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MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: October 3, 2018
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Jason Martinez
Offseason starts in 1 month!!! Playoff baseball is pretty cool, too. Still can't believe the freaking A's won 97 games with Edwin Jackson, Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill accounting for 282 innings.
Jeffrey A
You think Dodgers will make it back to the WS?
Jason Martinez
Only surprise out of the 9 remaining teams would be the A's because of that aforementioned rotation. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore. They won 97 games for a reason.
George Brett's Short Ribs
Had Addison Russell played his last game as a Cub? If so, does he have any trade value at all?
Jason Martinez
I think he'll be back, but only because his trade value has plummeted. He still has 3 years of club control and will probably make around $5MM next season. If he has a good spring and then continues to play well on rehab assignment leading up to his reinstatement from the suspension, he can slowly start rebuilding his trade value.
Pad Squad
Start, bench, trade: Wil Myers, Hunter Renfroe, Franmil Reyes.
Jason Martinez
They'd trade Myers if they could. But injuries, contract, struggles with the game on the line will make that very difficult. They should trade whoever brings back the most between Franmil and Renfroe. They have a 40-man roster crunch so there will be at least a couple trades of MLB players early in the offseason.
Hey Jason. Who's worse, the 2003 Tigers or the 2018 Orioles? Who'd win in a 7 game series?
Jason Martinez
The '03 Tigers were awful. One of the worst pitching staffs I've seen. The '18 Orioles at least had Gausman, Britton, Machado for half-season and also have Bundy/Cobb (much better in 2nd half). They would beat the Tigers in a 7-game series, even though the "meat hook" Dmitri Young probably had his best MLB season in '03.
If they let Grandal go, who takes over at C for the Dodgers? Ruiz or Barnes?
Jason Martinez
Keibert is probably 2 years away. Only 20 and was decent in AA. Even if he had a huge season at the plate, always assume a patient approach with a catching prospect. Barnes deserves the shot, although it's more likely that he'll be paired with someone to share a good portion of the catching duties since he didn't hit this season. Wouldn't be a surprise if Grandal returned. But I think they go with a much cheaper veteran option who can catch 40-50% of the time.
It's my understanding the Orioles owner was the driving voice in not pursuing int'l prospects -- thus the surprising change of heart this season. Will the ouster of Duquette today possibly result in the Orioles turning back from their pursuit of Victor Victor Mesa?
Jason Martinez
I guess that's possible, but it seems like there is usually a strong connection with a scout or someone in the front office who is more involved down in that country. The GM probably isn't in regular contact with the player and the player's family and agent. If that's the case, I wouldn't expect things to change as long as that person stays in the organization.
As an Australian, which team is worth rooting for long term 6-10 years?
Jason Martinez
I'd go with the Twins since they always seem to have a few notable Australian players in their organization. Lewis Thorpe just had a very good season in the upper minors. Could be in the Majors in '19.
How would you rate Joey Luchessi's rookie season?
Jason Martinez
Very successful. Good BB and K rates. More Ks than IP. Out of the group of pitchers who debuted in '18, I think he has the best chance to stick over the next 5-8 years. Good No. 3 or 4. Lauer and Nix should also be in the mix for back-of-rotation spots. The best have yet to arrive.
Reese McGuire
Am I next year's starting catcher?
Jason Martinez
No, I think Danny Jansen splits time with Russell Martin (how much depends on how well Martin plays). Jansen had a huge season in AAA and is one of the top catching prospects in baseball. It's time to find out what he can do and having Martin on the time while he breaks in can only help.
Jeffrey Todd Helton
Which of the teams drafting in the top 10 next year (not counting the Braves with the comp pick) will make it back to the playoff first? Last?
Jason Martinez
I'd go with the Jays, White Sox, Padres, Reds all have a chance in the next 2-3 years, but it depends a lot on the upcoming offseason. Lots of talent on the way, but need to make good trades/acquisitions to take the next step to .500 and beyond.
What position am I playing come May next year?
Jason Martinez
Makes sense to keep him at 2B with Scooter due to become a free agent after '19. If they really believe that he can make a difference next season, though, maybe they'll let him play a corner OF spot. Or maybe they move Scooter to the OF.
What would you prefer, for MLB to have a lottery draft, DH for both leagues or be able to trade draft picks?
Jason Martinez
I would love to see the DH in the NL. Pitchers get hurt enough as it is doing their regular job (throwing a baseball) and most of them are awful at bunting, hitting, running the bases. Lots of big bats not getting regular playing time. Would also allow a team to feel comfortable putting an elite defender who can't hit in the regular lineup because they know their DH can make up for it.
Grichuk or Alford the Jays’ primary CF come opening day?
Jason Martinez
Barring any trades, Pillar is the CF and Grichuk will be in a corner OF spot. Alford isn't quite ready and Grichuk had 25 HR, 32 2B this season. Still doesn't get on base much, but power/defense combination will keep him in the lineup.
Jesse Chavez
Did I tap into something special this year and if so, is it sustainable?
Jason Martinez
Success for a reliever is rarely sustainable. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Im new here so how does this chat work? U pick the questions and answer them?
Jason Martinez
Correct. I scroll through a list of submitted questions and try to pick out an interesting one that I can answer with some level of knowledge.
Will Urias make the NLDS roster?
Jason Martinez
Only if he can pitch at least every 2-3 days. He has the ability to make a huge impact if he can. 4 shutout innings with 7 Ks in 3 regular season appearances, but they were separated by 6-7 days off each time.
Assume no players opt out of their contract. Who is the third biggest name on the FA market?
Jason Martinez
Probably Corbin or Pollock. Donaldson could also be up there if he has a strong post-season. If the last 10 games of the regular season were any indication, he could earn himself a huge payday.
Would Paxton get you Sonny Gray and either Clint Deazier or Greg Bird? Pax is injury prone and Gray may need a change of scenery.
Jason Martinez
Would need way more than that for 2 years of Paxton. Bird's value is way down and 1 year of Sonny Gray might even be a throw-in at this point. Frazier and another good prospect would probably get the conversation started.
In your honest opinion do you think the Red Sox bullpen is good enough to go all the way?
Jason Martinez
I think the team is good enough to win it all despite not having the bullpen depth of some other playoff teams. Definitely need Barnes to return to his 1st half form and someone else like Joe Kelly to step up. Brazier and Wright finished strong.
Just another Mets Question
What philosophy do you think would best suit the Mets going forward?
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