Grandal and his value is probably taking a hit after this post-season. So I'm not sure if they'll have to break the bank for a starting catcher. They do need one. Grandal, Wilson Ramos and Jonathan Lucroy are all free agent possibilities. Matt Wieters and Martin Maldonado will also be available.
how do you view Colin McHugh going forward?
Jason Martinez
Seemed pretty darn comfortable out of the setup role. I'd think the Astros keep him there. Of course, they'd know better than anyone whether he's just better in that role or if he changed something that would also make him a better starting pitcher than he was.
Not that he was a bad starting pitcher. He was a solid mid-rotation guy. But his K/9 was close to 12.0 as a reliever and under 9 as a starter.
Do Angels have enough in Farm system to get JT from Mia? and J Gray from Col?
Jason Martinez
I think they have enough, but it might deplete their farm system when they've made so much progress rebuilding it from being the worst in baseball. They have about 5-6 prospects who are really good. Depth is improved, but still isn't great.
But with Trout under contract for 2 more seasons, maybe their farm system depth takes a back seat to building a winner in '19-20.
Minnesota twins die hard
Do we any kind of outside shot at Bryce or Manny
Jason Martinez
They're not a team that comes to mind. But a quick glance at their payroll ($0 on the books after '19) ... ... and I can see them being a player. Could they sell either of those guys on playing in Minnesota for the next 8-10 years? Not sure.
Illini Bill
Who are the opening day centerfielder and 3rd baseman for the White Sox.
Jason Martinez
TBD. I can see them filling both spots this offseason. If this is the year they start adding to the payroll again, I can see them both being big moves. Maybe Moustakas or Donaldson at the hot corner and Pollock in CF.
The Furnace
Who's up first?  E. Jimenez or C. Kieboom?
Jason Martinez
Eloy has a corner OF job with the White Sox. He just can't take it until late April for service time reasons. Kieboom still hasn't played a game in AAA.  Could be in the mix by mid-season.
Heinie Manush
McCullers is supposed to be hurt?
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